Review Nox (medium/medium), Flint (small/soft)

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Review Nox (medium/medium), Flint (small/soft)

Postby huntress » Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:36 pm

Hey guys! This is my first review of a sex toy ever. I read many reviews on this forum before I bought my first BD products and they were all helpful. Hopefully this one can help others. Let's get started.

Medium/Medium Nox (4th kind)

Vaginal Use:
I'm gonna be honest. I only took the medium firmness because it's the most popular firmness and I had no experience with BD's products. I didn't want to order a sample set, as shipping and taxes are so high. Turned out I really like what I got, though not right from the start. Until I got Nox and Flint, my biggest toy was average sized (~5 inches circumference). Medium Nox is much bigger and even when I was "warmed up" it would hardly fit. Even worse,it hurt like hell. I couldn't even fit everything inside me because of the bulge right at the head (marked on photo). After using it once (and not enjoying it much) I couldn't stand having anything down there for a MONTH because it would hurt me, no matter the size (ok, maybe that was small Flints fault too). That was not the best start.


One month later I was not giving up on my dildo investment. Naturally Nox and I got sexy again, I tried to relax more and took much more lube than before. Using it still hurt me, but it got better. After a couple of weeks of using Nox ocasionally I finally started to enjoy the fullness. The bulge that made it painful before is actually the best thing about this toy once you get used to it. I don't know if it's the A-spot, but that bump hits such a nice deep spot. It makes deep thrusts feel breathtaking. Soft firmness would have been more friendly for a beginner of bigger toys like me, but then you only have the full feeling and my favorite feature would be less prominent. In firm, this toy would kill me. I'd only ever buy smaller toys in firm. But medium Nox (and small Flint) have ruined "small" for me now. I never orgasm from vaginal stimulation so I have to use one hand to stimulate myself externally. Holding/thrusting with one hand can be difficult with such a heavy toy. Though the base is easy to grip, its weight can be tiring. But Nox makes up for it with exquisite orgasms.


Small/soft Flint

Again only vaginal use:
Small Flint is even bigger than medium Nox. Naturally I had the same problem with Flint. Though even after that month I couldn't have sex/ use toys because I hurt myself when I first tried out Flint/Nox (and no, I didn't do anything brutal. couldn't even fit it inside me), the texture was overwhelming and I hated small Flint. I mean all the scales are on the lower side of the toy while I only feel much on the upper side of the vagina. However turning the toy didn't help. It was just too much texture. Moreover Flint is really short and couldn't hit deeper spots.
Thus Flint was put in a shelf and left there to gather dust. I know now that the actuall problem was not texture but size. I'm texture sensitive, but I can use smaller textured toys without problems.

Last week, after not using him for over a month, I wanted to give Flint his last chance before selling him off. To my surprise he felt like an entirely different toy. I still don't like the scales on the bottom, but I don't use Flint for thrusting much and they don't bother me anymore. What I like are the details on the upper side and the tip. This toy is godlike and I have to confess that Flint gave me an epiphany! It's a shame it took me this long to realize its fine qualities. Never would I have expected how great he can feel with next to not moving him. Slight thrusting movements are great too. Orgasms with Flint are in their own league, they are that good!
I believe that I have gotten used to the size of medium Nox and that's why I don't have a problem with Flint's size and can enjoy his features. All the same I'm never gonna sell Flint after this taste. He is a custom made toy in his fabulous signature steam punk color and I've fallen in love with him on third sight :P

Should anyone need a firmness recommendation: You can still feel all the details in soft firmess. Medium firmness would already be brutal. Forget about firm.


By the way, I also got a mini medium Flint in BD silver and funnily enough it's way too small for me (even before I fell for medium Nox and small Flint). I'm gonna sell the poor thing soon.
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Re: Review Nox (medium/medium), Flint (small/soft)

Postby SparkyRaegun » Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:55 am

Much appreciate this review! I've always been fascinated by Flint and Nox, but I myself am rather on the small side. This review helps me kinda gain some confidence that I can try some slightly bigger toys and all (hey small Spritz, looking at you hun, I haven't forgotten you, maybe even a small Nox or mini Flint?) :smilenox: :widesmile:
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Re: Review Nox (medium/medium), Flint (small/soft)

Postby ChaiSaberdeer » Fri Dec 06, 2019 10:51 pm

I wish this review was written five years ago when I was about to order my small Flint. He's a medium firmness - and yes, he is absolutely a challenge. :surprised:
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