Xar the Karabos (a fan-written story)

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Xar the Karabos (a fan-written story)

Postby Jazzi the Pegasus » Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:24 am


The night was perfect for a quick swim. She surveyed her surroundings before jumping off the pier into the lukewarm lake. She spread out her wings, letting them float on the surface of the water, relaxing as the small waves moved against her body, her short fur quickly becoming soaked. She wanted to be careful though; even though she had spent many times here at the lake in her childhood, the Intergalatic War made even this joyful expirence a nervous one.

Earth was in a state of turmoil. During the year 1998, 2 years before the turn of the century, NASA had developed a secret transmitting device. Its purpose; to contact any sort of life beyond their own beautiful green planet, and prove that extra-terrestrial life existed. Several years after the device had been made, scientists forgot all about it, until the year 2001, when an incoming signal was recieved. There was much excitement; after translation, the senders turned out to be an alien race called the Karabonites, a technologically advanced race, their main objective to become the strongest race in the universe. They were always prepared for war.

Soon, news of the alien contact leaked outside of NASA, and even though the governments of the world tried to cover it, the general population of Earth now knew of the transmitting device, and the existence of the Karabonites. Earthlings were curious; what was their way of life? Would they be willing to share their technology with Earth, to make human life much easier? Could they cure hard-to-cure diseases? NASA was working on trying to set up trade and information exchange with the aliens, to help each other out.

This, however, turned out to be a mistake. The Karabonites were very secretive, and very protective of their technology, history, and social lives, so in retaliation, they declared war upon Earth.
Now, the first initial attack by the Karabonites was abducting humans, and sending them back in pieces, creating mast hysteria on Earth. She remembered, as she had been abducted, in the year 2003, when she was only 8 years old...

Part 2

Her name was Jazzi Mae, a anthro-human of Earth, after scientists have successfully been able to splice animal genetics with that of humans. Everyone could now become their favorite animal, or have characteristics of them, at least. This technology had been around for the last 20 years, and not only that, but many could get a gene that enabled you to live a longer life.

She was a natural anthro, meaning she had been born with these genes, at random. She also carried the longer life gene, meaning she would age more slowly than others. It was a recessive gene; both her parents had it. Only her father was an anthro; he had attributes of the wolf. She, however, was a pegasus, which made no sense at all.

She was only 8 at the time, but she remembered the night well, even after 11 years. She remembered being at home, visiting her relatives, when the Karabonite ship appeared. Everyone ran, seeking the shelter, but she didn’t make it in time. She was beamed up, into the ship. She panicked, remembering the man on TV, who had been taken, and had returned with no arms!

She remembered being strapped down, she didn’t know how she had gotten on the board, with alien technology surrounding her. She cried, frightened that she may never see her family again.

“Oh shut up, human!” yelled a small, boyish voice.

Jazzi immediatly stopped, but couldn’t help a few sniffles here and there. She turned towards the voice, and saw a small, bug-like creature. Was this a Karabos?

The creature narrowed his smal, yellow eyes, peering at her. “No, not human...” it murmured, confused. His head barely reached past the metal board she was bound to.

“Of course I’m human!” complained Jazzi. “Just not completely. It’s a little hard to explain. I’m an anthro, you see...”

“Anthro?” interupted the Karabos. “The reports said nothing of this...”

“It’s new-ish technology”, said Jazzi off-handely, but secretly pleased she had stumped the little alien. “It’s only been around for the last 20 years.”

The Karabos turned away from her, and she could hear him make strangling noises. Then he turned back around, his antennae moving towards her, quivering in rage. “Yet you look human. No abnormalities.”

“Yes, anthros are still human, but we are also animal-like.” She peered at him. She had to make sure. “You ARE a boy, right?”

The Karabos sputtered, his forehead furrowing in anger. “Of course I am male!” he cried, crossing his carapaced arms. “As much so as you!”

Jazzi was hurt. “I’m a girl...” she sniffed.

The Karabos stared at her, stunned. “But surely you ARE male,” he presumed, poking her chest with a tiny claw. “Females of your kind have those fatty, chest-things.”

“When we’re grown up!” cried Jazzi, trying to cover her chest, but her arms were still bound to the board.

The Karabos stopped his poking, looking curious. “So you are not fullly matured?” he asked, sort of hopefully.

“Are you?” retorted Jazzi, feeling violated.

“No not quite”, said the Karabos sadly, looking down. “We Karabonites do not fully mature until we reach the age, in your Earth years, of 23. Right now, I am 12, in your Earth years.”

Just then, a door moved aside, revealing a really big Karabos. “Xar! You were supposed to be in bed by now,” scolded the adult Karabos in a deep, masculine voice.

The young Karabos turned to the larger one in the door. “But father...”

“No buts, Xar. Move your carapaced tail, and hop to it!” The big Karabos moved into the light, and Jazzi was surprised that Xar was really just a smaller version of his father, even though his shoulders were much narrower that Xar’s.

The adult Karabos examined her, his antennae quivering, his eyes gleaming in amusement. “Is this what’s keeping you up, my son? A mere Earth girl?”

‘She is my first catch,” replied Xar with pride, puffing out his small chest, his big shoulders pressed back.

Jazzi scowled, both at Xar and at his father. “At least he can tell I’m a girl,” she remarked angrily.

Xar’s father laughed. “You’ve done well!” he remarked to Xar, praisig him. Xar merely looked down, and Jazzi saw what appeared to be a blush creep over his face.

The adult Karabos turned back to Jazzi, frowning slightly. “Yes a good one indeed,” he murmured. He turned away, reached for a syringe that was on the table never to the board, then turned back to her, and Jazzi could see the needle and the pale liquid inside.

“Now sweetie, since you have proven your worth to me, we’ll just have to make sure we won’t lose you once we return you.” He brought the needle to Jazzi’s arms, and pused down gently.

Jazzi blanched as the needle pierced her skin, and felt the liquid enter her bloodstream. “You’re not gunna cut my arms off are you?” she asked sleepily as the drug took affect.

The Karabos laughed again, amused, and looked at her. “No, we’ll just give you a souvenir for your troubles>” He patted her cheek with one clawed hand. “Sweet dreams, girlie.”

The last memory of that night was the face of Xar, his eyes gleaming with a regret and a hope.

Part 3A
Jazzi shuddered at the memory, and sank below the surface of the water, thoughtful. She had awoken back at home in bed, with no marks, no pains, not even the pain the needle had given her. Whatever it was that they had done had been done well, for she forgot her ordeal every once in awhile, as there was no reminder of it, other than the continued presence of Karabonites. Earth was now much more prepared for war than it had been 10 years ago.

Jazzi shifted the weight of her wings, as they were heavier when under water. Her wings had been slow to develop their different colors. She had no idea they were to be rainbow colored, and was quite proud of them. She was lucky to have the right genetics.

A beam of light interrupted her thoughts. She whirled in the water, thinking her little brother was playing a trick on her. He had the playfulness of a monkey sometimes. Or maybe her father wanted to scare her, as he was childish himself sometimes, too. But she found no one there.

She was nervous, then startled, as she felt herself rising, slowly, out of the dark waters, into the sky, where she realised the light was coming from. She spread her wings in panic, their expanse nearly 10 feet wide, much longer than other pegasus anthros. She flapped them desperatly, trying to fly away from the beam, but to no avail.
She twisted and turned in the tractor beam, as she began to rise towards what she now knew to be a Karabonite ship. She could not get free, however, and her desperation made her cry. Finally, she gave in, openly weeping at her failure, her wings now limp and hanging at her sides. She panted from her exertions, crying. She looked over at the trailer she and her family were staying in, and could see her father in the window, face pressed against the glass, his altered paw pressed towards her, wanting to come for her. She could see tears running down his cheeks, staining the fur. What could he do to save her? Jazzi cried even more, because gods only knew if she would come back.

Part 3B

Jazzi woke up, disoriented. She must have fallen asleep, but that seemed unlikey, for her last memory...

She bolted upright, startled. But she could move no further, as her waist and thighs were bound to the couch where she had been lounging, asleep. At least it’s better than that metal board they had me on last time I was here, she thought wryly.

She examined the room, and was surprised it didn’t look any different from an Earthian bedroom, if a little more extravagant; a king size bed with four posts, drapes hanging on them, tied. A mahogany end table with a Victorian-style lamp, the soft, velvet couch she sat upon, which could be adjusted via a lever on the side, and a lovely rug, depicting a unicorn of lore lying in a grassy meadow.

Jazzi whistled at the room, wishing she hadn’t been abducted yet again. This was more than she could afford, and was the stuff of romance novels and movies, where the suitor would seduce his woman. The walls, in contrast, were bare and void of any sort of decoration, save for a few windows which showed deep space, and a sillouette of Earth, lit up by the lights of her many cities.

Jazzi stared long and hard at her planet, making sure to keep the image in her memory, should she not return. So enthralled was she to make that memory, that she didn’t hear the hiss of the door sliding aside, and didn’t see a big, armored form appear in the doorway, leaning against the entryway caually.

It was the callous remark of “Beautiful, isn’t it?” that broke Jazzi’s concentration. She jerked her head towards the door, and finally saw the Karabos, still leaning against the doorframe, carapaced arms crossed.

Jazzi now knew what the lower half of a Karabos looked like; strong hind legs, bent out at the knees just like a human, and ended in clawed feet. She couldn’t see its face, being in the shadows, but she assumed it was male, due to the abnormally broad shoulders. Now where had she seen such wide shoulders before...?

“Indeed, a planet worth living on”, continues the Karabos, now standing upright. His voice was a pleasantly light baritone, the kind Jazzi preferred. Wait, why wa she even thinking that? This alien ABDUCTED her! For the second time in her life! Well, maybe not this one, but still something nagged at her about him...

The Karabos walked slowly into the room, and the pale light showed his carapaced form completely. He looked a lot like that adult Karabos from her memories, except that one had narrow shoulders, not broad ones. Only the younger one...

Suddenly it clicked. “Xar?” asked Jazzi, amazed at the recurrance of her past.

The Karabos paused, and cocked his head to one side. “Do I know you?” he asked, eyes examining her bound form, antennae quivering.

Jazzi starred him down, challenging him. “You abducted me 10 years ago.”

Xar blinked his eyes several times in confusion. “I did pick up a signal here”, he murmured to himself. “Maybe it was coming from you.” He strode the rest of the way over to where she sat on the couch and came very close to her, his mandibles nearly brushing her cheeks.

She blushed furiously, unsure of why. He merely ignored her, and reached around and put his hand against the back of her neck, and massaged it. She was squirming, unsure of what his motives were, and was oddly warm all over, her spine tingling pleasently.

“Ah yes, I knew it!” Xar exclaimed, springing back away from her.

She was still blushing, and very much confused. “Knew what?” she asked of him, almost angrily, cursing herself for reacting so.

“My father planted a tracking device in your neck!” Xar exclaimed, whirling about and pointing at her. “To make sure we could find you again!”

“But why me?” she retorted, still confused about this whole thing. “What do you need me for?”

Xar’s tone went from joyous to dark, his eyes narrowing, and he again moved towards her, now pressing his entire body against hers, nearly crushing her under his weight. “Because, you foolish girl”, he said darkly, menacingly, “your blood, your DNA, is the cure to my race no longer dying. To make sure their lives are longer, better spent, to reproduce new Karabonites, for my kind is dying out.” His eyes, however, bespoke a great sadness rather than an anger of any kind. “Father knew this, after he put you to sleep, he tested your blood, for we knew the humans had some persons with special genes that made their lives longer, better. For many of the females of your kind, it also gave...enhanced fertility, for lack of a better description.”

Jazzi was stunned, maybe even a little appalled. They took her blood? More importantly, she now knew what side-effect her special gene was, when the scientists who had developed it didn’t even know. Enhanced fertility? Was this only for females? Maybe males had this too?

She must have said that out loud, for Xar laughed, his antennae quivering violently now. “Ah those scientists knew nothing of this! My father, although not the best warrior, was a superior scientist, and was able to figure this gene out. Unfortunalty, it does nothing for the fertility of a male, except maybe increase the sperm count. But for females, it makes them more...receptive to sperm. Maybe that’s why many of the children of Earth could take on a different animal form than their parents; maybe the mother was a carrier of the gene, like you.” He gently traced her jawline with one clawed hand, growling seductively.

“Um, if all you’re going to use me for is my genes, you’re going to have to take me out first”, joked Jazzi nervously. It felt nice when he did that, but she didn’t want to be used, especially like this, and not by HIM.

He got off of her, staring a her, amused. “Ha, you think I’m going to mate with you? Not a chance; what we are going to do, however, is take your precious blood and use it to improve our own. That way, we can have more fertile females, what few we have, and rebuild what we’ve lost through disease and wars.” He walked through the doorway, and it slid shut behind him.

Part 4 coming next!
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Re: Xar the Karabos (a fan-written story)

Postby Nerdcock » Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:12 am

What is going to happen next?
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Re: Xar the Karabos (a fan-written story)

Postby Jazzi the Pegasus » Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:35 am

Part 3B is here, will be working on Part 4 when I have time! :glomp:
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Re: Xar the Karabos (a fan-written story)

Postby Jazzi the Pegasus » Sun Oct 06, 2013 10:20 pm

Will work on Part 4 the next few days
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Re: Xar the Karabos (a fan-written story)

Postby Jazzi the Pegasus » Wed Nov 13, 2013 7:32 am

Part 4

Xar was ecstatic. He had found his female! The one he had found many years ago, his planet’s time. Although back then, her wings hadn’t been so...colorful. But he saw that as an improvement, given the wingspread. He knew more about the biology of humans and their anthro counterparts; ever since meeting the pegasus as a child, his fascination for biology had increased tenfold. His father had always joked, even up until the day he drew his last breath, that his meeting with the “mere Earth girl” had changed Xar dramatically. But he had always said it’d been for the better. “I knew you always needed a strong female in your life’, his father had said to him on his dying breath. “That’s why I wanted you to find her again. She’s something special, and not because of her blood, either.”

Xar frowned. His father had never been fond of war, the only disadvantage in Karabonite culture. It was tradition to fight a battle in order for Karabonite men, and even women, to be considered adults. Mostly since arriveing, the battles had been among the older Karabonite war veterans; that’s how he, Xar, had passed his initiation. But many desired the war, with the weak humans, but Xar did notice how their weapons had improved since he had let that girl, now a woman herself, go, after those 10 long Earth years!

Xar thought about the girl constantly, and everytime he did, his heart strained, and he didn’t understand why. He realized he didn’t even know her name, not then, and not now. That saddened him, and again he wondered why. She's just a prize, nothing more, he would argue to himself. But his heart was trying to tell him different.

Well, I probably should ask her name, he thought wryly. After all, she remembered mine after all these years!


Jazzi was not comfortable. Being treated like a prisoner, here in this comfy room! How darn they?

Well, she reasoned to herself, it could be worse. They could have ripped my wings and arms off. She looked down to the metal rings encasing her wrists. Who put metal handcuffs in a couch? Every now and then, a Karabonite (possibly a female, as this one was much smaller and more slender than Xar or his father), would come check on her, possibly to make sure she wasn’t dead. She would give her some water, offer some weird-looking foodstuffs, then go back out, the door whooshing silently closed behind her.

For a war-bound race, she had expect to find the females more...fierce. Maybe they had a species rank. She considered this. It made sense; the more slender population of the species did all the household and undesirable jobs, while the bulkier, more heavily carapaced specimens (like Xar) did all the fighting, and thus got all the glory.

She didn’t like this tier system, based on physicalities. It had a lot of flaws, and more worrisome, the possibility of rebellion, which has been known in the past to cause a lot of unnecessary deaths.

Again, the door whooshed open, and Jazzi was brought out of her contemplation. Xar was here this time, the slender female hovering behind him. “Well she was quite well-behaved”, said the woman, and Jazzi was stunned to hear a Southern drawl, much like that on Earth. “And ah do believe she’s earned her right to be free of them bonds, if ya don’t mind me sayin’ so, General Xar.”

“I appreciate your concern, Kelia”, replied Xar, nodding. “But I’m afraid she might cause harm to herself and others, if she were to get out of this room, so later I will post guards, because I do intend on releasing you from that couch.” This last bit of information he directed at Jazzi, although it was Kelia who smiled.

“Why, I didn’t even know you cared, Xar”, said Jazzi sarcastically, and she would have put her hand to her breast in mock surprise, but again her hands were bound.

Xar appeared to have a pained look on his face after she said that, and she wondered at it. But it was gone, as Kelia said, “Well, darn, she got a mouth on her!” She wasn’t angry; her face spoke amusement and surprise disbelief.

Xar smiled lopsidedly, and shooed Kelia to go find the guards. He closed the door behind him, and approached Jazzi, releasing the cuffs. “Now, I hope that’s better”, he said softly, distracted.

Jazzi immediately sprang up from the couch, rubbing her wrists. Her instinct screamed at her to run for the door, but her mind was furious and confused, and wanted him to feel the same. So she punched him, and regretted it. His natural armor hurt like hell! She howled, flinging her hand out to ease the pain.

Xar smiled at her, making her even angrier. This time, a well-placed hind hoof did the trick, and he stumbled. Her hooves clacked on the wood floors as she placed them in a stance, ready.

Xar wasn’t the least bit angry. “A fighter!” he exclaimed, a twinkle in his eye.

“Hardly,” she replied, wings spread, making her appear larger than what she was. He didn’t flinch. “Just defending myself.”

“From me?” Xar asked incredibly, pointing to himself. “I’m not here to hurt you, girl.”

“You already have”, Jazzi choked, losing her anger as sadness creeped in. She dropped her arms, and her wings drooped, and now she didn’t seem so defiant, so proud. “And I do have a name,” she said as a sad afterthought, tears sliding down her cheeks.

Xar came closer, slowly, not wanting her to lash out. She didn’t want to, not anymore. She was tired, she was saddened, and she just wanted to go home. Weakly she tried to push him away, because it was his fault, but he came in anyway, and wrapped his arms gently about her, comforting her.

“Look, this was the only way to get you back” Xar explained gently, soothingly. “My father was never a cruel man; he only wanted what was best for our kind. Same as I. I don’t want to hurt the poeple on Earth. I realize our kind’s faults; I wish to change the traditions, so that eventually we, and Earth, can exist in harmony. We do have some good technology to share, but the oldtimers on board are set in their ways, much like your on Earth, no doubt.” HE chuckled at the similarity.

Jazzi sniffled, and giggled. “It’s true; a lot of Earthians are as stubborn as Karabonites when it comes to things.” She looked up at him, tears in her blue eyes. Then, suddenly embarrassed, she pulled away from him and he did not resist. “I just wish you would have asked, instead of abducting me again!” she exclaimed.

“And show Earthians we’re all really softhearts? Come now, girl…”

“My name is Jazzi Mae, thank you very much, General Xar,” she told him sassily, hand on one hip, wings half spread. “And you’ll do well to remember it!”
He swept her about, surprising her and himself. “Of course I never shall, Miss Mae!” he cried. “None of my people.”

This isn't the end; part 5 will come!
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Re: Xar the Karabos (a fan-written story)

Postby Lenoh » Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:38 pm

Still waiting on Part 5 :stick:
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Re: Xar the Karabos (a fan-written story)

Postby Jazzi the Pegasus » Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:04 pm

Lenoh wrote:Still waiting on Part 5 :stick:

Ah yeah.... :psyduck:
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Re: Xar the Karabos (a fan-written story)

Postby Jazzi the Pegasus » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:39 am

The long-awaited, fapping material... :hawaaaafap:

It had only been a year, but for Jazzi, it had felt like several.

A lot had happened from the day she had been beamed up to the Karabonite ship to the present. Representatives on Earth now sought to end hostilities between Karabonites and humans. Xar was now a part of the Council, a group of clan leaders that represented the entire Karabonite race. It was he who lead them, being headstrong and voicing the wants and desires of the Karabonites in debate with the United Nations.

They had let Jazzi get in contact with her family, if only to tell them she was alright. But she told them something shocking; she wasn’t coming home anytime soon, and of her own free will. There was too much to do, now that both races were finally negotiating. Upon knowing there was a surviving Earthling on board the Karabos mothership, the UN had dubbed her ambassador for Earth, and requested of her to remain upon the ship, not only as representative of Earth but as hostage as well. “if in case they decide to do war, that way we have a reason to go to war with them,” they had said upon a private council with her. That seemed wrong to her, but she really had no choice. When push came to shove, she would side with Xar and what was good for Earth, not for the UN.

Negotiations were over for today. Both sides were still unhappy, and it had been a back and forth on what goods each side wanted to share. It gave her a headache just thinking about it. She walked down the hall, hooves clacking on the metal surface of the floor, her hand running through her naturally curly blonde hair, wondering for the thousandth time when both sides would be happy and peace could begin.

“Wow, what a load of bullshit’, yawned a light baritone voice. A broad-shouldered Karabos joined her in the hall, clawed feet clicking and complimenting her clacking, stretching his carapaced arms above his head. His tail dragged on the floor, a little too heavy to lift.

“Why hello Xar”, said Jazzi cheerily, her wings fluffing up at the sight of him. She blushed, glad he didn’t know what that meant.

“Hello you”, he grinned, noticing her wings. He was always curious as to why the feathers seemed to stand on end when he was near her. He’d have to ask her sometime. “So where is my fine-feathered friend going to this evening?”

“To bed”, Jazzi said shortly, too tired to banter with him. She continued down to a paneled door, Xar right behind her. She pressed the button, and it whooshed aside, granting her access to her suite. It was much more suited to her than her original room. She had kept the rug depicting a unicorn lying in a meadow, but now she had a king-sized round bed complete with dozens of pillows and maroon sheets. there were a few pictures on the walls, mostly of her family, and a wide window showing deep space. It no longer bothered her to look out it and see nothing but the vast emptiness.

As she walked to her walk-in closet, her hooves sank into the thick. cream-colored carpet, making her feel calmer. She took off her formal council robes, out of sight of Xar, and draped a light-colored robe over her shoulders, keeping her wings tight to her back. She hardly bothered with undergarments, so foregoed putting on bra and paties, and sometimes they got in the way of her wings or tail. She ties the robe shut, and walked back into the main living area, and sat down on the lounge couch, which faced the window.

“That’s all you’re going to do?” asked Xar. Jazzi turned her head to him as he walked around the couch.

“Well, do you have a better idea?” she asked, looking at him. She couldn’t help but look over his brown and tan carapaced body, examine his muscular tail and arms, and wonder yet again what it would be like to be held by him, or even engage in...vigorous activities. Her wings fluffed up again at the thought, raising slightly under her robe.

Xar was unaware, as his own thoughts were racing. They had known each other for nearly a year now, and whenever in public, others had commented they seemed like an old married couple. But they had never gotten close on a more physically intimate level. They knew each other; she had opened up to him, maybe reluctantly at first, but more enthusiastically as he opened up to her. He had never shared so much of himself with another being, and he felt grateful to her for getting him out of his shell, so to speak. He wished he knew how she felt about him, for he had a while back figured out how he felt about her. He didn’t want her to leave him. he didn’t want her to go back home, find a Earthing male, fall in love with him, and forget all about Xar, the Karabos who loved the Earth girl.

He came closer to the couch and sat down, laying a hand on her ankle, not wanting her to reject a caress on the face.

Jazzi looked up at him, wondering at him. Her heart was racing, straining. it always did that when she was around him. After learning so much about him, she realized he wasn’t a brute aline; he was a caring...man, even if he wasn’t really a “man” per say. He had qualities she looked for in a mate, and the way they interacted with each other, so easily and comfortably, it made sense she admired him, wanted to be with him. To love him. She wondered what her family would think, and constantly worried he would reject her. But right now, it seemed…

“Xar, I…” she began. But she couldn’t get anymore words out, and he reached for her head and kissed her. His lips weren’t like Earth boy’s lips; they were a little harder but he was trying to make it a soft kiss. His tongue, round and slightly pointed, wiggled around in her mouth. it felt so radically different to her, and that excited her. She threw her arms around his neck, being careful of the spikes, and enthusiastically kissed him back.

Xar was stunned at her reaction. He was kissing her like those Earth boys in the movies do, and she was kissing back! He hadn’t realized she liked him, give the past. But he was happy she did, and continued to kiss her. He layed on top of her, careful not to crush her. He felt her legs move around his back, and pull his abdomen down to her.His antennae quivered at a high pace, his arousal growing. He felt the plates between his legs start to push apart, and he became worried. What would she think of him now?

Jazzi broke the kiss, and both she and Xar panted heavily. “You..you’re very good at kissing” she said somewhat stupidly, and had a grin to match. Her wings were up now, and had managed to part her robe, so that the tie no longer mattered. She felt she looked weird, having a robe coming open yet still tied. So she decided to untie it, and now it fell away from her wings so they could move a little, although one was still squished to the couch.

“Well, thanks”, Xar replied, feeling kind of foolish himself, smiling. Although he felt slightly awkward, his plates partially exposing himself. “But, um…”

“Oh!” Jazzi explained, following Xar’s gaze down. She saw the plates pushed horizontally apart, and saw the head of his member. It almost looked human-like. “I hadn’t realized…” she started, mesmorized.

“No, it’s ok”, he said, getting off of her, slightly embarrassed. He wasn’t sure how to proceed.

“Indeed’, Jazzi murmured, still lying down. Xar looked at her exposed body, and blushed himself. Her breasts were round, smaller than those he saw on the Earthian videos, but looked grabbable. One of her legs was bent, hoof on the couch, and he could see her vulva, and the lips of her entrance. It looked...different from Karabonite anatomy, softer. it was glistening pink in the light, and looked inviting. His plates pushed more, he cock wanting to come out, but he restrained himself.

Jazzi noticed it, and so got up. She slowly approached him, and pressed the bare front of her body against his. “I think I know of a way to fix both of our...problems”, she murmured, grabbing his hand and leading it down.

Xar shivered as he felt something warm and wet on his fingers. he tried not to claw her; he had recently filed them but was afraid to scratch her. She moaned, however, when she had his fingers slip inside her, and he moved them gently against the front of the fleshy walls. She rubbed her pelvis against him as he moved his fingers in and out, moaning quite loudly. Her rode slipped away completely as her wings spread themselves to their full length, making her appear far larger. For some reason, this made him excited, and his member pushed against his plates, wanting to come out.

Jazzi felt the tip of his cock press against her navel, as he was taller than her. She reached down with a hand, and stroked his head. Xar growled in surprise and pleasure, never feeling anything like this before. She worked his cock while he worked her, both moaning at the gentle foreplay. She pulled his hand away from her, and he growled in disappointment as she removed her hand from him. He looked at her curiously as he pulled on his arm, and dragged him towards the bed. She flopped down, legs flying up and exposing herself to him, her wetness glittering once more in the light. He leaned over her, and kissed her again. He kissed her all down the belly and finally reached her soaking entrance, breathing in the unique smells. His rounded tongue slipped out between his sharp teeth, and he let it snake into her insides.

Jazzi took a sharp breath as he felt his tongue inside her, snaking its way deeper. She yelped when it tickled her cervix, writhing about in pleasure. it was until anything she’d felt before; she didn’t want it to end. She felt a warmth building up inside her, and screamed as she orgasmed onto his face. Xar quickly lapped up the juices that flowed from her body, savoring the taste. He came back up onto his knees, and now his member had fully come out from his plates, throbbing and oozing pre.

Jazzi gazed at it, amazed at it’s girth and what looked to be a knot. She sat up and leaned over it, taking it in on hand. She couldn’t wrap her fingers about it. She took a tentative lick, and Xar growled in response. He must not have had a blowjob before, she thought to herself, smiling naughtily up at him. She watched his face as she put the tip in her mouth and move his member down her throat. He closed his eyes and his antenae quivered in pleasure, and emitted a gravely groan.

She continued bobbing her head up and down, but not able to get past the knot. She rubbed him with her hands as well, and his ever-present growling reassured her he was enjoying it. Suddenly he pulled her hair, getting her off of him.

“Jazzi”, he said, a passion in his eyes. “Would you like to make love with me?”

“Yes”, she gasped, surprised. He laid her back, sliding his member against the inside of one leg, and grabbed a hold of it, placing near her. He gently put the head of it inside her, teasing her with it. he looked into her eyes, smiling at her reaction to his tease. He let go and put his hand on the top of her head.

“Are you ready?” he asked her.

She nodded, and gasped as he thrusted himself into her, the knot pushing against her, not going in. He pulled back, then trusted again, grunting quite loudly. He didn’t have much length but the way he fit inside her made her squirm in ecstasy, her hands trying to claw him but not quite due to his carapaced form. She couldn’t believe they were doing it! She moved with him as he trusted, every so often getting a little part of his knot in.

Xar growled and grunted, enjoying her soft insides, quite different from a Karabos female. He didn’t breed often and when he did he made sure none of his partners were in heat. He wasn’t ready for kids. But Jazzi felt radically different. Her muscles contracted, creating resistance. It was soft and warm and wet inside her, unlike female Karabos, who were slightly ridged to the point of pain. And a little dry. he thrusted faster, moving his lover and making her breasts bounce. His legs provided the power he needed, and he desperately wanted to knot her, to fill her with his warm, virle seed. The thought would have been enough to send him over the edge, but he couldn’t til he knotted her.

He put a hand under her back, and lifted her, him sitting on his hind legs, using his strong tail for balance. He put both hands on her hips and bounced him on his cock, wanting to drive his knot into her but not wanting to hurt her.

“Oh yes!” cried Jazzi, riding her Karabos lover, her hooves on either side of his legs. She used her footing to ride his cock, up and down, wanting to be filled with his cock and be knotted. She loved the sensation of being tied; only a fee of her past partners had had knots. She wanted to knot him, and with each bounce she got closer to doing it.

They went at it for minutes, grunting, crying out, breasts bouncing. Xar continued to shove her hips down on him, and she finally came around his cock, her fluids running down his crotch. This was the ticket: as Xar pulled her down once more, his knot slipped into her, and she yelped in pleasure and slight pain. She came again immediately, more of her fluids running down. He came with her, finally achieving his desire; his hot seed spewed inside her, going and filling her womb. Some even came out and he continued to pump it in her. They both continued to move slightly, him lifting her only a little before letting her come back down, her grinding against him, head up at the ceiling. they both panted, slowly coming down from their highs. Xar pumped the last of his cum into her, letting her sit on his lap, their combined fluids running down his legs.

Jazzi put her head on his shoulder, breathing heavily. She had never cum like that before, and she felt amazing; tired, but amazing. She felt the warmth of his seed inside her, and it brought a little of her arousal back.

Xar held his lover, entranced. He, as a male Karabos, could put out a lot of semen, but that was the biggest load he’d ever put out. He felt great. His cock still throb slightly as the last of his orgasm subsided, the last of his cum going into her, filling her. His knot would not let her come off of him, and he was fine with that. She seemed content as well, as he looked into her eyes. Her hair was mussed up, sweat on her body. She looked at him, a twinkle in her eye. “Well, that was something else”, she said a little hoarsely, laughing.

He laughed with her. “Out of this world, even?” he said, making a pun, which she grimaced at.
“Definitely”, she said, sticking her tongue out at him.

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