Show me your Halloween colors!

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Show me your Halloween colors!

Postby Starrystrawberry » Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:53 pm

I'm super excited about Halloween approaching... and BD's Halloween colors! I'd love to get an idea of what they look like (more than what I could see in the old sale image) so if you have some, could you please show me your Halloween toys?
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Wishlist: Spritz (small- in natural), Elden (medium- in natural), Echo (small), Winston's Tongue (large), Apollo (small), Kage (in signature), Tako (medium), Pretzal (medium), Scorn (small), Votan (small- in natural), Stan (small), Egg Plug (natural, small), Flint (mini), Gunner, Hunter, Trent (small), Bruce, Cole (small)

Wishlist (Colors): Alexandrite, Opal, Jupiter, Cosmic Nebula, Full Spectrum, Amethyst, Ghost, Janine's natural,

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