Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Sirkowskii » Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:56 pm

Guess I should make a wishlist too ^^'.

L Clayton in Onyx Black

On The Way:
S Werewolf in Highlighter Pink
Yugi Muto Custom M Crackers

L Blue Eyes White Dragon Bruiser
M Stardust Dragon Breeder
L Red Dragon Archfiend Tongue
L Ancient Fairy Dragon Elden
M Red Dragon Archfiend Xar
M Red Eyes Black Dragon Tail Stretcher
L Power Tool Dragon Vergil
Biolumescent Cocksheath
M Regulus Werewolf
M Sunlight Unicorn Chance
M Giant Red Seasnake Sea Dragon
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Tetragrammton » Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:02 am

@Sirkowskii Your Yu-Gi-Oh themed toys just made me screech "WAAAANT" at my screen. You are a wonderful individual. :'D

I might at well make my own!

Small Pearlescent Surprise Me Elden, 8-Firmness
Small Regal Alpha Xar, 3-Firmness w/ SC (flop)

Small Sparkly Rainbow Seadragon, 5-Firmness
Small Surprise Me! Gryphon, 5-Firmness
Small BD Anniversary Duke, 5-Firmness

All the toys ever
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby AnimalPun » Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:11 pm

Definitely getting out of hand :psyduck:

Also listed on my new review blog!


Bad Dragon:
Medium, Firm (8) Crackers the Cockatrice - Frankenpour! (Flop)
Medium, Firm (8) Xar the Karabos - Rogue!
Medium, Medium (5) Winston's Tongue - Rogue
Medium, Medium (5) Fenrir the Wolf Dragon - Custom Marble
Large, Soft (3) Razor the Doberman - Fleshy Pink
Large, Medium (5) Apollo the Chimera - Custom Split Marble
Large, Medium (5) Elliot the AnthroDragon - Black

Damn Average:
One-size, Soft (5) Average Alien - Marbled March
One-size, Medium (8) Above Average Alien - Marbled March

DownUnder Toys
Extra-Large, Dual-Density Hot Rod Classic - Pearl Blue

Exotic Erotics:
Medium, Medium (6) EE Flared Werehorse - Florescent Green
Medium, Firm (8) EE Orc - Deluxe Surprise
Large, Firm (8) EE Werewolf - Super Surprise
Large, Medium (6) EE Yacuruna - Deluxe Surprise - On the way~
Extra-Large, Medium (6) EE Reptilian - Deluxe Surprise

One-Size, Medium (5) Gus the Ghost - Spooky Glow

Large, Firm (10) Plugkin - Custom

NS Novelties:
Large, (~20) Colours - Pride Edition
Large, (~20) Colours - Purple

One-size, Cored Cush O2 - Twilight
One-size, (~20) Vamp - Grab-bag
One-size, Cored Max O2 - Mocha - Review
Large, (~10) Tantus Severin Plug - Black

Twin Tail Creations:
Medium, Firm (8) Alto the Chameleon - For Science Surprise! ~On the Way~

Fun Factory Big Boss - Pink
Key Comet Wand II - Blue
NS Novelties Maxx Swirly Vibe - Pink
Ticklers Snazzy Vibe - Pink

► Show Spoiler

Large EE Yacuruna
Medium TTC Alto

all the dicks

Group 32b.JPG
Top: Lg Apollo, Md Tongue, Md Xar, Lg Elliot, Lg Razor, Md Fenrir, Md Crackers; Glass; NS Purple & Pride; Tantus Max
Bottom: EE Md Werehorse, Lg Werewolf, Md Orc, XL Reptilian; Plugkin; Ghost; Big Boss; Vibe; DA AAAlien; Snazzy Vibe; Comet Wand; G-Wand; Tantus Lg Severin; DU XL Hot Rod

Just BD-
Group 33.JPG
Clockwise: Lg Apollo, Md Tongue, Lg Elliot, Md Xar, Md Crackers, Lg Razor, Md Fenrir; & Teenies!
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Weaselywhitetail » Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:55 pm

1.Toy-The Gryphon
Color- Brilliant White
My character for it- Usur-Ha the Northern Gryphon (Taita Falcon x Snow Leopard)
Size- Small
Firmness- 5
Extras- None
Status- Here!

2.Toy-Lil' Chico
Color- Crimson Red
My character for it- Imran the Fennec Fox
Size- One size only
Firmness- 8
Extras- Cumtube
Status- Being shipped

3.Toy- Cole the Dane
Color- Fleshy Pink
My character for it- Henwas the European Badger
Size- Small
Firmness- 5
Extras- Cumtube
Status- In shipping

4.Toy- Moko the Liger
Color-Onyx Black Base with marbled gold and black shaft
My character for it- Shen the Southern Gryphon (Bateleur x Siberian Tiger)
Extras- None
Status- Payment complete
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby w0lf3 » Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:02 pm

Itty Bitty:
    Seadragon Lil Squirt
    Flared Chance Teenie
    Tentacle Teenie

    Cole: 5 || Split Marble
    Chance: 3 || Marble
    Chance (Flared): 3 || Marble
    Legacy Chance: 3/8 || Split Fade
    Legacy Chance (Flared): 5 || Marble
    Clayton: 5 || Split Marble
    Crackers: 5 || Marble
    David: 5 || Marble
    Razor: 3 || Split Marble
    Sleipnir: 3 || Marble

    Anthro Dragon: 3 || Natural
    Bruiser: 3 || Marble
    Cole: 3 || Split Marble
    Chance: 5 || Fade
    Chance (Flared): 3 || Split Marble
    Legacy Chance (Flared): 5 || Split Marble
    Legacy Chance (Unflared): 8 || Custom Fade
    Clayton: 3 || Marble
    David: 3 || Marble
    Kippy: 3 || Fade
    Razor: 3 || Marble
    Royal Dragon: 5 || Split Fade
    Spritz: 3 || Marble
    Legacy Water Horse: 8 || Custom Fade
    Legacy Wolf Dragon: 3 || Ardent Duality
    Xar: 2 || Frankenpour

    Chance: 3 || Marble
    Chance (Flared): 5 || Marble
    David: 3 || Split Color
    Fenrir: 3 || Lightning Rod
    Legacy Moko: 5 || Split Fade
    Tucker: 3 || Hot to Knot
    Legacy Waterhorse: 8 || Gila Monster

Extra Large:
    Tucker: 3 || Hot to Knot

Other Toys:
    DA's Rudolph: Hard|| Split Marble
    Doc Johnson's James Deen: Flesh Colored
    EA Magic: Bold
    EA Neo: Light
    EE's Murray: Soft || Blue GitD
    FB's Medium Sauropod: Soft || Split Marble
    PH's Neigh Sayer: Soft || Marble
    PH's Pride: Soft || Split Color

    Cocksheath v1: Medium || Black
    Beta Cocksheath: Small || Black
    FZ's Pegasus v1: Black

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

(Listed in order of want, 1 being the most wanted!)

    1. Medium Rex: Any firmness
    2. Small Rex: Any firmness
    3. Medium Sleipnir: 2 or 3 firmness
    4. Primal Hardwere Sheaths (Growler, Pride, Neigh-Sayer)
    5. FB's Medium Hyaenodon: Any firmness
    6. Snow Leopard Any firmness
    7. BR's Medium Sagittarius: Softer firmness preferred
    8. Large Cole: 2 or 3 firmness
    9. Large Sleipnir: 2 or 3 firmness
    10. Large Razor: 3 firmness
    11. Extra Large Moko: 2 or 3 firmness
    12. EE's Large or XL Hippocampus: 3 firmness only
    13. Large Bruiser: 3 firmness
    14. Large Elden: Any firmness
    15. Large Luka: 2 or 3 firmness
    16. Large Ridgeback: 3 firmness
    17. ANY non-tubed toy with exceptional colors. <3

Past Toys:
    Small Cockatrice
    Small Flared Chance (Legacy)
    Small Flint
    Medium Breeder
    Medium Crackers
    Medium David
    Medium Legacy Gryphon
    Medium Hanns
    Medium Moko
    Medium Nova
    Medium Nox
    Medium Ridgeback
    Medium Seadragon
    Medium Swamp Wyrm
    Medium Tucker
    Beta Equiknot
    Legacy Dragon's Tongue
    Medium Xar
    Large Legacy Chance
    Large Clayton
    Large Cockatrice (x2)
    Large Dolphin
    Large Gryphon
    Large Legacy Gryphon
    Large Nox (x2)
    Large Tentacle
    Large Ultimate Fantasy
    Large Water Horse (x2)
    Extra Large Fenrir
    Extra Large Legacy Gryphon
    Average's Longcat
    DA's Orc
    EE's Cody
    EE's Medium Hippocampus
    EE's Large Hippocampus
    EE's Moose
    EE's Motown
    EE's Silver (x3)
    FB's Small Dire Wolf
    FB's Medium Dire Wolf
    FB's Small Sauropod
    FF's Share
    ZP's Darius
    ZP's Helmutt
    ZP's Boxie
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Splicer-Gene27 » Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:08 pm

welp time to add mine to this and more listings added as i get them XD


David-Medium-3-Cumtube-Custom Split Fade
Moko-Medium-5-Blue,White,Silver Marble
Anthro Dragon-Medium-3-Cumtube-Metallic Black
Lil Seadragon-8-Cumtube-Coral Pink
Tentacle-Large-3-Black FOR SALE
Duke-Medium-5-Bad Dragon
Original Anthro Dragon-One Size-Cored-Cumtube-Orange
Chance the Stallion UF-Medium-5-FrankenPour
Dolphin-Large-8-Split Arctic Ice
Night Drake-Medium-8-Surprise Me
Water Horse-Small-8-Custom Single Pearlescent
Breeder-Small-8-Slasher Silver
Xenogon-Medium-5-Acid Green
Seadragon-Small-3-Custom split highlight

Cody-3/8 Split-Split Red Shaft,Orange Base with green apple
EE Cody-5-Custom Split Marble


Lumpy Lil F'er
DA Average Alien

Mechanical Animal-Small-8-Custom

Bruce the Shark-Medium-8-Original Dark Natural
FB Sauropod-Medium-Medium-UV Rainbow
Chimera-Medium-3-Slasher Silver
Clayton-Medium-3-Sinister Pumpkin

BOUGHT FROM:Grimmyr ,WildWolf,KnotMe,KiRaaawr,Harpy,Rund,equesardor,Gynza,Ice Kitten,Keely
SOLD TO:TheVampire,Rund,Akito,ThatFurryGal,Nappa077,phyrexica
TRADED:HyenaGlitter,musicofthenight,SThr,Mystic Machine,Crantic,Cancel,Kisaki,Maya
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Flurrie » Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:54 pm


- Teenie Weenies! Moko, Xar, Swampwyrm, Nox, Trent, Dragon Muzzle, Tucker, Razor, Gryphon, Bruiser, Ultimate Fantasy, Clayton, Apollo, Meng, Scorn, and Chance Flared


- The Anthro Dragon - GITD (S) 8
- Crackers the Cockatrice (S) 5, Suction Cup - GITD Highlight
- Crackers the Cockatrice (S) 3, Suction Cup
- Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon (S) 5


- The Anthro Dragon - (M) 5, Cumtube
- The Breeder (M) 5
- The Naga (M) 5, Suction Cup
- The Ridgeback (M) 5
- Xar the Karabos (M) 3/5 Split, Cumtube
- Clayton the Earth Dragon (M) 8, Cumtube, Suction Cup
- Elden the Faerie Dragon (M) 5, Suction Cup
- The Cocksheath (Beta)
- Crackers the Cockatrice (M) 5, Suction Cup
- Elden The Faerie Dragon (M) 8, Suction Cup
- The Ultimate Fantasy (M) 3
- The Chimera (M) 5
- Nox the Night Drake (M) 5, Suction Cup
- Nova the Breeder (M) 5, Suction Cup
- The Basilisk Sheath (M)
- The Werewolf Wearable (M)
- Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon (M) 3


- Spritz the Seadragon (L) 5


- Tantus Vamp
- Tantus Echo


-The Dragon's Tongue (L) 2
- The Breeder (S) 5
- The Tailstretcher (L) 3
- The Xenogon (S) 5
- The Swampwyrm (M) 3
- Sleipnir (M) 5
- The Ridgeback (S) 3, Cumtube

~Waiting On~



- Sleipnir (M) 3
- Scorn (M) 3
- Fenrir the Wolf Dragon (L) 3
- Crash the Raptor (L) 3 OR (M) 5
- Ridley the Xenogon (L) 5
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby IrixNobody » Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:08 pm

Nova the Werewolf, Small, 5, None, Smooth(Traded from Otaku_Foxx)
Vanitas the Doberman, Med, 5/8 Split, CT (Adopted from Master Crimson)
Saïx the Lunar Guardian Werewolf, Med, 5, CT, SC
(Flop for tiny tiny nick on Base)
Artemis the Cockatrice, Small, 3/5, Suction Cup (Adopted from japanimater)
Altair the Chimera, Small, 5, Color: Infinity Star
Chance the Stallion, Med, 3, CT
David the Werewolf, Small, 5, None, Textured (Black Friday Sale)

Nova the Breeder, Small, 5, Dark Natural (Name:)
The Ice Dragon, Small, 5, Cordial Cherry
Kippy the Caline, Medium, 5, CT, #B54108 / #FAB6B1 (Name: Nanaki)
Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon, Small, 5, Metallic Blue , #002196
Nox the Night Drake, Small, 5, Night Drake
Clayton the Earth Dragon, Small, 5, Magma Drake
Cole the Dane, Medium, 5, CT, #000000 / #5e0000
Bruiser the Fusion, Small, 5, Natural
Xar the Karabos, Small, 5, Metallic Lime Green
Chance the Stallion Flared, Medium, 5, CT, Natural
The Tentacle, Medium, 5, Cordial Cherry

Pyry(Designed by me)
Kai(Designed by me)

Clear cumlube
Sample discs
Chico the Lil Squirt

The Werewolf Were-Able, Red Moon
Hazel the Werewolfess, Lunar Eclipse
JT the Fox, Artitic Brush
Janine the Dragoness, Fire
Natascha the Anthro Husky[/i]
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Intrepid Niddering » Sat Aug 03, 2013 4:47 am

Sooo.. heh. All the toys I really want to try keep not happening because I get distracted by other pretties.


Medium, firm Gryphon. Suction Cup. Surprise Me. (Horchata White?)
Small, medium Seadragon. Suction Cup. Glow in the Dark.
Large, soft Tentacle. Bronze/Gold, with Sloppy Seconds Dribble.
Medium, firm Breeder. Suction Cup. Black base, Lime Green to Purple Fade.
Large, medium Winston's Tail. UV with Yellow Stripe, Metallic Highlight. (Charizard.)
Medium, firm Ridgeback. Dark Seafoam Green.
Large, firm Ridgeback. Crimson Drake.
Small, firm Crackers. Suction Cup. Pyrite.
Medium, firm Chance. Charcoal Grey and Light Pink Split Marble.
Medium, medium Clayton. Suction Cup. Magma Drake.
Medium, firm Clayton. Suction Cup. Magma Drake with Glow Shaft.
Medium, firm inner, soft outer cored Crackers. Onyx Black.
Large, medium Chance. Cumtube. Arctic Ice.

Waiting for:



Medium, firm David. Suction Cup. Dark Chocolate Brown base, Raspberry Splash shaft.
Large, medium or medium, firm Chance. Yellow base, Cream shaft.
Large, firm Nox. Suction Cup. Statue Grey.
Small, firm Draconic. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.
Large or medium, firm Tentacle. Halloween Orange with Blue Glow Stripe.
Medium, medium Crackers. Suction Cup.
Large, medium Tailstretcher. Dark Green with Lighter Green Stripe.
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Hermit » Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:23 pm

Oh boy, guess I might as well do this, now that I have more than one!

Bruiser the Fusion, Onyx Black, Med, 5, N/A (In Stock)
Janine the Dragoness, Anniversary Marble (Flop)
David the Werewolf, Arctic Ice Split, Med, 5, CT (Flop)
Duke the Bad Dragon, Anniversary Marble, Med, 8 (Secondhand)
Crackers the Cockatrice, Custom Split/Fade + Highlight(Black/Violet/Hot Pink/Silver), Med, 5, SC, CT
Clayton the Earth Dragon, Halloween Black, Med, 5, SC (Secondhand)
Nox the Night Drake, Natural, Med, 3, SC (Flop)
Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon, Blue-grey, Med, 5 (Flop)
Chance the Stallion Unflared, Custom Split(Halloween Black Onyx Black/GitD Aqua), Med, 5, N/A
Chance the Stallion Unflared, Sinister Pumpkin, Large, 3, CT (flop)
Werewolf Were-able (version 1), Red Moon, Med, 2 (flop)
Nox the Night Drake, Natural, XL(!), 5, SC (Flop)
Cole the Dane, Custom Split Marble(White base, Black Opal shaft), L, 5, SC
Gryphon, Rogue(Orange/Silver marble), L, 5
David the Werewolf, Rogue(mostly black/pink), L, 3
Nova the Breeder, Infinity Star, L, 3, SC
Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon, Rogue(Blue/Purple Marble), M, 3
Dragon Muzzle, Giger Black (flop)
Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon, Custom fade(Gold to Copper), L, 3
Sleipnir, Magma Drake, L, 3

ON Order!:
Crackers the Cockatrice, Slasher Silver, L, 3


(terrible phone) PHOTO!
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby phyrexica » Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:44 pm


Small 8 Cockatrice + CT
Small 5 Clayton
Medium 5 Nova
Small 8 Breeder
DA Average Alien - Review
Medium 5 Moko + CT - Review
Small 5 David + SC - Review
Small 3 Clayton - Review
Small 3 Bruiser - Pic + Vid
Medium 5/8 Flared Chance + CT - Pic
Small 5 Karabos - Pic

Waiting On:

Medium 8 Unflared Chance + CT

Grabby Hands:

Medium 5 Nova + SC
Small 5 Flint + SC
Large 5 Tentacle + SC
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby MossWolf » Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:31 pm

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby zaroki » Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:24 pm

medium 5 crackers

waiting for:
medium 5 cole (currently taking a little trip around the postal system)
medium 5 moko

in manufacture queue:
medium 5 xar
medium 8 clayton
medium 5/8 crackers

large tentacle
medium breeder
small studded
medium chimera
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Stumpy » Sat Aug 31, 2013 8:16 pm


Medium, 5, Breeder, custom split fade, SC
Medium, 5/8, David, Light natural, SC


Medium, 5, Nox with SC
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Crysta » Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:31 am


Medium Xenogon 5 - Custom fade split
Medium Chance flared 5 - light natural
Medium Chance unflared 5 - light natural
Medium Cockatrice 5 - Custom fade split
Medium Breeder 3 - Custom marble
Large Tentacle 5 - custom marble
Medium Tentacle 5 - Candycorn
Medium Clayton 5 - Magma Drake
Medium Razor 5 - Halloween Black

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby MistKitty » Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:46 pm


Keeping this here, because I like it <3

I haven't taken updated blacklight pictures yet.

Toy Gallery

BD Toys I Own:
Teeny Weenies
Lil' Chico Squirt [Medium]

Small Ridgeback [Firm] CT
Small Duke [Medium]
Small Breeder [Medium]
Small David [Extra Soft]
Small Studded [Medium]
Beta Shark [Extra Firm]

Medium Vergil [Medium] CT
Medium Tentacle [Soft]
Medium Tongue [Wide Split]
Medium Elden [Medium] SC
Medium Nox [Medium] SC
Medium Bruce [Wide Split]
Medium Terra [Medium]
Medium Bruiser [Mostly Firm, Some Medium]

Large Tentacle [Extra Soft]
Large Winston [Medium]

Other Silicone Toys I Own:
Sutera Elite Power Sybil
Gepsensts Octopus Butt Plug [Cored]
DamnAverage Small Cephalopod [Soft]
DA Average Alien [Firm]
Frisky Beast Small Mechanical Animal 1.0 [Firm]
FB Small Tyrant [Firm]
Exotic Erotics Small Hippocampus [Medium]
EE Small Phoenix [Medium]
Jollies Jollet
Jollies Bubbles
Tantus G-Spot Vibrator

In-My-Dreams List:
(Not necessarily in order)
Lil' Cockatrice [Firm]

Small Studded [Firm]
Small Vergil [Firm] SC
Small Crackers [Soft or Medium] SC
Small Xar [Medium] SC
Small Anthro [Medium or Firm]
Small Spritz [Medium or Firm] SC
Small Clayton [Medium and Firm] SC
Small Ridley [Firm] SC
Small Nox [Firm] SC
Small Nova [Medium or Firm] SC
Small Terra [Firm] SC

Medium Duke [Medium]
Medium Gryphon [Medium or Firm] SC
Medium Clayton [Medium]
Medium David [Medium or Firm] SC
Medium Ridley [Medium or Firm] SC
Medium Unflared Chance [Firm]
Medium Anthro [Soft or Medium]
Medium Ridgeback [Medium]
Medium Nova [Medium] SC
Medium Wyrm [Medium or Firm] SC
Medium Spritz [Medium or Firm] SC
Portside [Medium] SC

Large Duke [Soft or Medium]
Large Gryphon [Medium] SC
Large Tongue [Wide Split]
Large Tailstretcher [Medium] SC
Large Bruiser [Firm] SC

XL Tongue [Wide Split]

Other Silicone Toys Wishlist:
Necronomicox Two-Color Mythos
Gespents The Horn
Gespents The Screw
Gespents Slapaddle Shape C
Gespents Door Knob Butte Plug
DA Orc
DA Jav
DA Rattler
DA Longstang
Fleshlight Drac
EE Medium or Large Phoenix [Firm] SC
FB Small and Medium Mechanical Animal 1.5
FB Small or Medium Mechanical Animal 2.0
FB Small or Medium Mechanical Animal 2.5
BeastLab Balerion
Doc Johnson Spiderman
DJ Batman
DJ Hulk
DJ Alice in Wonderland Vibe Collection

... and maybe a few other things don'tjudgeme. ._.
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby burningisis » Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:11 am

Well scratch another off of the wishlist. Large Virgil arriving tomorrow.

Which leaves on my wishlist now
med or large Clayton

And that's about it. 2 more until my collection is completed to my satisfaction

Unless of course BD labs adds some more hotness and then this list will probably grow
See the toys I own
Current Wishlist: Large tentacle in purple UV. Medium Clayon
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Tek » Sat Sep 14, 2013 9:42 pm

- None yet!

On The Way:
- Medium Cole 5 - Midnight Aquatic

- Medium Bruiser - Valiant Meld
- Medium Clayton - Magma Drake
- Large Ridgeback - Rainbow + black base
- Medium Crackers - Split Marble (3B3B3B base, 1A3B87 #1, 3C51A6 #2, probably will change a little)
- Bruce? Not 100% sure.

Probably going to add more after I get a job that isn't minimum wage.
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby NUR1RED » Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:25 am


Chance the Stallion Unflared - $70.00
Size large $120.00
Firmness Medium
custom split fade $40.00
(colors) Image (top 828282) (middle 000000) (bottom 292929)


dragon tongue XL onyx black

2 cumlube

2 clear cumlube

4 bad dragon pins

:stick: love you all
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby KeekatPP » Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:30 am

KeeKat's BD Wishlist

Crackers the Cockatrice
-Size: Small
-Firmness: Hard
-Color: Onyx Black
-Extras: Suction Cup

Clayton the Earth Dragon
-Size: Medium
-Firmness: Medium
-Color: Magma
-Extras: Cumtube

Moko the Liger
-Size: Small
-Firmness: Hard
-Color: Split Arctic Ice
-Extras: None

Bruiser the Fusion
-Size: Medium
-Firmness: Medium
-Color: Crimson Drake
-Extras: Suction Cup

Winston's Tail
-Size: Large
-Firmness: Soft
-Color: Custom Fade (F0F0F0 + 4F4F4F)
-Extras: None

Chance Unflared
-Size: Medium
-Firmness: Medium
-Color: Dark Natural
-Extras: Cumtube

Razor the Doberman
-Size: Small
-Firmness: Hard
-Color: Onyx Black
-Extras: None

The Breeder
-Size: Medium
-Firmness: Medium
-Color: Midnight Blue
-Extras: None

Total: $875!!!

-Small Nox
-Mini Clayton

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