Mini 8 Xar Review - A Virgin's Perspective

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Mini 8 Xar Review - A Virgin's Perspective

Postby Ammonight » Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:28 pm

Hi everyone, this is my first review on one of my first toys. I've opted to go for more of a blog post format rather than a rigidly structured review style. Keep in mind that this review is probably only applicable to other inexperienced female/ftm toy users, and that if you're a dude or have a lot of experience with toys, this doesn't really apply to you although you are still welcome to read and comment on my experience. Anyway, here it goes:

When browsing adoptions, I was slightly interested in Xar as a model, only recently opening up my mind to this beautifully designed toy. When I saw one in lavender I quickly added it to my basket, but went back and forth on myself until I was rudely denied when I tried to pay through paypal. Panicked about the toy's whereabouts, I shot off a frantic ticket to customer service before finding it again some time after it had dropped out of the cart. Despite that experience I'd rate it a solid 4.5/5, the 'cart limbo' being the only thing that slightly impacted my otherwise easy ordering experience.

Shipping didn't happen until weeks later as I'd ordered a custom at the same time as the Xar. When it did, Fedex attempted delivery on Friday, but barely missed me minutes before I'd arrived back home. On the Monday however I was able to receive the package at my doorstep without having to pay any extra fees, and sauntered off into my room with my watching parents not suspecting a thing. Fedex receives a 5/5 for me as I don't begrudge them for an extra two days wait for my toys (even though it was painful!)

Unboxing was a very exciting time. I'd waited for years (I admit I stumbled across BD underage but I'm 19 now), and being finally able to have my very own luxury toys in my hands was something I'd been dreaming about for a while now. I pulled out the Xar in its package and admired it for a moment before I tore the package open. I then examined the toy for the tiny flaw which was near-microscopic, something that definitely pleased me, because when you're an Australian, every US dollar discount counts.

The appearance was lovely in person. A lot of love was put into the detail of this toy, the beautiful spiky plates on the base, the aesthetic shape of the shaft and knot. Although it's a solid colour, I still liked the purple hue which complimented the toy quite nicely. Speaking of appearance, I hope BD ends this trend of the more simple, cartoonish toys like the most recent releases and a few others. The beautiful style of the 'older' toys in the lineup like Flint, Chimera, Elden, have such precise, refined structure, and it would be a shame if this style was abandoned altogether.

The toy:


After giving it a baptising in the shower, I took it back to my room and started. That's where the problems began. I couldn't really fit any more than the shaft, the knot being a complete no-go area. The firmness made things unpleasant, it would have been nice especially for someone as inexperienced as me to have a bit of give whilst using the toy. I'd compare it to a rubber ball: squeezable, but only just.

I tried a few more sessions with it. After a while, the knot seemed to finally enter, although it was barely the euphoric experience I've seen others describe it on the forums. All I gained from the toy was just a tiny hint of pleasure, but otherwise, Xar did nothing for me. The shaft is more shape-based than texture-based, and sadly, I think the firmness pretty much ruined the toy for me. I think that if I bought the toy in medium or even soft firmness, the overall experience would have been much more enjoyable, and I might have even liked the knot.

After a few months I sold the Xar and stored the funds for future purchases. Essentially, the reason why Xar didn't work for me is firstly because of my sexual inexperience in regards to penetration, and secondly because the firmness made things just too hard to work up to and less enjoyable. If you're like me and have never really used a sex toy before, I'd strongly suggest going for something in no more than medium firmness for xar, or alternatively, choosing a thinner first toy to start off with. I didn't use lube either, in retrospect that might have helped a lot too.

Value: 4/5
The discount was fantastic for such a tiny flaw, and I commend BD for discounting these so called 'flops' which help their customers save a lot of money

Ordering and shipping: 4.5/5
Other than that slightly panicky moment where I thought I'd lost the toy, ordering and shipping were faultless

Appearance: 5/5
Xar's model is a fantastic creation, and I deeply appreciate artwork that has been thoroughly and skillfully designed.

Use: 2/5
With every thrust there was just a tiny hint of pleasure. It was usable and not necessarily painful, but the firmness made it hard to enjoy the toy overall.
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Re: Mini 8 Xar Review - A Virgin's Perspective

Postby dootdoot3 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:18 pm

Ohmygosh, you need lube. Makes ALL the difference.
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Re: Mini 8 Xar Review - A Virgin's Perspective

Postby Rainbow Dasher » Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:45 pm

Lube would have helped you enjoy this toy just tremendously more than you likely did, dry. I know you were probably wet, but for these toys, especially knotted ones, you really do need lubricant. Having none... it explains why it was painful, and difficult to get the knot inside.

I agree that a firm was probably not the best choice, but you definitely should have given the toy a try or two, with lube. It might have made all the difference.
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Re: Mini 8 Xar Review - A Virgin's Perspective

Postby Ammonight » Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:30 am

Yeah I know about the lube, but although it wasn't as fun an experience having to warm up like that until finally knotting, I just had the feeling that even if the toy was slippery and easy to slide in as anything, that I wouldn't have ever managed to derive any enjoyment from it.

I haven't tried my new toys (in signature) with lube yet, but they're much more enjoyable than the xar even though they're thicker.

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