Female / medium / 3 Orochi Review (and others)

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Female / medium / 3 Orochi Review (and others)

Postby huntress » Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:30 pm

Sometimes I just want to know what I'm getting myself into, before I buy an expensive toy. Sadly nobody has posted a review about Orochi yet and I was eyeing that toy for some time. When I got my hand on one during the last Black Friday sale, I had to buy it. This is my humble review on that toy.

Size - medium
Firmness - soft
Color - Hunter (white and red with gold glitter marble)


I must admit that "soft" feels much softer on this beast than I've anticipated. It's positively floppy as you can see in one of the pictures. I have a small Flint in soft and so I didn't dare to buy anything but soft on a textures toy. BUT the textures on Orochi are not as abrasive as Flint's - they are almost gentle. At first I was disappointed with my new toy (fun fact: every toy made me feel disappointed at first because I had to learn how to use it first). It's very long for vaginal use and it lacks punch because of its softness so it's harder for me to climax. When I use him vaginally and get closer to an orgasm, my muscles tense and make thrusting even harder. This and the heavy base can exhaust your arm muscles if you use Orochi as a thrusting toy (I'm not a SC girl though).

However after getting to know Orochi, I would rank it very high on the list of my toys. Orgasms feel entirely different with Orochi. They are more stretched out - more intense than with other toys. It's a different experience and super satisfying. I even enjoy the soft firmness now because it's just so much gentler for a change than my other toys. What makes him special to me is the texture on the head that rubs me just right. You can turn him around and it will feel slightly different. I have yet to decide on a side that I like better. The other scale texture is mostly for show, the head is the real thing. I used it 3 days in a row - damn, I crave that thing :misc2:

I would buy Orochi again, even in soft (I might buy one in a medium firmness some day to compare the feeling). You can clearly feel the texture in soft, but it's gentle and won't rub you raw. It is more tender but gives me intense climaxes. It's hard to compare him with my other toys though. It's not as intensive as e.g. Flint, but I wouldn't say that intensive is always better. I use whatever toy I'm in the mood for and I'm rarely in the mood for Flint, even though I would rate him highest out of the toys I own. I use Nox most frequently but sometimes medium/medium Nox is too hard for me. Somethimes my medium Echo is too thin or pocky for me. I can however see myself using Orochi very often as he is easy to take, makes me feel full and I'm already addicted to the texture.



I will review large, medium Elden, small, soft Sleipnir, small, medium Sleipnir and medium, medium Echo another time. I have yet to test them some more.
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