New toy help! X3 (looking for Model artist as well)

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New toy help! X3 (looking for Model artist as well)

Postby Twisted_Tales » Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:08 pm

Hey there everyone, Spectre here. After a long while of wanting and searching I am ready to get my first toy (or set of) from here...and I need a little bit of feedback. I am a guy and bi (if that means anything)...and its been a while since...well i've had any visitors in my back door. X3. I am completely enamored with the Rattleyote and the bumble hooves but don't know which size to get...I dont wanna go to small and have it be something thats just meh...but I dont wanna get one that would ruin my butt on first use...can anyone help in recommending a good starting size?...
also in a side note I would LOOOOOOVE to submit a design, but I dont know any good artists, anyone out there wanna help in my designs?
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Re: New toy help! X3 (looking for Model artist as well)

Postby Titusza1 » Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:24 pm

If you between the two and are used to normal sized members. I'd start with bumble hooves in small and Roland in small or medium if you can take the length. If your really looking to use the knot I'd start with small. They won't seen overly large but it will matter on you and what your used to. Better smaller than too large. But everyone is different wide is easier than long for me. Works well for us because my GF can use all our toys vaginally and the length isn't too long to enjoy the knots.
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Re: New toy help! X3 (looking for Model artist as well)

Postby Rainbow Dasher » Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:30 pm

I'd recommend starting with Bumble in small, but you could probably handle Roland in a medium size pretty easily.

At the moment, the labs are down and have been for many, many months. We've been told they're "under maintenance and will be back soon!" but the last times they've said that, concerning other things... A year or two later and those things still have yet to return. Quite a good many of us take "under maintenance" as a roundabout way of saying "never coming back." So if you're looking to submit a design, I would honestly not waste your time at this stage, because there's no way to submit anything without the labs being functional.

However, you *can* contact a shop like cockbender and have your idea custom made. At least 5 people from here have done it and have received some pretty awesome toys. They will even help you in the design process, make 3D mockups...etc... The price is also pretty reasonable, too, I think one person said they paid something like 120 dollars. It couldn't hurt to contact them and see.
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