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Re: Fantasy Toy Banter (Other non-BD Sites)

Postby reine » Sat Apr 10, 2021 12:13 pm

Placed my first order with AmbushToys a short while back, and it just came in yesterday! I got a small Spatha in medium firmness and the Pardus colour, and a medium Talwar in medium firmness and a custom split fade (Pardus shaft with a white base). They turned out perfectly; I love them both so much!


(The medium Talwar is about the size of BD’s medium David; I just have tiny hands.)

They ship via UPS, but I sent them an email before ordering to ask if they’d be able to ship my order with DHL instead (since UPS is sadly terrible in my area), and they said sure! All I had to do after that was place my order (simple and easy to do) and reply back to the message with my order number. They changed my shipping over to DHL at no difference in cost.

AT’s medium firmness is a 4, and I’d say it’s slightly softer than BD’s medium/5. Nice and squishy, but not too soft or wiggly. The silicone quality is great, there are no scuffs or rough spots, and the surface texture is smooth without being tacky. They also sent me a couple of sample discs (4/medium and 8/firm- glows in the dark!), a holographic AT logo sticker, and a Jolly Rancher hard candy, which is fun.

Overall, 10/10 experience! I’ll definitely buy from them again in the future. I’ve already got my eyes on some other sizes of Spatha and Talwar for my collection of barbs. :stick:
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