Nix, kobold fantasy coming true (nsfw details?)

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Nix, kobold fantasy coming true (nsfw details?)

Postby Bagashi » Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:27 am

Hello World of Bad Dragon,

Let's talk of nix. i'll be honest with you, what caught me of Nix is not its "dragon" theme, but how it would fulfill my kobold-owning fantasies.
I saw its scales, the tail, the "hips" and reading here and there i learnt about its Weight and how different it felt.
I had to own a nix, then.

-kinda review-

Heavy. Large. Detailed.
Love at first sight.

It is not like other toys i saw or the ol' lily i own, but is something that leaves amazement.
The Weight is something that really makes you feel you're picking up something more than a mere toy, then you feel the light scales, and the tail...
Damn, that's something new.

NSFW review

Used it with plenty of "natural lube" (pjur woman) and by the stars all together, that felt something out of the World!
Holding that thing by the "hips" , having fun together, feeling that strange thing... That tail reaching under the testicles.
Then flip sides, mounting your "kobold", holding the tail while grabbing her by the hip.

Something i never thought being possible, turner True, real and amazing as never in my wildest Dreams i would have thought.

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