Medium Nocturne/5, Mini Stan/5, Female Review

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Medium Nocturne/5, Mini Stan/5, Female Review

Postby ShyDragon » Thu Jun 09, 2016 8:45 pm

Well, it's been a while since I made one of these. I recently bought two new toys for my collection.

Ordering and Shipping 10/10 For both of the toys, the ordering was simple. I decided to pick up some in-stock toys because I wasn't too picky about their color this time around. They shipped the day I ordered them and arrived on time a few days later. Quick and easy.


I'll start with -

Nocturne the Enderfang

Size: Medium
Firmness: 5
Color: Maroon shaft with a yellow swirled base.

Appearance 8/10 So far, this Nocturne is the most unimpressive looking toy in my collection. I'm not saying he doesn't look good. His shaft, his knot, the space behind the knot, he is truly a work of art as far as shape goes. But his color hinders him slightly. It's not that I don't like it and it's obviously not BDs fault, I knew what he looked like before I bought him. But seeing him next to my other magnificent looking Metallic Gold Nox, my Copperhead Xar, my insanely blue Mischief Mounted Sleipnir and almost seems like Nocturne got the short end of the stick. Being in a 5 also makes him a little floppy, especially behind the knot where his shaft becomes thinner. Though in my opinion, seeing him lean to the side a bit is a little sexy.

In Use (Vaginal Only) 7/10: I've never been too keen with long toys or toys that have very contrasting knots. I've always been partial to thrusters. When buying Nocturne I had hoped he'd be a decent thruster but also be something I could knot during orgasm. I knew a medium was too long for me but I felt that a small wouldn't have a thick enough knot to make a difference. So I bought a medium in the hope that I could at least knot him partially. But as it stands, I still can't take length very well. However, what I can take does give this toy some positive points for me. His shaft before the large knot does make for a decent thruster and his bent shape makes it easy to hit some good spots. I also had some fun giving him a handjob. However, his knot rubs my outer lips way too much and by the end I'm practically rubbed raw.

In conclusion, make sure you can take length and width. This guy is a bit of a challenge. I may not be the best candidate to rate this toy so try to find someone who is more suited to Nocturne's style.



Stan the T.Rex

Size: Mini
Firmness: Medium
Color: Metallic Copper

Appearance: 10/10: I feel lucky for grabbing this coppery little guy. Though he doesn't compare to the copper that is my custom Copperhead Xar, he still looks good. As for shape, he is one of the sexiest toys I've ever laid eyes on. With his slight curve, bulging head and veins he looks positively horny, a title I've only given to two other toys (Scorn and Flint).

In Use (vaginal only) Wet Sheets!/10. Holy cheeseballs this guy is absolutely FANTASTIC! I'm amazed by how the smaller toys have been giving me an insane amount of pleasure. It just goes to show that motion matters the most. (at least for me) Not that a mini Stan is very small in the girth department. True he's only a little thicker than a small Nox and I'm positive most people can take him, but his girth seems to be perfect. He's thick enough to give good stimulation but not so thick that he can't move around. And when he moves...oh baby does it feel amazing.

However, Stan's girth isn't the best part. It's his bulging head that makes him so special. His head feels very distinctive. If anybody has ever used Sleipnir or Chance then imagine that head but much smoother. Though unlike Sleipnir (I've never used Chance) Stans' head isn't so rigid and pronounced that it numbs me to the rest of his shaft. Plus his length is absolutely perfect because his slight curve allows him to focus on my g-spot. There are few toys I can take all the way and mini Stan is the answer to my body's specifications. He also has a decent bit of texture with his many bulges but he's also smooth enough to not cause uncomfortable rubbing. Stan is an amazing go-to toy for me. I'm very skilled at making myself squirt with almost any toy but with Stan it's so easy and when I'm able to squirt that much then I know I've found a perfect toy.

All of this makes me glad I didn't get Stan in a small. While I'm positive I can take a small Stan (I've taken thicker toys) I figured that a small Stan would be too thick to make an efficient thruster and a thruster is what I wanted. So far, mini Stan has skyrocketed to a tie with my small Nox in terms of pleasure.

In conclusion...ladies I implore you to give mini Stan a try. I doubt you'll be disappointed.


Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed.
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