Chance UF/Small/5 - Female review (SFW Pics)

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Chance UF/Small/5 - Female review (SFW Pics)

Postby takethechanceee » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:56 pm

Size: Small
Firmness: 5
Color: Natural
Extras: Cumtube

Ordering: 9/10
Super easy, I was a first time customer, easy peasy to pick options and color. I'm only knocking a point off because the system glitched and said that my order had been cancelled when it hadn't been but a ticket to customer service fixed everything up.

Shipping: 10/10
I had picked FedEx International Priority and it took 4 days to get from the USA to Ireland, I was very impressed. It was expensive with custom fees and import fees but that is not on Bad Dragons part, sadly something us international people have to live with :crying:

Packaging: 9/10
I live in a household where they don't look through other peoples mail but they will snoop around it to try and guess what it is. I wasn't in to collect it so my roommates had to collect it so it was a nice surprise to just see it was a plain brown box with no 'BD enterprise' anywhere written on it, just some names of 'Jen Mualders' on it (which my roommates now think is a friend hmm :tinfoil:). I can only say that maybe the customs slip in the front if read will give away the contents because it says 'silicone sculpture' and 'lubricant', so keep an eye out for that if you have snoopy roommates or parents! The contents came with red, blue and white paper because I ordered near the 4th of July. It had some brown paper to act as cushion. My Chance was packed away neatly in a nice black backed plastic bag, along with the bottles of lube I ordered that sat above him. They also never included the syringe for my cumtube but again, a ticket to customer service solved it and they nicely sent me one free of charge.

Oral: eh/10
This was my first toy so I'm still kind of getting to grips with what I like, the texture on Chance is subtle and nice to feel in my mouth but for the most part, it's kind of a bit too smooth and un-interesting. The head felt nice though, I like the bumps around the edge of it. Maybe people who like oral more would like him though!

Vaginal: 6/10
I'm so late in writing this review because I never really knew how I felt with my Chance. It's taken a long time to fully understand how I feel about him. Sometimes I love him but sometimes he just didn't work for me. Take note that Chance is my first toy, I was a virgin too, I had never taken anything internally before him. The first times I used him there was this really nice 'pop' with his head as it went in because I was still quite tight but now that I use him a lot, that feeling has sadly disappeared :mystery: I always found that missionary gives me the best feeling with him, since that position for my anatomy gives me the most depth and he seems to sort of hit my g-spot in that position too. Chance has very little texture to him, so there wasn't much to feel in terms of texture. I have this theory that my vajino is not sensitive at all to texture, I hear people say he feels amazing with all his veins and medial ring but personally they just aren't there for me, I don't feel them at all :mystery: BUT I think I've also found I need a lot of texture to get off and since he doesn't have any, he just doesn't work for my anatomy sadly! Alas, if you have any normal kind of vajino that doesn't need the equivalent of a heavily textured brick to get off, he'll probably work for you. I've also tried riding him too, while he feels nice to pop in and out, again, he didn't do much for me. I think I'll keep him in my toy box though, for the times I need a good, fast, thrusting session, because I find that's where he makes up for his weak spots! For where he lacks in texture, he is a very good toy for fast thrusting, if that's up your alley and you're thinking about getting a Chance for yourself, saddle up and take him home :laugh:

Cumtube: 9/10 Cumlube 1000/10:
I got a cumtube on my Chance too because I was like 'why the hell not, it seems pretty awesome!' so I went and got one on him. It's really useful for inserting lube without taking the toy out which is honestly amazing. It is so useful in that sense. The only issue is, it's a bit bothersome to have on the toy. I can't ride him without it getting in the way. Same with many other positions. You have to be careful not to step and pull on it, it's durable but it can only take so much before it would come away from the toy, so care is necessary. I personally liked the length of the tubing because it was long enough so I could comfortably hold the syringe without pulling on it, so A+ for that. Many people cut it shorter if need be, but that voids the warranty on the cumtube. As for washing the tube, it's easy: just rush some warm, soapy water through the syringe, then do a few more times with some clear water, then push some air through the syringe to push out any excess water then let air dry. It really doesn't take that much longer than cleaning a non-tubed toy. As for feeling, I can't feel it when I actually inject the cumlube but it feels soooo good after it pulls out and all the lube rushes out like mmmmm :excited: The cumlube is so slick and gooey, I love it! It's messy aswell but that's all part of the fun.

Anal: N/A
Nah I have enough problems up there, I don't need to be creating more :psyduck:

I feel like Chance is a very good toy for people who are sensitive to texture and want a thrusting toy. Personally, he's not to my tastes most of the time but when I'm in the mood for him, he's really good! If anyone has any more questions about him or wants any more photos taken of comparisons with him, let me know and I'll be happy to help!

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