Small Pearce/5 - Female Review

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Small Pearce/5 - Female Review

Postby ShyDragon » Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:23 pm

Now for the second toy that I received a few days ago.


Size: Small
Firmness: Medium
Color: Cauldron

Ordering/Shipping 11/10: Pearce was an inventory toy that I purchased along with my made-to-order Chance. They arrived less than a week after ordering them which surprised me. Then again, I only live a few states away and I ordered them with 2 Day air shipping.

Appearance 10/10: A lot of people have had negative thoughts about Pearce's appearance, calling him "plain and uninteresting". I believe that if they ever held Pearce in their hands, they wouldn't say so. The folds and stretch marks on the scrotum really add a lot to the toy. It's so sexy to look at. Plus his single, metallic color really compliments his detail, allowing it to show but not being so vibrant that it distracts from his detail. Pearce's testicles are big, round and fun to squeeze. They're actually bigger than Medium Chance's balls. The piercing has no effect on me. I'm not into piercings but when I look at Pearce I just imagine the piercing as a drop of cum and it doesn't bother me at all. His shaft is sleek and thick. As for the BD logo, it's not wanted but it doesn't really bother me personally, even when in use. I knew from the moment I saw him that he would be a great addition to my collection, as I'm very well acquainted with the short, thick toys that BD has.

This photo doesn't do him justice, he really is a sexy beast.

In Use (Vaginal Only) Wam-Bam! Woot!/10: My Small Pearce is exactly what I expected him to be. Short, thick, smooth and sweet. He's similar in size to my small Flint but without any of that rough texture. I can thrust Pearce for a far longer time and not become uncomfortable. He's only a quarter of an inch thinner (circumference) than my small Flint but he's still thick enough to allow me to feel filled and stretched! He's long enough to hit my g-spot but he doesn't reach my cervix so I can thrust him as hard and fast as I want and boy does it feel :misc2: good... As for the piercing, I couldn't feel it. Not that it matters. Pearce is an amazing go-to toy for me.

In Conclusion: If you like short, thick toys then you'd be out of your mind not to buy a Pearce!
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