Oh that Turian ♥...Mini Crackers/8 Female Review

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Oh that Turian ♥...Mini Crackers/8 Female Review

Postby takethechanceee » Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:35 am

Size: Mini
Firmness: 8
Color: Rogue
Extras: Suction cup

Ordering: 10/10
This Crackers was bought secondhand from Chatters here on the BD forums. She was so easy to order from, very nice and very patient with me! She went above and beyond so she gets a 10/10 here <3

Shipping: 10/10
Sent via FedEx and got here in 2 days! Again, very good!

First impressions: 100/10
So, after making dick soup and boiling him like I do all my toys before I use them, I just had to admire the texture on this guy! It's much more subtle than Flint, which made me happy because Flint can sometimes be a bit too much if I'm feeling sensitive that day. All the little bumps, folds, veins and light ridges on the back just made him look so realistic. Mini Crackers does not have that printer texture that all the other sizes do which made me so happy. I LOVE his base too, the plating makes him seem like an *ahem* certain blue turian *ahem* and the blue re-enforces that idea too. mmmm Garrus...OKAY enough of that, I just love everything about this toy. Even though the bumps and ridges cannot be felt in use, they definitely add so much to the look of the toy, I wanted to jump on him as soon as I saw him, so that's exactly what I went and did.

Oral: 8/10
I'm started to think I enjoy oral, I've always hated the idea of it but on toys (especially since silicone is tasteless), it seems to be the first thing I automatically do! It just seems to set the mood. He's easy to take because of the more subtle texture. The head is my favorite part because it has those bumps and ridges, then the deep coronal ridge, then the bulge straight after. I give it an 8/10 because I much prefer my Flint, much more to feel and play with.

Vaginal: Infinity/10
So this is where it gets good. This is my first toy in 8 firmness and I ADORE it. 5 firmness was always a bit too soft for me and it never could give me the pressure I needed. I'm totally buying all my toys in 8 now. It has give to it but not so much that I can fully squeeze it, it's similar to a flexed muscle. Buying toys is a learning curve, and you'll know what works for you and what doesn't. So take advice from people but ultimately you'll be the one who knows what you want.
So I finally got some peace and quiet and the apartment to myself, which I haven't had in about a year. So I decided to break out my newest toy and give him a round. This is when I got a good eyefull of him and suddenly I just needed him in me. My mind wandered and the music played, I inserted him, which was easy to do because of his tapered head. All of a sudden that bulge hits you like WOAH it felt really nice! The rest of him slid in no problem. By this stage I was already quite worked up over my Turian, and I could feel him rocking against my g-spot. Being in 8, I definitely felt the bulge of him but not any other texture. I tried riding him but it didn't really feel very good. So I went the thrusting route and this is where I fell in love with this toy. Those little nubs on the base that stick out hit EXACTLY against my clit and being in 8, they didn't bend. So I thrusted him deep with those nubs hitting off of my clit and the curve hitting my g-spot, it was heavenly. My Flint has never hit my g-spot in that way before, because he's simply not firm enough to give me consistent pressure. Crackers was great for thrusting because of the more subtle texture. With the fantasy going, the music just right, no one home, all these combined just sent me straight over the edge in my first vaginal only orgasm. It was very much that sequence of ''oh this feels kinda nice I guess, oh this feels good, okay this is amazing, holy shit'' It was so good that my legs were shaking afterwards ;O; Phew why hadn't I bought him earlier! I seriously love this toy. I wish he didn't have the printer texture because I would of already bought a small by now! Oh BD please re-release him with a better mold ;~;

Anal: N/A
I sadly don't do butt stuff, maybe one day :buddy:

I ADORE this toy. He sits right beside Flint on the toy in the toy box. I think most vagina-holders will love Crackers because of the curve and bulge and the slight texturing (atleast on the mini since it lacks printer texture). Many people may not like 8 firmness but I absolutely love it. He's a good warmup toy too, didn't take any effort to get him in! If anyone has any questions or wants me to compare him to any of my other toys, I'll be happy to help! I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite dong on the Citadel :wink:

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