Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Jazzi the Pegasus » Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:11 am

Might as well...

What I own:
Small Xar, firmness 2, 3 color marble (Rogue), flop, no extras
Small ChaceUN, firmness 8, Bad Dragon marble, cumtube
Small Luka, firmness 5, Rogue Color, flop, no extras
A small Nox in a pear tree!~ (firmness 5, suction cup, custom fade)
Seadragon Lil Squirt, Coral Pink

Waiting on:
-Medium Winston, medium firmness, custom stripe


-Gryphon, Medium, firmness 5, no color yet, suction cup + cumtube (a good shower toy I believe)
-ChanceFl, small, 3/8, surprise me, cumtube
-ChanceUN , medium, firmness 5, Natural color, cumtube
-Fusion, medium, firmness 5, Discord themed (custom split with dusk purple highlight), suction cup
-Tentacle L, firmness 3, surprise me
-Virgil, small, firmness 3, custom split w/ sky blue highlight (or dark red), no extras
-Cole, medium, firmness 3, dark natural, cumtube & suction cup
-Xenogon, medium, firmness 5, light natural, suction cup
-Small Anthrodragon, cored firmness, strawberry cream marble, cumtube
-Equiknot, firmness 5, custom marble, SC + CT
-Nova, firmness 5, small or medium, Balls Deep, CT+SC
-Portside, spilt wide, surprise me, suction cup
-Terra, splitwide, no color yet, SC+CT

Small Gryphon, firmness 5, Onyx black, suction cup
Small David, firmness 8, Lunar Guardian, suction cup
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby koinukasuka » Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:47 pm

I want CT with most toys now. Makes things easier :3 ALSO ANY TOYS IN A COOL FRANKENPOUR is also wanted
Snow Leopard - (1size) Soft
Chance - Medium - Soft
Rex German Shepherd - Small - Medium
JT the Fox - Orange Cream or Arctic Ice
Nox - Small (Med/Firm) CT - Night Drake or Arctic Ice Split
Nox - Medium (Soft) CT - Same ^^^^
Terra - Small (Soft) CT - Natural or Arctic Ice Split
Ice Dragon - Small (Med/Firm) CT - Natural Ice
Kippy the Caline - Medium (Soft) CT - Natural or Split Arctic
Pride - Wereable Feline - 7"Internal - Open Tip - TorchflameBlue or ChokingHazard
Growler - Wereable Canine - 7" Internal - Open Tip - TorchflameBlue or ChokingHazard - ZetaPaws:
Euro Ruff Stuff - FirmnessMedium - Natural or Blue or Frost or Surprise me
Timber Wolf- FirmnessMedium - Same colorings ^^^^
The Silicone Tentacle - FirmnessMedium
Werewolf - FirmnessMedium
Any Knotty Trainer/Instructors - FirmnessMedium
Wuffamute Pup - FirmnessMedium - Fluorescent Orange or Red
Murray the Aussie - FirmnessMedium - Fluorescent Blue
Shane - Firmness Medium - Fluorescent Blue or Light Blue ... escent.jpg Glow examples

On The Way

Owned Toys:
Bad Dragon
Natasha - Custom Pale/sky blueish
Dragoness Muzzle - Grimm Spindle - Flop (Nick Near The Bottom Of The Sleeve) GITD
Hazel - Hunter's Moon- Flop(Soft Fragments on Fascia) GITD
Cole - Small Medium Midnight Blue
Seadragon - Small Medium - RedBase>DarkBlue>IceBlue Fade
Luka - Small Mostly Medium(Adopt multi firm) - Blue/PearlBlue swirl Base >Dark Red FrankenPour -
Duke - Small Medium - Bad Dragon
AnthroDragon - Small Medium - FrankenPour with Christmas marble
Legacy Wereable - Lunar Glow GITD
Ridgeback - Small Medium - Red Blue Marble
Wolf Dragon - OneSize Medium - Split Arctic
Equiknot - OneSize(Medium) Soft - Lunar Glow Rogue Color :D GITD
Gryphon - Medium(Medium) CT & SC - Citrus Orange - Flop(Fragments In The Base)
Moko - Small(Medium) CT - Purple with Gold Glitter(Surprise)
Vergil v2 Legacy - Medium(Soft) CT & SC - Fleshy Pink
Werewolf Wereable - Medium(normal) - Purple Pearlescent + Glitter (surprise)
Cockatrice Lil Squirt - normal(8?) - Green Black Swirl + Glitter (Surprise)
David Werewolf - Small(5/Med), CT - Split color
Janine (Newer Version) -Alpha Black GITD
Roland - Small - Firm - TunnelSnake GITD
Rex - Medium - Soft - CT Good Boy
Tucker - Small - Medium - GuardianBlue GITD
Bumblehooves - Small - Medium - CT - Cherry Cordial
Sofia - Black Green Marble
Sugar Star - Dashing Blue
Bruce Port Side - Moon

Small Cephalopod - Soft - Glittery Hallow's Eve
Rattler Pre-Order - Soft - Black Orange Swirl

Frisky Beast
The Sabertooth small - WhiteBase>Orange>Red Fade

The Instructor(Knot Training) - Pink - Medium Firmness
Silicone Kit Fox - OneSize Medium - Frost - Medium Firmness
The Slip Knot - OneSize Medium - Black - Medium Firmness?(substitute feels softer)

Fetish Zone:
Cerberus wearable - Dark Thermo(changes color with heat to bright red) - medium-ish firmness?

Non Bad Dragon/Furry
Doc Johnson 7" slim(no balls) vac-u-lock or whatever x3
Doc Johnson 8" vac
5" small Vac ripped on the side :/
Strap-on Harness vac-u-lock
Pink Gel vac-u-lock think its 7" too
Fleshlight - Original - Fem
Fleshlight - Crystal Ass - Ass
Fleshlight - Stamina Training Unit - Discreet
Various toys from Adam and Eve
nsnovelties Ahslynn Brooke's Perfect Pussy
and a couple pocket ones
SoloFlesh <3 omg yes amazing
Fan+asy X-Tensions - Duo Clit Climax-Her (Sheath)
California Exotic Novelties - 3-way Fluttering Butterfly (Sheath)

People I've Bought From
Loopy - The 2 Cerberus Sheaths (sold one)
xXKattXx - Awesome colored Equiknot (original) Lunar Glow or similar green blue glow
LarkspurDragon - small Ridgeback (navy Red marble Like Bad Dragon)
DarkStallion - small Duke (Bad Dragon)
MistKitty - SoloFlesh <3
Splicer-Gene27 - David Werewolf
Squishysquishy - Janine (Newer Version)
Ningyo - Small Firm Roland
Mrdc - Medium Soft Rex CT

People I sold to
MossWolf - The one Cerberus Sheath
Willy-foxie - small - 3 - CT Unflared Chance Legacy

People I Traded with
Time~Machine - Janine v1 Legacy > Vergil Medium Soft Legacy SC&CT
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby snozzleblot » Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:03 pm

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby PetitMausi » Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:21 pm

What I Own!

Elden the Fairy Dragon
Size: Small
Firmness: Medium
Colour: Arctic Split

What I'm Waiting On!
Nothing yet...

What I'm Wanting...
Size: Small
Firmness: Soft
Colour: Custom Split
I'm Bumble. c:
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby GreyWarden » Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:38 am

What I own:

Small, 5 Arctic Split Crackers

What I'm waiting for:

Custom Fade Gryphon, Small, 5

What I want:

That Dragon's Tongue in Adoptions..
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby bladewolf175 » Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:39 pm

What I Own
Medium Naga
Suction cup

Size: Med
Suction Cup

Nox the Night Drake
Size: Med

David the Werewolf
Size: small

Size: Med

Size: Med
Firmness: 5

Size: med

Size: Med

Fox tail virbrating plug
Wolf tail plug
Bullet vibe
Small metal jeweled butt plug

What I am waiting for
None :cry:

What I want
Small Moko
Medium crackers in Alpha regal
Medium Virgil sloppy seconds custom
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Azure » Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:50 pm

Small Tentacle in female Softness
Small Sea Dragon in medium firmness (Sold as of 10/09/13)

Small Flint
Small Crackers
Small Clayton
Small Luka - Ordering as of 10/15/13
Small Moko
Small/Medium Elden
Medium Xenogon
Medium Tentacle - Ordering as of 10/15/13
Medium Winston - Ordering as of 10/15/13
Medium Nox
Large Tentacle
Large Winston
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Start » Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:40 pm

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Deep-Fried Lutefisk » Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:30 am

- Cole the Dane
  • Small, Medium Firmness
  • Slasher Silver
  • w/Suction Cup
  • Flop: Fragments on base.
- David the Werewolf
  • Small, Medium Firmness
  • Natural
  • w/Suction Cup
  • Made-to-Order
- Luka the Otter
  • Small, Medium Firmness
  • Arctic Split
  • Ready-Made
- Spritz the Seadragon
  • Small, Medium Firmness
  • Rogue Color
  • Ready-Made
- Moko the Liger
  • Small, Medium Firmness
  • Rogue Color
  • Ready-Made

- Nox the Night Drake
  • Small, Medium Firmness
  • Infinity Star
  • w/Suction Cup
  • Made-to-Order
- Clayton the Earth Dragon
  • Mini, Medium Firmness
  • Lunar Guardian
  • w/Suction Cup
  • Made-to-Order

- Crackers the Cockatrice

For Sale
- Duke the Bad Dragon
  • Small, Medium Firmness
  • Bad Dragon
  • Ready-Made
- Kippy the Caline
  • Medium, Soft Firmness
  • Frankenpour
  • Ready-Made

- Natascha the Anthro Husky
  • Extra Soft
  • Halloween Black
  • Flop: Small, barely noticeable fragments in fascia.
- Kelvin the Ice Dragon
  • Small, Medium Firmness
  • Natural
  • Ready-Made
- Nox the Night Drake
  • Small, Medium Firmness
  • Rogue Color
  • Ready-Made
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Psycho_Amanda » Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:38 pm

I uh....I just own a small David the Werewolf 5 with suction cup ^^'
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby RomanticOutlaw » Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:20 pm

I've got a small/3 ridgeback (that I'd like to get rid of), medium/5 david, and a medium/8 chance... Been doing a lot of selling lately, but I've had a 5 nox and a 3/8 shark pass through my hands. I really wish they'd release the nox in large :?

small or medium/5 or 8 flint
medium/8 moko
medium/5 or 8 crackers
medium or large/8 clayton
8 wyvern
medium/8 cole
medium/8 xar
large/5 breeder
large/8 xenogon
large or XL/5 tongue
XL/5 gryphon
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Robert Thompson » Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:24 pm

Jasmine - Naga\Med\5\SC\CT Split arctic ice

Never will happen
Bruiser S\4\SC\CT
I love shape want the SC to really let loose
And CT because I really love a deep shot
Could get my dream in Medium but I would never be able to knot
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby DameKathryn » Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:24 pm

The attachment Collection.png is no longer available

Bad Dragon
Lil' Squirt Chico 8 SurpriseMe
Anthro-Dragon Small 5 CustomFade
Clayton Small 8 LightNatural
Crackers Small 5 RegalAlpha
Flint Small 5 KrampusTouch
Meng Small 5 RogueColor (LABS ORIGINAL)
Xenogon Small 8 SurpriseMe (LEGACY)

Anthro-Dragon Medium 5/8 Cored SolarGold
Chance, Flared Medium 5 FestiveSurprise (LEGACY)
Chimera One-Size 5 RogueColor (EXPERIMENTAL)
Clayton Medium 2 FrankenPour
Clayton Medium 3 RogueColor
Clayton Medium 5 CustomSplitHighlight
Clayton Medium 8 Suction Cup CustomSplitMarble
Cole Medium 5/8 CustomSplitFade
Crackers Medium 5 Suction Cup CustomSplitHighlight
Crackers Medium 8 Clipped Cum-Tube CustomSplitFade
Duke Medium 5 Cum-Tube SurpriseMe
Elden Medium 8 Suction Cup CustomSplit
Ridgeback Medium 8 Cum-Tube CustomSplit
Ridley Medium 5 RogueColor
Swamp-Wyrm Medium 8 Suction Cup CustomFade (LABS ORIGINAL)
Terra Medium 3 RogueColor (LABS ORIGINAL)
Vergil Medium 5 Cum-Tube SurpriseMe
Wolf-Dragon Medium 5 Cum-Tube RogueColor (LABS ORIGINAL)
Xar Medium 5 Suction Cup CustomSplitFade

Chance, Unflared Large 5/8 Clipped Cum-Tube Natural (LEGACY)
Clayton Large 2 FrankenPour
Clayton Large 5 Suction Cup CustomSplit
Crackers Large 3 Suction Cup CustomSplitFade
Dragon's Tongue One-Size 3 CustomFade (LEGACY)
Moko Large 5 CustomSplitMarble (LEGACY)
Xar Large 5 Suction Cup CustomFade
Xenogon Large 8 Suction Cup HalloweenBlack (LEGACY)

Beast Lab
Balerion 10 StockMarble

Damn Average
Average Alien 8 SheepMarble

Exotic Erotics
Cody Medium 8 CustomSplitMarble
Hippocampus Small 8 Natural Markings

Frisky Beast
Sauropod Medium 5 CustomSplit
Tyrant Small 5 Phantom

The attachment dicksdicksdicks.jpg is no longer available

The attachment full wishlist.png is no longer available
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby RainbowFlavoredCat » Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:10 pm

My Collection:

Bad Dragon:

*Dragons Tongue - Small size, 5 Firmness, Frankenpour blue and purple swirl mixed into snout with a black tongue
*Equiknot- Experimental Toy One Size, 5 Firmness, Blue and Purple Marble
*ChanceUnflared- Small size, 8 Firmness, Rogue Colored Halloween Marble (Slight frankenpour with accidental light purple base with Sinister Pumpkin fading into a Halloween Black)
*Cole- Small size, 5 Firmness, Metallic Purple
*Beta Shark- Beta Size, 3Firmness, Leaf Green (Bought from Harpy)
*Moko- Small size, 2 Firmness, Black with Purple glow in the dark sloppy seconds highlight (Originally owned by Sreeka, bought from DocOctavia - might as well give the entire dick owner report, like carfax but for dildos lol)
*LegacyWaterhorse- Large size, 5Firmness, Custom Blue and White Cloud Marble (Bought from Tenebrous)

Previously Owned:
Purple Teenie Anthrodragon
Purple Teenie Waterhorse

Exotic Erotics:
*Cody - Mini size, Medium Firmness, Natural Color (Black with flesh splotch)
*Silver - Unflared one size, Medium Firmness, Natural Color (Black with flesh splotch)
*Orca - Small size, Medium Firmness, Red with grey base

*ElypseArt Magic the Dalmatian - One size and firmness, Dark natural
*ElypseArt Neo the Boxer - One size ans firmness, Dark natural
*Zeta Paws Posiden the Dolphin - One size, medium firmness, red with grey base (Bought from Hazmat)
*Furrystyle Fox - one size and firmness(about a 5), red
*Divine Interventions Jackhammer Jesus - One size and firmness (about a 10) Metallic Black
*DI Baby Jesus Buttplug - one size and firmness (~10) Pearl white
*Phallix Glass Rainbow Twist
*Don Wards Glass Candycane
*Icicles No. 25 Tentecal
*Tantus - Silk, small, firm blue pearl
*Tantus - VIP, firm purple metallic
*Vixen Mistress - one size and firmness (10) silver glitter
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Keely » Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:22 am

My Toys:

Bad Dragons I own:

Nox 5- frankenpour
Tucker 5- custom split
Moko 5- split marble (base is pearly)
Ultimate Fantasy 5 CT- pale
Ridley 5- custom split
Stan 5/8 CT- magma drake
Sleipnir 5- custom split (diamond shaft and halloween black base)

Cockatrice 5 CT/SC- custom fade (pearly)
Legacy Flared Chance 3/8 flare split- pearl marble
Razor 8- lunar guardian
Legacy Xenogon 5- custom split fade
Winston's Tail 5- custom stripe
Anthro Dragon 5- surprise me
Vergil 5- custom split
Clayton 2- unicorn jizz
Kelvin 5- custom split
Vasu 3- pure magic
Bruce's Portside 5- kaiju aftermath
Gryphon 8- pearly charcoal
Trent 5 SC- midnight aquatic
Moko 5- trimarble
Echo 5- black ice
Nocturne 5- rainbow
Bumblehooves 5- custom marble
Cole 5- custom split fade
Chance 5- brazen mail

Tucker 3 SC- hot to knot
Stubbs 3- infinity star
Gryphon 5 CT/SC- custom split
Crash 5 SC- chaos effect
Razor 3- custom marble

Extras/No Size/Mini:
Seadragon Lil Squirt- seafoam green
Chico- halloween orange
Lil' Cockatrice- giger black

Others I Own:
Exotic Erotics:
Small 8 Elephant Trunk- fluorescent yellow
Medium Cody 3/8- big mac
Small Orca 3/8 natural
Small Raptor 5- split color
Zeta Paws:
Oskar the Horse- natural
Frisky Beast:
Small Missing Link 5- split fade (tip is GITD blue!)
Sample Eggs- :mystery:
Brood Egg- :mystery:
Lobster- bubblin blue
Damn Average:
Orc soft- custom marble
Jackal soft- ocean marble
Gespensts Fantasy Gear:
Slapaddle- witches brew
Mona 2- red
Bob- deep blue
Ella- white
Luna Beads
Neo- purple
Juice- purple
Pack n' Play No.2- caramel
Touch- peacock
Meteorite- tri color
Rocket- sparkle orange
Uncut #2- cream
Ryder- black
Fun Factory:
Ellove- baby pink
Flexi Felix- black
Stronic Drei- pink
Babeland Amor- rainbow
Vixen Creations:
VixSkin Buck- vanilla
Johnny- surprise
Leo- metallic gold
Small Tunnel- red
Pug Tailplug- marble
Honcho II- rainbow
XS Ergo Plug- marble
Vitality- green
Fresh+- purple
Icicles No. 5
Icicles No. 8
Icicles No. 59

Crystal Delights small plug- pink
Large Glass Plug- pink with bunny on base
Medium Glass Plug- clear with unicorn on base
Pink Heart wand
Other Fantasy Goodies:
Twintails Medium Dante 5- blue swirly
AKrowsNest Lockered Cupid - metalic swirl
TailsandPortholes Nerid- huffle puff
Other Goodies:
We-Vibe Tango- pink
Vibratex Mystic Wand- black
OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle- pink
CalEx Black Label Jack Rabbit- black
Picobong Moka- blue
rodeOH Tester Dildo- pearly white
Fairy Wand- pink & White
WarhorseWorkshop Paw Paddle- purple
Rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand
Pride Dildo

My Partner's:
Tantus supersoft C ring- purple
Tantus beginner C ring- black
Lelo Tor II- green
Posh cages- purple
Small Werewolf Wereable- translucent white
FetishZone Cadejo Large- transition red
FetishZone V2 Pegasus- natural
Small Cock Sheath- rouge color
Small Cocksheath- murrica
Small Basilisk Sheath- serpent's gaze
GFG Beta Bater- red
Natasha- predatory red
Mary- country orange
Equine Rump- butterfly yellow
New Model Janine- wind
Duke's Butt- janine's ice
JT- translucent lavender
Hazel- custom marble
Tenga Flip Hole- black
Small Tantus Silk- purple haze
Tantus Slim- black
Tantus Sam O2- cream
Small Winston's Tail 5- whore red
Small Duke 5- surprise marble
Medium Legacy UFChance CT- natural
Medium Razor 5 CT- custom split fade
Medium David 5 CT/SC- lunar guardian
Medium Cole 5- hot poker

BD's Coming:
XL Rex 5- split marble
Medium Rex 5 SC- Full Spectrum
Large Bumblehooves 3- custom marble

Others Coming:
~nothing right now~


For me:
- BD Medium Pearce soft - something pretty
- BD Medium David soft/hard - lunar guardian
- BD Large Fenrir soft - something pretty
- BD Large Echo soft - perma frost or something pretty
- BD Medium Gryphon hard - something pretty
- FB Medium Hyenodon soft - snapper (or something green)
- FB Small Cave Bear medium - ursa major
- FB Medium Missing Link soft - kaiju breach
- FB Medium Crocix soft - lurker
- Zeta Akita medium - natural
- Zeta Kolton soft - black shaft orange splotch
- EE Motown soft - purple shaft white splotch
- EE Large Trojan Horse soft/hard split - something pretty
- TwinTails Small Cortez medium - something pretty
- TwinTails Small/med Mocha medium - something pretty
- Average Claw in soft or extra soft - something pretty
- SplitPeaches Medium Unicorn Horn - pearly white
- DA Drop - something pretty
- njoy pure plug large or medium
- stronic eins

For my Partner:
Sugar Star- something pretty

For Sale:
Tantus Gary O2- cream
Large Bumblehooves 5- easter marble
Gold Laced G Glass Toy

I used to own:
► Show Spoiler

B/S/T History:

(⊙︿⊙✿)||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ≧(´▽`)≦
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Traded With: Xestev, ravingsockmonkey, thexenomechaphiliac, CloverMae ✮, orobas, futuramakid97 ✮, gynza, bukkit, Seram, Zaphora
Sold To: Str0ke, bambiboo3, dcn, RenascentBeing, 11Sharn11 ✮,TwinArmegeddons, Zaphora, corpxbox, LadySadie, Time~Machine, MistKitty ✮, Splicer-Gene27, Zeal, Horny_Bi_Nature, Blacktongue, Mudkipz9, thesharkwhisperer, Numeric, hachixlenore ✮, DocOctavia, SilverWolfen, Cancel, Casma, Papyrus, Nanashi121, Harpy, firewolf890, Countryapple0132, Squishysquishy, mynickname, Triggerhappy6996, marshmarshmarsh ✮, Cynn, SylasD, VodkaRoo, Imminda
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Misskin » Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:36 am

Sweet mother of silicone Keely :shock:
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Keely » Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:47 am

Misskin wrote:Sweet mother of silicone Keely :shock:

hehe hai :smile:

just realized I don't own anything that's not silicone, glass, or steel and it is a good feeling!
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby namari » Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:14 pm

Small 2 Flint
Small 3 Dark Earthy Clayton
Small 5 Molten Clayton
Small 5 Pearl Bruiser w/sc
Small 5 Raspberry swirl Nova
Small 5 Pastel Rainbow Marble GITD Nox
Small 5 Molten Copper Flint
Small 8 Pastel Rainbow Pearl Meng
Small 8 Translucent Blue Moko
Medium 5 Legacy Chance
Medium 5 Translucent Clayton
Medium 5 Tailstretcher w/sc
Medium 3 Emerald Xar w/sc
Medium 3 Starry Night Cole
Medium 5 Amurrica Spritz
Medium 5 Dark Natural Nova w/sc + ct
Medium 5 Pearl Nox w/sc
Medium 5 Lunar David w/sc
Medium 5 Rainbow GITD Nox
Medium 5 Kaiju Aftermath Crackers
Medium 8 Natural Ridley w/sc
Medium 8 Icicle Spritz
Large 3/5 Moko** If they don't screw me over because their website is glitchy
Large 3 Tongue
Natural Janine
Medium Kaiju Aftermath Basilisk Sheath
Hans the Mandrade

Medium 5 Ridley or small 8 clayton in GITD magma drake
and SOMETHING (maybe spritz) in this color ... fc179b.JPG

VixSkin Outlaw in Caramel
WeVibe Tango in Blue
Eroscillator Top Deluxe
Terra Firma Harness (Nice simple and adjustable, would recommend)
FB MA 2.5 in small firm molten metal
FB Tyrant in small firm custom (soon) colored after Skullcrusher
FB Heat Wave sample eggs
FB small firm Euphoberia (soon) Mystery
FB med soft Euphoberia (soon) Mystery
FB med med Iguanodon (soon) Mystery
Magic Wand w/ Vixen Turquoise 'Off With Your Head' attachment
Njoy Pure Wand
Feeldoe More
Lelo Mona2 in Cerise
Icicles No. 24 (Tentacle)
Icicles No 26 (Plug)
NS Novelties Large Crystal Glass Eggs in Pink

And lots of other little odds and ends.
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby ChromosomeFarm » Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:55 pm

Haven't done this in a while! Given, my collection changes a lot. LOL

Small/5/Chance Unflared*
Small/8/Ice Dragon
Small/8/Seadragon 2.0
Medium/8/Chance Unflared*

*Planning to replace in a better custom color/firmness

Medium/8/Breeder :mystery:

Small/5/Seadragon 2.0
Medium/8/Winston's Tail

Winston's Tail*
Duke's <3 Butt

*Considering sales or trades

WISHLIST (all pretty colors):

Top Five:
1.Small 8 Flint
2.Small 8 Spritz
3.Small 8 Crackers
4.Small 8 Elden
5.Small 8 Chance


Small 8 Ridley
Small 8 Nova
Small 8 Apollo
8 Swamp Wyrm
8 Bruce (and/or Beta, and/or Portside)
8 Terra
Medium 8 Spritz
Small 8 Luka
Medium 8 Luka
Medium 8 Nox
Medium 8 (or 5/8) Tongue
Small 8 Virgil
Small 8 Clayton
Medium 8 Clayton
Small 8 Moko (new color)
Small 8 Moko (tubed)
Medium 8 Moko
Small 8 Bruiser
Medium 8 Bruiser
Small 8 Xar
Medium 8 Elden
Small 8 David
Small 8 David (tubed)
Medium 8 David
Small 8 Chance (tubed)
Medium 8 Chance (new color)
Medium 8 Chance (tubed)
Small 8 Naga
Medium 8 Naga
Small 8 Ridgeback
Medium 8 Ridgeback
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Rin » Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:09 pm


Dragon's Tongue x 2
- Small/Soft/Blossom Pink
- Small/Medium/Dark pink tongue, sky blue snout, lighter blue lower jaw
Moko x 2
- Small/Medium/Arctic Ice/Cumtube
- Small/Medium/Metallic Lemony Yellow
- Small/Medium/Halloween Black/Suction Cup
Anthro Dragon
- Small/Medium/Marble of purple and beige-yellow
Nox x 2
- Small/Firm/Metallic burgundy base, marbled hot pink & white shaft
- Small/Firm/Black base, Bioluminescent Aqua shaft
- Small/Medium?/Split Midnight Aquatic
- Small/Medium/Fuchsia
- Small/Firm/Citrus Orange
- Small/Soft/Dark red with gold suckers
- One Size/Medium/Yellow-to-orange fade with gold glitter throughout
- Mini/Medium/Purple with sparkling blue highlight
- Small/Soft/Infinity Star? (the colors are present, but not quite mixed the same way)
- Mini/Medium/Brilliant White
Ultimate Fantasy
- Small/Firm/Fleshy Pink
Seadragon Lil Squirt
- Halloween Orange


- Small/Firm/Whore Red


- Small/Soft or Split Wide/Color undecided
Nox Keychain
About a Million Teenies
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