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What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:28 am
by Audax

Nocturne is quite the character.

Hyper-intelligent, super strong, and furious with his Dragontech creators for abandoning him when the bombs dropped, he was trapped in a mutagen vault for 200 years before a band of raiders cracked his vault open in search of a hoard of weapons. Unfortunately, his antagonistic nature and predisposition towards calamitous chaos leaves something to be desired when it comes to sex appeal.

That’s where you come in. We want to hear your story! How did you meet this Enderfang? Based on what we’ve shared, what’s your take on Nocturne? Is he searching for meaning in a shattered world? Trying to understand love when so much of his existence has been driven by hate? Or frustrated because he needs a good cuddle?

In 250 words or less, tell us and the world about the Enderfang! Post it right here in this thread, and who knows - if you impress us, something interesting might happen…

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 12:54 pm
by Amaranthe
Oh, man! I've never written anything like this before. And only 250 words? It will definitely be a challenge to keep it within that limit, but this sounds fun to try! I've already got my idea. :widesmile:

I'm looking forward to reading all the entries! This should be interesting. :misc2: :blush:

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:05 pm
by Rainbow Dasher
Amaranthe wrote: And only 250 words? It will definitely be a challenge to keep it within that limit

These were my first thoughts. I am a writer; however I usually pen novels that range from 150 - 800 pages in overall length. My shortest little "drabble" was something like... 900 words, all up. I might give it a try, as something in the description kind of piqued my interest a bit, but still...

250 words...

I'll try my hand at it and see what happens!

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:13 pm
by silvring
I was minding my own business when an unexpected hand roughly grabbed my handle, pulled me open, stuffed me full of foreign objects, slapped me shut and then pressed all the right buttons. This isn’t unusual though: I’m a vintage microwave oven. This is my job. The only things I want inserted into me are microwave safe plates (and maybe an occasional magnetron). What I wasn’t expecting was whatever his problem was with bees. He kept muttering about them to himself thinking he was alone in this truck stop self-serve food nook. Bees, bees, bees, and his truck stop burrito. Man, he’s going to regret that in about two hours. I’d mention his poor choice to him but schadenfreude is my one joy in life, so instead I just ding pleasantly when my timer runs out.

Who was that mysterious burrito-eater? I dunno, but as he took his plate of eternal sorrow from my softly buzzing interior chamber of cookingness his rough scaled hand brushed delicately against my turntable sending a shiver down my wires. His claws tapped against my far wall. He made a bit of an unhappy face when he sniffed his warm, swaddled deathmeat. I wasn’t shy about checking out his ass as he walked toward the register. Who expects to be eyeball-stripped by an appliance anyway?

Hope he picks up antacid and a roll of TP too. No one should face nuclear fallout without the proper supplies.

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:16 pm
by Phelvia
Here we were, deep in the bowels of the abandoned Dragontech facility. Thinking a bit of shelter would do our group good after trekking for who knows how long in that blasted wasteland. Maybe if we were lucky we would find ammunition or anything useful.
Though to our dismay after arriving inside we'd be lucky to find anything that's intact. Glass fragments were everywhere, rusted pipes, some glowing residue on walls...fatigue was driving us to merely find a dry spot on the tiles to rest.
Simultaneously we bolted awake as something crashed. It sounded far away but whatever was here with us, we weren't alone. One of the members grabbed their bludgeon, another other grabbed a flashlight, shining it down the corridor we thought the noise came from. What came next none of us were prepared for. Out a hulking silhouette sprinted round the corner, it's clawed feet clicking across floor.
We stood petrified. Of all the things we ran into, an Enderfang was the only thing we dreaded. This brute could take us all out without batting an eye. One of our members gasped. Following their gaze only to see the beast's semi-erect cock poking from between his legs. Endowed with bumps and sexy ridges.
"So long since I've had company..." He spoke, somewhat forlornly. "If you stay a while I can make it worth it".

Desire crept up my spine. I'll keep him company.

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:29 pm
by Inferno
Ok, here I go! :excited: I love writing~


Finally! After weeks of trekking across the Wastes, my search had paid off. I was beginning to think that the storyteller in the bar had swindled me of those caps just to tell a tale, but he was right! [40]

Vault 69 stood in front of me, but unlike the storyteller had said, the door was no longer sealed. Craked open, just far enough for someone (or something!) to squeeze in, and appear closed from a distance. [77]

Passing through I noted that however abandoned the Vault appeared, signs of life became more frequent and obvious the deeper I ventured in. Who in their right mind would live here? No matter. I'm here for the Mutagen, not a fight. Scientists would pay a fortune for just a spattering of the stuff... according to the storyteller, there were thousands of gallons sealed in this vault. Hopefully whatever creature he was raving about was long dead or long gone. [156]

And there it was! Rows and rows of canisters, filled to the brim with the glowing stuff. I grabbed one, noting that many of the canisters near the back were empty. I needed to leave. Now. But as I turned around, my heart stopped. [200]

A voice growled from a fierce, monstrous horned face inches from mine. "What do you intend to do with that, little one?" [222]

"Uh, I.. um..." [225]

"Well, I DO have a near inexhaustible supply... and I'd be willing to let that one can go for some, shall we say, quality time? [250]


And that's how I met Nocturne, the EnderFang and lived to tell the tale! I never did make it back to society with the Mutagen, Nocturne just made me so comfortable that I never wanted to leave :widesmile: As scary as he is, he just wants some WUV!

(Also, keeping it under 250 words is HARD :P)

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:03 pm
by Grimmyr
The depths of the research facility were something to admire, both for the ghastly atmosphere and the foreign charm. I found myself caressing the dark corridors of the halls. Many do not explore this facility as there were many rumors of one known as Nocturne--the prestige of his character was only described as frightening and powerful. I am but a mere wasteland adventurer and the curiosity of seeing such a monster drove me further to discover him for myself.

I found myself at the entrance to a dark room with a purple glow emanating from the far side. I peered in through the doorway only to be met with a sultry voice. "What are you doing here, wretch?" I stopped dead in my tracks in fear of being heard. "Come closer so I can get a good look at you.." That is where I first saw him; sitting far across the room with his radiant green eyes fixated on me. I put my leg through the door way, and then the other...

"I did not mean to intrude, Sir.." I found myself almost mindlessly walking towards him. I found myself staring at his makeshift gauntlet and his hoard of mutagens canisters. "I wanted to see for myself if the rumors about you were true." I heard him get up from his throne and walk towards me.

"Well, my dear. How about I show you?" I felt his hand fondle my jawline with a slight, vehement groan.

When the lonely winter comes, I'll find my breath again.
Memories of my summer youth, the days that never end.

When the coldness starts to burn, so does all my past regrets.
My breath lingers in the air, like a stolen cigarette.

There we go! I gave it a good whack; I've spent a lot of my youth roleplaying and doing some creative writing. 246 words as calculated by Word Count Tool!

Edit: I imagine Nocturne being a Dom of sorts with an affinity for being a little bit rough with his little playmates, but also having a big soft spot in his heart because who doesn't love baddies that are cuties? I adore Nocturne too much. ;3; My cardigan corgi gal would probably want to push him to her limits with some sweet, loving aftercare.

Also if anyone is interested I wrote this smidge with some inspiration from the song Winter by MrSuicideSheep!

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:12 pm
by curiouspuppy
If I knew more about the Fallout series and feel of the theme I'd write something! Maybe I'll do some research...

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:16 pm
by Knottery
Ridiculously short is my writing sweet spot! (Or, okay, I am just not very good at writing. :eyeroll: )

More of a blurb than a story, but anyway:

There's a lot of rumors and lies floating around the wastes about Nocturne - driven by rage and anger towards his creators, subsisting on nothing but raw mutagen, a fearsome visage with the strength and endurance to survive the unforgiving terrain he's been unleashed upon. But none of these murmurs passed along from one wary wanderer to the next knows the true terror of Nocturne the Enderfang. The closely held secret he guards in the vault he has long called home, the true source of his power. Not the mutagen that originally created him, nor hoards of weapons or the results of his advanced mechanical tinkering. No, not even a wondrous stash of bottle caps. The truth is something much more sinister, much more evil, much more terrifying than anything else in the wastes... Rattleyote sandwiches.

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:35 pm
by Amaranthe
Keeping this within the word limit is the most frustrating thing I have done in a while, but here it is! Dr. Amaranthe Griffinhorn, Ecologist, in search of Nocturne:

I was sitting at the edge of camp, sorting through the specimens I had just collected. I was surprised I had been assigned this field observation, given that nobody but me believed anything but raiders could be living out here near this old research facility.
“It’s just the wasteland,” They said. “No creatures, genetically engineered or not, could have survived out there for the last 200 years! Nocturne is just a myth”
Well, given the number of bees I had swatted since I got here, I’d say there is plenty of life left. Finished with my specimens, I looked up, watching the lab carefully for signs of movement. I was only about 700 yards from what was left of the building, but I couldn’t make out much. I began walking closer, binoculars ready, when I heard a loud, metallic screech. I froze. Had that sound come from behind me? I whirled, ready to sprint back to the mobile lab, and found myself face to face with-something. Something that was holding the mangled door to my lab.
“Mind if I borrow this?” I could only stare as he walked past.
“You’re here to study me, right? I’ve been alone for such a long time, I might consider letting you live past sundown.” He said, looking back at me. "You could be..useful"
“Who else did you expect?”

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:47 pm
by goldlion
not sure if this is what you're looking for but i totally know that guy...

it's an interesting story how we met. mid november and i'm standing in line for the midnight release of fallout 4. there were probably 40 other people there all waiting for the game - i was waiting with a friend and we'd been there for a half hour or so, front of the line and waiting for our copies of the game. it's ten minutes before they start handing out the games and i have to piss like a mofo.

"save my spot dude, i gotta run to the bathroom..." i say as i bolt off

i make my way to the bathroom and i'm trembling and shaking from having to go so bad, the giant bottle of water i had on the drive over probably wasn't necessary. as i'm ripping my pants down to let loose, i figure approaches me from behind and grasps my arm with its clawed fingers.

"OUCH DUDE WHAT TH-" my words become mumbled as he covers my mouth with his huge leathery paws.

he makes a calming "shhh" sound and then i finally get a good look at the guy. he's a huge, muscled, and slimy horned beast with a devilish but calming look in his eye.

he looks away at the stall a few feet over and sort of nods - beckoning me to follow him there.


it was a few minutes til i got to piss, no regrets though. even made it out just in time to grab my copy of fallout.


Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:12 pm
by Grimmyr
Any ETA on how long this is going to last for? :3c

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:44 pm
by DraconianWolfess
Oh my! That curve, those bumps...this looks amazing. Maybe I'll have to treat myself for Xmas.

While the knot on the "mini" seems a little bit "large" diameter for a mini size, I guess this is the BD standard now for mini size. I see a gorgeous small I would love to pick up but the toy, especially knot part is just too girthy in that size for me.

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:47 pm
by silvring
Grimmyr wrote:Any ETA on how long this is going to last for? :3c

Hopefully before I write about how Nocturne and I went to Ikea to buy scented candles and bookshelves.

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:03 pm
by Phelvia
Wow so many awesome stories here. Great job guys, I love reading em! :blush:

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:26 pm
by Drazard
Everyone in the Wasteland knows about Nocturne. It’s just that… well, not many tangle with him and live to tell the tale.

My mistake was wandering into his territory – but hey! What’s a girl to do with resources being so limited?

Long story short, he got me by the arm with his real hand, and had the big mechanical one in the air ready to cut me to shreds – ‘cept he hesitated, and I couldn’t think why ‘til I noticed a certain part of him standin’ firmly to attention.

I’d figured from the off that I was gonna have to pull some risky moves if I was gettin’ away alive – and that tantalisin’ cock, with its bulbous swells and pleasant curve, seemed as good a get-out card as any. I reached up and touched my free hand to the bottom of Nocturne’s jaw. He froze just like a creature unfamiliar with the whole ‘gentle touch’ shebang, and it was then that I knew I’d got him.

“You know,” I said, teasing my hand down the thick muscle of his torso until I came to the hide just above his crotch. “It’s more fun dealin' with this manner of... 'problem' with a partner.”

The tension went outta him sharpish when I ghosted my fingers over the curves of his shaft; he looked down at me, glowin’ eyes all half-lidded with lust, and I swear I could feel his reply rumble up though his chest and outta him:

Show me.


[[ Man, I have never written a 'full piece' this short before. It was a proper fun challenge, though! Maybe I'll have to turn my hand to Bad Dragon fanfic more regularly~ ]]

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:27 pm
by OverlyExcitable
The lady smacked me upside the head, as cringing, I turned the map right-way-up.
“Legendary vault 69 my ass! We’ve been wandering these caves for hours! Luminescent green puddles, and that smell? Honestly, you take me to some real dives.”
The hired help looked uncomfortably at each other and did their best to keep quiet.
“Look, if we go this way we should be back at the entrance before long. You keep your feet clean, I’ll carry you.”
I became aware of a looming presence in the dark somewhere behind me. Twitch had jumped off the floor and was clinging for dear life to Roland, who shook like a leaf, making a sound like spilling gravel. Expression of fixed horror, he gesticulated wildly for me to turn around. I didn’t get the chance.
A wickedly clawed hand fell heavily on my shoulder, locking me to the spot.
“I wouldn’t if I were you”, came the deep, rumbling voice, smugness dripping from it like oil. “At least not without protection. Else you might find yourself growing an extra.. appendage”.
The lady raised an eyebrow, apparently un-phased. “Can you read a map stranger?”
“For a price”.
“Name it”.
Something dropped from above, and I fumbled to catch it. It seemed to be a magic 8-ball, repurposed into a.. gag?! A word floated into view.
I looked up into glowing green eyes, and a wide, toothy grin. Nervously smiling back, I shook the ball again. Vigorously.
<Yes, definitely.>
I whimpered..

:misc11: :misc5: :misc12:

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:52 pm
by Icestar
200 250 words exactly. sheesh i've forgotten how little 250 words is! (this is just an additional comment. use the word count from below the tildes!)


i tried to write with a frisk (genderless) idea so the main character could be whatever you wish it to be!


Running, for only a mere root to trip me up. And now I’m here.
I can’t say that I expected… well, this. I’m alive.

The vast halls are spooky to say the least, but… company? Seemed to lift that. At least a little. Once he’d realized that I wasn’t after Mutagen –or anything else aside of a companion and shelter from the storms- he… somewhat eased, cautiously letting me into the lab he roamed. I followed him around, but soon he left me to wander. I wasn’t sure if he was skittering on the ceiling or if it was rats, but I felt eyes on me. The pattering noise still spooked me.

He said a band of Raiders cracked open the vault he was trapped after weapons. I guess I can’t blame him to watch me. Maybe he was seeing to that I really wasn’t after anything.

I eventually found my way to a room where he was sitting, eating the glowing substance. I couldn’t say much about it, just stepped closer. He turned, regarded me with a grunt, and then turned again. After he finished, he approached, looking me over carefully. His eyes swept me in a calculating manner, perhaps to gauge whether I was worth the trouble to keep around. Eventually he’d come back up to my face, and our eyes would lock into stalemate.

His gaze wasn’t all harshness. There was something else. I can’t name it though.

I think he might be warming up to me.

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 6:51 pm
by Grimmyr
Please do write a story about scented candles and a trip to Ikea. >_> It's literally my favorite store ever. :misc2: :scheming:

Re: What’s your story? Tell us about Nocturne the Enderfang!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:23 pm
by wolfstardobe
I walk through the dank bunker slowly.

Drip Drip Drip

The dripping liquid, an eerie luminescent purple, the only source of light. Movement from the corner of my eye made me turn swiftly to look into the darkness behind me but only the rusted steel walls greeted me.

"It must have been my shadow," I whispered, my quiet voice loud in the silence of the bunker. I started forward again.


I jerked around at the noise with a gasp. Again, only walls greeted me.

"Should have listened to the gecko," I said, as I rubbed a hand down my face, "Or that crazy Rattleyote."

"What exactly did they say, I wonder?" A rough timbre came from within the deep. It seemed amused, "Come, little one."

Peering in to the shadow all, I could see was a few spots of glowing green the biggest of which was almost waist height.

"Come," The voice beckoned, again, in an almost soothing tone.

Without meaning to my body started moving towards the glow. Reaching a hand out slowly, I felt smooth scales, as I looked up in to pulsing green eyes. My worries and fears forgotten, I allowed this wonderful voice to lead me down into the darkness.