Conventions as a non-furry and hook ups?

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Re: Conventions as a non-furry and hook ups?

Postby NaughtyMewMew » Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:09 pm

Trust me buddy, the only people you're likely to hook up with that way are people you REALLY do NOT want to be fucking. Furry conventions are not just mass orgies. Room parties that include sex are private, set up through the host's preferred communication method. There won't be signs all over the place pointing the way to the orgy party (which, based on personal experience, is never actually a thing anyway). So, if you go to a furry con simply looking for a quick fuck, you're probably only going to find it from someone who has no concern with safety, and you'll likely go home with far more than you bargained for.
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Re: Conventions as a non-furry and hook ups?

Postby Tempest » Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:11 pm

I've said similar things about my own interest in fandom, in that "sort of joking but sort of not" way, so I took OP's post in the same spirit. Pretty sure I've called myself depraved and hedonistic on this very forum at some point. If you read it differently, sure - it's text, so we read our own tone into it.

But having been active in multiple fandoms at various points in my life, I have experienced furry fans being really defensive any time anyone brings up something sexual in a way I just haven't seen in other fandoms. Even in anime fandom, where the fans can get pretty damn rabid.
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Re: Conventions as a non-furry and hook ups?

Postby kt~ » Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:17 pm

lovelyscales wrote:
I see furries as just another fandom. I doubt they have sex any more at conventions than any other nerdy/geeky gathering does. I could be wrong yet I doubt they are somehow the only fandom different in that way.

Yeah, at any convention with hundreds of adults in the same building (or buildings, as most of the sex parties happen in hotel rooms, most of which are outside the convention center), there is bound to be some sex happening somewhere.

But does OP even realize children go to these cons too? There's no public sex and even if there's 18+ artwork available, it's all hidden and usually you have to show ID to see it.

Well I've never been to a furry con, but I've been going to anime cons for almost 10 years and the control of adult material works the same there.

If someone thought anime cons just consisted of tentacle hentai marathons, I would be equally concerned.
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Re: Conventions as a non-furry and hook ups?

Postby Harra » Sun Oct 02, 2016 9:24 pm

taex06 wrote:
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So first off, in case the replies in this forum didn't make this abundantly clear: What you said was easy to perceive as incredibly rude. There are ways to get the same point across-- even use the "Depraved and hedonistic" line, while still being polite.

"I'm sure that there's more to the picture than what I'm seeing, but most of my knowledge of furries come from the depraved and hedonistic stereotypes. How do those measure up to reality?"

Boom. There ya go~ Asking the same question without painting a vast group of people with a broad and (some might say) unflattering brush.

As for getting laid at con, others have provided sufficient advice on why you shouldn't be the guy to approach a situation with the initial intention of getting some tail (Hehe, get it? Because we're at a furry con? No...? Just me...? ... Right. *Sits in the bad joke corner.* Don't Be That Guy, just don't do it. If you're not going to the con with the intention of admiring the subculture, or the art, or the passion that people put into this awesome fandom, then don't go to the con.

Because it's kinda disrespectful if an outsider is going to a furry-centric place with the sole intent of getting booty. And barring that, it's hella gross.

That said, if you wanna go to admire what the con has to offer, then by all means go! Make friends, learn about an awesome subculture/hobby/fandom, and have fun with it!
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Re: Conventions as a non-furry and hook ups?

Postby Sandpaper » Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:28 am

I'm a furry, haven't gone to any furry cons yet, but if you'd care to look into it it's pretty obvious furries are pretty darn kid friendly. If you only look for adult content and bad dragon your gonna get a really skewed view.
If you want to know what actually goes on at conventions, look at convention videos. There are thousands on YouTube. I watch them quite alot, and the most risque thing I've seen is from the Whos Lion panels, when Bad Dragon is the punchline of a joke... Or that one time Peoper Coyote sang No cock like horse cock. That was funny :P

You may wanna have a look at this though, furries. Although I agree, it's deserved in cases like this, and kinda works to, reacting defensive and offended usually doesn't help the situation.
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Re: Conventions as a non-furry and hook ups?

Postby Lipton » Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:10 am

Yes there happens sex on the convention but thats behind closed doors in hotel rooms. That likely happens on every con. But there aren't people running around and ask people for sex... thats just creepy you understand? These people are mainly couples who are there together or people who know each other for quite a long time and not some strangers.
Ok there might some people but yeah these people mostly are the ones you dont want to get intimate with anyways...

Yeah Furrys are mostly very open minded about sexuality, so am I, but that doesn't mean people fuck around allday and with everyone... We're connected with an lifestyle and hobby. Art, Music, Crafts and all that stuff. No person likes to be reduced to just sex, thats just plain rude...
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Re: Conventions as a non-furry and hook ups?

Postby Raya » Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:06 am

Tempest wrote:I have experienced furry fans being really defensive any time anyone brings up something sexual in a way I just haven't seen in other fandoms. Even in anime fandom, where the fans can get pretty damn rabid.

That is because unlike the anime fandom Furries dont have anything the shows what the fandom really is unless someone looks it up.
With anime when you talk to a outsider what they think the anime fandom is they will say extreme cosplays, giant swords and other weapons, sexy girls in clothing that shows more skin than a Playboy magazine, weird porn, cat girls. Why? Because of TV and seeing it around all over the place.

As for the Furry fandom..... ALL people think of is that one damn CSI episode and thats it! Thats all they have to go by unless they take the time to look it up. And whos going to do that unless its something they are actually interested in?
Since TV was still extremely censored back then and also do to how popular the show was at the time, that was the FIRST time most people had ever seen Furries (including me) because it was during a time were being a Furry was ALREADY a VERY "dont ask dont tell" subculture, and because of that that episode COMPLETELY DESTROYED the Furry image and made the way outsides see us Furries now. Cant tell you how many people and friends I had to explain that too, INCLUDING my own boyfriend. :unamused:
And even tho this was years ago its still the only thing people have to go in because as I said, no one is going to take the time to fact check something they dont give a fuck about unless its for school or work. So unless whatever show(s) thats popular right now do a episode showing the true side of the Furry fandom we're stuck with that stupid stereotype on us....
Fucking hell, even bronys offten get less shit then we do because everyone thinks we're going to run up and rape them if/when we see them..... :unamused:

So yea, we can get VERY defensive at times, some more so then others, but thats because the only thing we have that shows how we really are are ourselves.....
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Re: Conventions as a non-furry and hook ups?

Postby Ixick » Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:39 am

Tempest wrote:Uh, yeah, I said that (ETA: in case y'all want to say I wasn't clear, read the second paragraph of my post, where I explicitly say that hooking up at a furry convention is the same as hooking up at any other convention)... but seriously, if this had been posted on a science fiction forum about hooking up at a science fiction convention, or an anime forum about hooking up at an anime convention, the response would have been very different.

"Hey dudes, I'm going to a Trekkie convention and I hear those Trekkies are very depraved and hedonistic. Is that true? How do I get in on the action as a non-Trekkie?"


I can think of no other non-sex toy/non-BDSM convention where the first thing out of someone's mouth is that all of the con-goers are depraved and hedonistic. Yes, some people hook-up at cons, but no one is out there saying that PAX East is a depraved and hedonistic con where you can just bum-rush cosplayers and ask for sex. Christ.
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Re: Conventions as a non-furry and hook ups?

Postby dasadevil » Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:09 am

There are other venues / forums that are more appropriate for this topic. Please take this topic there. Locking thread.

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