Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby MyFavoriteObsession » Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:40 pm

Mini (5) Crackers w/SC - Dark Natural
Mini (5) Sleipnir - Blue and Purple marble
Mini (5) Clayton w/SC - metallic purple and teal marble w/ gold dazzle and sloppy seconds
Small (5) Cole w/SC - Onyx Black
Small (8) Bumble Hooves - layered frankenpour in Starlight Glow shaft to black balls
Small (5) Moko - metallic orange and matte black
Small (5) Xar - metallic/glittery frankenpour
Medium (3) Pretzal w/SC - rogue Feathered Serpent
Medium (5) Nox w/SC - rogue Night Drake
Medium (5) Chance w/SC - tie-dye shaft with black balls
Medium (5) Trent w/SC - Terra-torial
Duke's Butt - metallic and glittery rimmed frankenpour

Nothing, at the moment.

Medium (5) Moko - possibly Infinity Star, or Cherry Cordial with gold glitter
Onesize (5) Snow Leopard w/SC - Good Boy as a custom split fade
Small (5) Anthrodragon - Slasher Silver
Small (5) Clayton w/SC - Opal
Medium (5) Crash w/SC - Chaos Effect
Medium (5) Bumblehooves - Brazen mail or a Sunburst-inspired fade
Bruce's Portside (5) w/SC - possibly a version of Alexandrite, or the new Signature color

Small Sleipnir
Mini and/or Small flint
Small Scorn
Small or Medium Dragon's Tongue
Winston's Tail
Basilisk sheath
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Sheepboy » Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:01 pm

Medium/5/Elden +SC
Medium/5/Nox +CT
Medium/5/Waterhorse +CT

Small or Medium/5 or 3/Gryphon
Medium or Large/5 or 8/Winstons Tail
Small/5 or 8/Clayton
Medium and Extralarge/3/Dragons Tongue
Small or Medium/3 or 5/Pretzal
Small or Medium/3 or 5/Nocturne
Small or Medium/5 or 8/Roland
Medium/5 or 8/Echo
Dragoness Muzzle

...I need money :doh:
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Niah » Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:50 pm

I Own:
Apollo/Small/3 - Marble of the purple from Teamwork and the silver from Cunning. Cunning Teamwork, I call it.
Apollo/Small/5 - White with a metallic greenish-gold highlight. Difficult to describe. Almost like a funny toasted marshmallow, lol.
Clayton/Small/5 - Metallic forest green and metallic light brown marble
Clayton/Medium/5 - Alexandrite tri-color marble with the 2015 Alexandrite colors
Crackers/Small/3 – Pearlescent purple and glittery black marble
Crash/Small/5 – Alexandrite green and blue
Crash/Medium/5 – Silvery grey with hints of red, green, and gold (looks like a rogue sloppy seconds over the red, green, and gold)
Echo/Medium/5 - A very glittery rose gold sort of color
Elden/Medium/5 – Jupiter
Elden/Large/5 - Loyalty
Fenrir/Medium/3 - Diamond and Giger Black pride streak marble
Flint/Small/3 – Opal
Hanns/Small/5 – Halloween Black shaft (well, close to Halloween Black anyway) with metallic gold-green on base/lower shaft
Hanns/Onesize/5 - 4th Kind
Kelvin/Medium/5 - Metallic gold and black shaft, metallic green and gold base
Meng/Onesize/5 - Metallic green, gold, and black marble
Nocturne/Medium/5 - Matte white and metallic dark bronze marble
Nova/Small/5 - Steampunk Stud (Flint's Signature)
Portside/Onesize/5 - Natural
Pretzal/Small/5 - Sinister Pumpkin
Pretzal/Medium/5 – Green and blue marble with metallic portions
Ridley/Small/5 - Halloween Black
Roland/Medium/5 - Aurora/Rainbow Ribbon
Scorn/Small/5 – Furry Road
Sleipnir/Mini/5 – Metallic silvery green
Sleipnir/Small/5 – White, metallic light green, and black/grey marble
Sleipnir/Small/3 – Krampus Present
Snow Leopard/Onesize/5 – Dark blue-grey and bronze marble
Snow Leopard/Onesize/5 - Black, metallic light blue, and metallic light purple marble
Terra/Medium/3 - Silver to metallic black fade with ultraviolet spooky seconds
Terra/Medium/5 – Green, red, and gold metallic marble
Trent/Small/5 - Gold, dark orange, red, and white metallic marble
Trent/Medium/5 - Copperhead (Vasu's Signature)
Tucker/Small/3 - Blue and black (various shades) metallic marble
Xar/Small/5 - Marble of the pink of Zaratan's natural and the bronze from Heavy Hitter on the shat; base is the gold from Gryphon's Firebird
Xar/Small/5 - Metallic green shaft and emerald green (non-metallic/matte) base

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Walrider » Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:26 am


Winston | Small | 5 | In-stock flop | Frankenpour
Chance (legacy) | Small | 8 | Secondhand | Surprise me (Olympic ring colors)
Gryphon | Large | 8 | In-stock | Metallic shamrock green
Sleipnir | Small | 3 | Secondhand | Pepto Bismol pink
Ridley | Medium | 5 | Secondhand flop | Frankenpour
Chance flared | Medium | 5| In-stock | Turquoise
Splorch | Banana yellow
Lelo Ella | White

On the way:
Dragoness muzzle (paid) | Secondhand | Translucent purple
Bumble Hooves (paid) | Small | 5 | In stock | Sombra colors


Tyson | Medium | 8
Echo | Large | 5
Bruce | 5
Winston | XL | 3
Flint | Medium | 2-3
Kippy | 5
Clayton | Medium-Large | 8
Apollo | Medium | 3
The Mountain Drake | 5
Snow Leopard | 8
Crackers | Medium | 3-5
Varka | 3
Luka | Medium | 8
Moko | Medium | 8
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Winston | Small | 5 | In-stock flop | Frankenpour
Winston | Large | 2 | Secondhand trade | Cherry Cordial
Chance | Small | 8 | Secondhand | Olympic Ring colors
Chance flared | Medium | 5 | In-stock | Turquoise
Giraffe tongue | Small | Hard | Super surprise| Banana split
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby SleeplessSupernova » Mon Jan 18, 2016 11:38 am

*Owned currently:
*Small/5 Fenrir; Split arctic Ice
*Mini/5 Stan; Starlight Glow
*Wanted currently:
*Small/5 Nox; Marble
*Small/5 Ultimate Fantasy; Pale
*Small/5 Xar; Duka-cola Quantum
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Layne27 » Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:14 am

-Mini Xar (glowing marble)
-Mini Flint (marble)
-Small Terra (opal)
-Small Pretzal (fade)
-Small Trent (semi translucent marble)
-Small Apollo (marble)
-Small Crash (marble)
-Mini Austin (marble with glitter)
-Small Moko (solid glow)
-Mini Sleipnir (UV marble)
-Medium Chance Unflared (rainbow ribbon)
-Small Fenrir (semi translucent marble)
-Mini Crackers (split, metalic base, marbled shaft)
-Mini Nocturne (split with SS)
-XL Scorn (marble)
-Small Nox (marble)

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby WolfieCub » Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:22 am

hehe I could have sooooo many bd dicks on my list but I'm gonna condense it lol

Medium Luka
Medium Tailstretcher
Small David

Medium Terra
Medium Nox
Medium Tentacle
Medium David
Medium Vasu
Small Scorn

On the way
Medium Elden
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Feral Dog » Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:25 am

Meng (Medium, Onyx Black)

On Way:
David (Medium, Medium, some kind of pink&blue marble, suction cup. From inventory.)
Tucker (Small, Medium, opal color, suction cup. Year In Review custom order.)


(haven't figured out specific colors or anything on those, just that I'd like them eventually... of course the David and Tucker are all I can afford until after Easter.)
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby WhiteWulfe » Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:43 pm

Updated Mar 26th, 2017

Own: (Two small, One medium, three penetrables)
Bumble Hooves, Small, Soft Firmness w/cum tube, Everlasting Night colouration
David, Small, Soft Firmness, white/black swirl base with a green shaft that has an almost zig zag white/black covering along the top
David, Medium, Medium firmness, black base with a short pink transition to a cotton candy blue shaft rogue colour
JT the Fox, white/orange custom marbled
Sugar Star, Cherry Cordial colouration
Werewolf muzzle, Metallic purple/blue rogue colour

On the way:
None at present

Wish list (Would definitely want):
Bruiser, Small, Soft
Bruiser, Medium, Soft firmness, suction cup (Probably a dark base with a deep purple to deep blue fade and sloppy seconds)
Bumble Hooves, Medium, Soft firmness
Chance (Unflared), Medium, Soft firmness
Clayton, Small, Soft firmness (probably in Magma Drake/Signature colouration)
Clayton, Medium, Soft firmness, suction cup (Cherry cordial base, Mars shaft)
David, Medium, Soft firmness (anthracite coal / burnt orange fade shaft, with a smoky white base, and sloppy seconds)
Dragon's Tongue, Large (seriously contemplating Cherry Cordial Muzzle, with Mars tongue)
Fenrir, Large, Soft firmness (probably in Mars colouration)
Rex, Large, Soft firmness, suction cup
Dragon Muzzle (probably in Cherry Cordial)
Duke's Butt (probably in Cherry Cordial)
Janine (probably in Cherry Cordial)
Lil' Vibe Tongue
Lil' Vibe Fusion
An "army" of teenie weenies! (I'm thinking probably 15-20 over time)

Wish list (probably want): (one small, four mediums, two penetrables)
Duke, Medium, Soft firmness
Kelvin, Medium, Soft firmness
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby SquishyLaughter » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:35 pm

Okay, here we go. Time to get this bad boy started.


Size: Medium
Firmness: Medium
Color: Dashingly Blue
Status: Wanted

Size: Medium
Firmness: Medium
Color: Metallic gold to bronze fade
Status: Wanted

Size: Medium
Firmness: Soft
Color: Metallic Pink to Burgundy fade
Status: Wanted

Size: Small
Firmness: Soft
Color: Opal
Status: Wanted

Size: Medium
Firmness: Medium
Color: Tops This
Status: Wanted


Size: Medium
Firmness: Medium
Color: Rainbow Sherbet

Ahem, work in progress. I own 5 toys.
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Laura the Nord » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:45 pm

Toy collection:

Large Xar, Firm Split, Suction Cup, Dark Natural
Large Trent, Medium, Blue base and GITD shaft
Large Tentacle, Medium, Dark Natural color (on its way)
Large Spritz, Medium, Suction Cup, Oceanic Rift
XL Kelvin, Medium, Suction Cup, Absolute Zero
Bruce, Firm Split, Dark Natural
Large Nova, Firm Split, Cumtube, Suction Cup, Natural color (order processing)
Large Terra, Medium, Suction Cup, Natural color
XL Dragon's Tongue, Soft, Blue Skink

Toy wish-list:

Large Clayton, Firm Split, Cumtube, Suction cup, Magma Drake
Large Crackers, Firm Split, Cumtube, Suction cup, Regal Alpha
Large Nox, Firm Split, Suction cup, Night Drake
Large Apollo, Firm Split, Suction cup, Natural
Large Stan, Medium, Suction cup, Tyrannosaurus Sex
Large Flint, Medium, Steampunk Stud
Large or XL Fenrir, Medium, Lightning Rod
Large Scorn, Firm Split, Cumtube, Suction cup, Golden Hoard
XL Pretzal, Soft, Cumtube, Suction cup, Feathered Serpent
XL Nocturne, Firm Split, Cumtube, Suction cup, Night Terror
XL Winston's Tail, Medium, Treasure Collector
Large Bruiser, Firm Split, Cumtube, Suction cup, Valiant Meld
XL Echo, Firm Split, Suction cup, Permafrost

I really have to set up my blog and pray for more donations x-x
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby sd25 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:55 pm


In the way:
- Janine
- Sugar Star
- Anthroshark

Want to get:
- Dragon Muzzle
- Gryphon medium...
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Cream » Sat May 14, 2016 5:52 pm

:misc3: Haves:
Nox the Night Drake || Small~Medium~Pink -
Fenrir || Small~Medium~Copper (Adopted)
Chance Unflared || Small~Medium~Brown

:misc2: Waiting on:
Echo the Snowstrider|| Mini~Medium~Pink n' Purple (Adopted)

:misc1: Needs:
Tyson the Water Buffalo ++++++ || Small~Medium~Blue
Bumble Hooves the Unicorn ++ || Mini~Medium~Pink N' Brown Marble/Brown/Pink/Split Pink n' Brown
Austin the Fox ++++ || Mini/Small~Medium~Split Blue n' Black
Razor The Doberman +++ || Small~Medium~Dark Red
Winstons Tail ++ || Small~Medium~Light Brown n' Dark-ish Brown Marble
Roland the Rattleyote ++++ || Mini/Small~Medium~Purple n' Black Marble/Red n' Black Marble
Xar the Karabos + || Mini~Soft~Metallic Blue n' Metallic Purple Gradient
Cole the Dane ++ || Small~Soft/Medium~Split Black, Light Blue n' Dark Blue
Cole the Dane +++ || Small~Soft/Medium~Brown, Light Pink, n' Beige Split Fade
The Ridgeback ++++ || Small~Medium~Baby Blue, White, n' Lavender Split Marble
Meng the Micro Chinese Dragon + || One Size~Medium/Soft~Ultraviolet
Sleipnir +++ || Mini~Medium~Fleshy Pink n' Brown Split Color
Crackers the Cockatrice ++++ || Mini~Soft/Medium~Pastel Pink n' White Split Marble

Unflared Stallion Packer +++ || Small~Peach/Brown n' Pink Marble
Lil' Vibe Tongue +
Teenie Weenies +++ || Chance, Muzzles, Tyson
Key Chain || Any
BottleCaps ++ || ALL

I need them all!
:doh: :crying:
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Jhyllah » Sun May 15, 2016 9:28 am

*Roland | Small | 5 | Suction Cup | Turquoise
*Fenrir | Medium | 5 | Bright Pink with Sparkles
*Winston | Small | 3 | Orange Dreamsicle
*Flint | Small | 3 | Pink to Light Blue Fade
*Nox | Medium | 3 | Rainbow Swirls
*Lil' Sea Dragon Squirt | OS | 2 | Light Purple
*Trent | Medium | 3 | Suction Cup |Butterscotch and Royal Blue

Want to Own:
*Crackers | Mini | 3 | SC | Alexandrite Tri-Color
*Bumble Whooves | Small | 5 | Custom Fade with Sloppy Seconds
*Echo | Small | 5 | Custom Split Marble
*Nova | Small | 5
*Clayton | Small | 3
*Sleipnir | Mini | 5
*Rex | Small | 5
*EE Reptilian | Small | Soft | Deluxe Mystery
*FB Mechanical Animal 2.5 | Small | Soft
*FB Hyaenodon | Small | Medium | Calikoi in Pearlescent
*FB Cave Bear | Mini | Soft | Ursa Major
*TNP Neried | OS | OF | Sunset Colors

Possibly Want to Own:
*Apollo | Small | 5 | Magma Drake
*Scorn | Small | 3 | Opal
*Luka | Medium | 5
*Meng | OS | 8
*Xar | Small | 3
*UF Chance | Medium | 8
*Flint | Mini | 3

Used to Own:
*Anthro Dragon | Small | 2 | Purple with Gold Swirls
*FB Mechanical Animal | Mini | Medium | Spring Fling Pastels
*UF Chance | Small | 8 | Flesh Tone to Black Marble
*FB Sabertooth | Mini | Soft | Pearly Pastels
*Dragon's Tongue | Small | 3 | Pink, Orange, and Yellow Swirls
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Screamy » Sun May 15, 2016 9:05 pm

-- Bad Dragon --
Crackers - M - M - Slasher Silver
Crackers - S - M - Gold/greenish marble with solid dark base
Stan - Mini - M - Rogue (metallic orange)
Stan - Small - M - Rogue (neon multicolour marble) <UV reactive>
Stan - XL - M - Tyrannosaurus Sex
Nox - OneSize - M - Custom Split Fade (black to red)
Nox - M - M - Rogue (Yellow/pink marble-ish) <UV reactive>
Nova - M - M - Custom Solid base, Split (white, purple, blue)
Ridley - M - M - Rogue (i would describe as neon clown vomit colours) <UV reactive>
Flint - S - M - Opal
Flint - XL - M - Rogue (blue/teal marble) <UV Reactive>
David - M - S - Rogue (opal-ish)
Echo - M - M- End of Days
The Guardian - OS - M - Custom Yellow and green marble <UV Reactive>
Winston's Tail - S - M - UV Ribboning, mainly pink
Cock Sheath - M - ? - Murrica
Snow Leopard - OS - S - Blue and Green marble
Janine - OS - ES - Rogue (Blue/purple marble)
Dragon Muzzle - OS - ES - Silvery and Black/Purple
Anthro Shark - OS - ES - Grey and blue marble
Pearce - S - M - Onyx Black

-- Beast Lab --
Balerion - OS - S - Orangey flame colouration <UV reactive>

-- Blue Ritual --
Orion v1 (vintage) - OS - ? - Teal/Pink Marble, black base

-- Damn Average --
Average Alien - OS - US - Marble of mother of pearl and purpleish <UV Reactive>
Lumpy - OS - M - Marble of translucent white, neon pink and green

-- Exotic Erotics --
Mech - S - M - G1 Starscream custom <UV Reactive>
Hardwere (vintage, changed to subwoofer after) - S - M - custom galaxy colours
Wraith - S - M - Kaon based deluxe surprise
Android - S - S - Armada Starscream custom

Carl - OS - M - Blue glow worm

-- Frisky Beast --
Mechanical Animal 1.5 - S - F - Red/silver marble
Spinosaurus - M - M - Tarnished copper
Mossasaurus - S - M - Hellfire <GITD>
Drone - S - S - Bug Off! w Neon Pink Overload
Mammoth - M - S? - Simple marble of yellow and orange-ish with sparkles and a blue base

-- Gespensts Fantasy Gear --
Golem - OS - S - Purple
Golem - OS - Split - Red/Silver
Golem - OS - Split - Purple/Black
Octopus Buttplug - OS - F - Teal and GITD white <GITD>

-- Hole Punch --
Mother Interior - OS - ?

-- A Krows Nest --
Gideon (legacy) - OS - S - White pearlescent with some colourful swirls
Torval - S - S - A rainbow shimmer of blue, pink, green
Leonius - OS - S - white shimmery rainbow tongue with teal mouth
Leonius - OS - S - Purple/gold tongue with golden green and magenta mouth
Bazel - A Krows Nest - S - S -custom sweat bee colouration

-- New Folklore --

-- MonsterMaxim --
Droth - OS - S/M/F - Glitter confetti fantasy clear
Droth - OS - S - Party/cake with sprinkles/M&M McFlurry

-- ShapelyToys --
The Bird - ShapelyToys - OS - F - Orange and white marble <UV Reactive>

-- Slicks Dicks --
Labiova Majora - OS - ? - Rocky Horror

-- Split Peaches --
Screw You - M - ? - Rainbow

-- Tails n Portholes --
Neried - OS - Dual Firmness - Purple black and blue marble
Abyssal King - M - DF - three colour marble (teals)
Merman - OS - DF - Oil Slick

-- Tantus --
Bound - OS - F - Black

-- Twin Tail Creations --
Anubite - S - M - Gold/blue marble

-- Vixen Creations --
Vixskin Bandit - OS - DF - Vanilla

Waiting on:
Moko (legacy) - M - M - Frankenpour <GITD>
Mechanical Animal 1.5 - M - ? - Purple mech design
Bully - New Folklore - OS - M - Eligos custom

godemiche - ambit - -OS - ? - solar flare
NS Novelties - Colours Pleasures - S - ? - Pride

Updated to most recent collection stats
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby DoorsofDurin » Sun May 15, 2016 10:00 pm


David - Small Split Firm, Lunar Guardian
Nova - Small Split Wide, Amethyst
Echo - Mini in Firm Firmness, Permafrost
Echo - Small in Medium Firm, Light Blue
Echo - Medium in Medium, Grey
Kage - Medium, Green with sparkles
Terra - Medium in Medium Firm, Opal
Terra - Medium in Medium Firm Spooky Seconds Flop
Scorn - Small in Medium firmness, Golden Horde
Fenrir - Small in Medium firmness, Red and Gold
Meng - in Medium Firmness, Many colors
Nox - Medium in Medium firmness, Light Natural

On order:
Kelvin in Large :surprised:

Echo in Large
Scorn in Medium

Waiting for just right right promo for those, tho. Might try a custom for the Echo if they get less super busy.

Might consider:
Nova in Medium
Flint in some soft firmness
Collection and wishes under spoiler.
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Fae Fantase
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Fae Fantase » Mon May 16, 2016 12:59 am


Small 3 Legacy breeder
blue/white marble with some sparkle

Small 3 Bruiser
Pearlescent purple shaft/neon green base

Mini 3 - feels like 5 -Roland
December Turqoise

Small 3 Spritz
Metallic shades of purple and maroon

Small 5 Legacy Xenogon
Metallic gold

Med 5 Crash
Copper-gold metallic

Small 5 Legacy Tail Stretcher
December Turqoise

Small 3 Nova
Metallic black/dark blue metallic throughout, some red marbling, gold sparkles

Small 3 Kelvin
"Rogue" Winter Wonderland coloration

Small 5 Tongue
Blue Skink

Small 5 Echo PermaFrost shaft, white base rogue color

Small 5 Trent
Relentless Pride -rainbow flag-

Small 5 Crash
Deep metallic bronze

Small 3/8 Split Wide Echo
Pale pinkish shaft with caramel color marbling

Medium 3 Fenrir
Infinity Star

Mini 5 Xar
Metallic copperish with muted black

Small 3 Ridley
Two shades of purple with lighter blue highlighting

Beta Shark
Dark blue metallic

Small 5 -feels identical to 8 firm - Roland
Slasher Silver "Rogue color".
Surprise suction cup!

Own but not keeping:
Large 5/medium Opal Tentacle.
Too big, want a medium sized one.

Small 8/firm Trent in Tops This/Trent's Signature.
I know it will be too firm. If I can't sell it myself I'll pay to ship it back to the seller who was misunderstanding of the firmness.

Mini 3/soft Meteor Impact Clayton.
Want a mini 3 custom color.

DamnAverage Onesize 3 firm Average Alien
Metallic/pearlescent light blue and white.
Want an Autumn colored one instead.

Monster Maxim Onesize soft aka 3 firm Droth
One semi-transluscent pale blue with gold sparkle and a shimmer.
One rich, vibrant gold mixed with a more orange gold metallic swirls and sparkle.

Damn Average Onesize DA's soft aka 5 firm Pugno Diaboli
Deep coppery gold with lavender marbling.

Frisky-Beast old version soft about 4 firmness
Ursa Major color. Blue with semi transluscent very pale blue, gold glitter.
Vibe cavity.

Frisky-Beast 'Small soft' Croxic - feels like a 4 firmness due to girth-
Concept for "Saltie" base with semi transluscent white and shimmery green mixed together and black spike tips, metallic reddish almost light maroon colored toy.

Frisky-Beast Mini soft aka 3 firm Cryo
T-Rexcellent color. Mostly tight marble of matte medium purple and white

-In Transit- Frisky Beast Mini soft Croxic
Limited edition unique mix of Cold Front and Heat Wave colors. Deep purple and black striped/marbled that changes color when exposed to heat and cold.

Lelo Mona Wave.
Onsize vibrator. Purplish color.

[b]Want to own.

From BD
Small or mini size Aurora or Rainbow Ribbon colored toy
Small Sheath cock
Mini 3/soft Clayton in Magma Drake
Mini 3/soft Xar in Lightening Bug/Xar's Signature color with or without tube. Or tubed mini/5 Xar's Signature Xar.
Small 3 Fenrir
Mini 3 Sleipnir w/tube
Mini 5/medium firm Echo with or without tube
Small 5 Austin with tube
Mini 5 Nocturne with tube.
Mini 5 Austin with or without tube.

From Frisky-Beast
Small or mini soft Missing Link.
Mini soft ElectroFox with vibe cavity.
Small soft or medium Atlas Lion.
Mini soft Cry with vibe cavity.

From Damn Average
"Super Soft" aka 3 firm Jav in something metallic, tightly/painterly marbled, or pearlescent.

From A Krow's Nest
Soft Kaine tight pearl or metallic marble, space theme colors, or traditional metallic colors...bronze/gold/copper/etc
Small soft Torval-?- Any of the same colors as above
Soft Larkspur-?- Any of the same colors as above
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Raya » Wed May 18, 2016 1:13 pm

Clayton/Smal / 8/ Split Red Stone/ CT
Fenrir/Med/ 5/ Sapphire/ CT
Crackers/Small / 5/ Opel/ SC
Varka/ One Size/ 5/ Natral with Black Base/ SC
Ridley/ Small/ 3/ Onyx Black

Xar/ Med/ 8/ Alexandrite
Nova/ Med/ 8/ Metallic Gold to Blue Spit Fade with Black Base or White Base

Dragon's Tongue/ Med/ 8/ Blue Stink
Bruiser/ Med/ 8/ Custom Artic Ice Split Fade with Black Base/ (maybe) CT and/or SC
Bruce/ 8/ would LOVE in natural
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby nevan » Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:40 pm

Own from Bad Dragon:
  • Medium Soft (0030) Pretzal - Pink/Blue Alexandrite 2015
  • Small Soft (0030) Pretzal - Jupiter and Amethyst Pride Streak, Starlight Glow Spooky Seconds, with suction cup (secondhand)
  • Mini Medium (0050) Sleipnir - Infinity Star with Suction cup (secondhand)

BD Use to Own:
  • Small Soft (0030) Nox - Tri-colour Alexandrite 2015
  • Medium Medium (0050) Elden - rogue Black/Blue marble
  • Medium wide-split (0030 shaft / 8A base) Elden - split Arctic Ice (secondhand)
  • Onesize Medium (0050) Beta Shark - Blue/Purple shimmer (secondhand)
  • Onesize Medium (0050) Portside - Natural split-fade (secondhand)

Other Fantasy Toys I Own:
  • BR Medium Medium (0050?) Draco - Pink Gold shaft, Bronze/Crimson/Gold base
  • BR Onesize Soft firmness (0030) Malus - Gold/White/Red-Pink marble with cool Blue Head In-stock - ORDERED
  • DA Soft (0050) Jav - Purple to Teal fade
  • DA Knight in soft (0050) firmness - ORDERED
  • DA Above Average Alien in medium (8A) firmness - ORDERED
  • EE Small Medium (6A) Reptilian - Deluxe Surprise
  • EE Small Medium (6A) Wraith - Custom Natural (black and spectral green)
  • EE Small Soft (4A) Orca - Deluxe Surprise
  • FB Small Medium (0050) Drone - Guided Surprise
  • FB Mini Medium (0050) Hyaenodon - Ursa Major, GITD
  • FB Brood Egg x3 (Phantom, Breach, Spring Fling)
  • Kudu Beast Seed x3
  • MD Onesize Soft (0030?) Cinder - Pink to Green pastel fade
  • MM Bantam Eggs x3 (various Purples and Greens)
  • PH Petunia - Custom Blackhole with metallic green and GITD green tips
  • SD Labiova Majora - Purple with Black Highlight
  • SD Xenova Neotype II - Warm Pink with Silver Highlight
  • TnP Onesize Dual-firmness (0030 - 10A) Merman - Custom
  • TnP Large Dual-firmness (0030 - 10A) Abyssal King - Custom
  • TTC Medium Soft (3.5/4A) Mocha - Custom split-fade
  • Various squishies and teenies

  • Qimera The Maw
  • Hemipeen toy
  • BR Draco (bigger size)
  • TTC Cortez
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby HereticBlood » Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:48 pm

Werewolf | Small | 5 | Custom Marble
Dane | Small | 5 | Prompted Surprise Me
Ultimate Fantasy | Small | 5 | Rogue Adoption
Cockatrice | Mini | 5 | Marbled Adoption
Duke | Small | 5 | Glow In The Dark

Bumble Hooves | Small | 5 | Custom Marble

Vasu the Naga | Small | 5
Ice Dragon | Small | 5
Night Drake | Small | 5
Karabos | Mini | 5
Duke | Medium | 5
Sleipnir | Mini | 5
Pearce | Mini | 5
Ika | Mini | 8
Water Buffalo | Medium | 5
Snowstrider | Small | 5
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