Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Akanisen » Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:18 pm

Last updated: 14-10-19

Added spoilers to decrease the room my list takes up ^^;

Click on the colour for a picture of the toy! Collection picture here (NOTE: This picture is currently outdated!)

A lot of these toys are based on something, if you're interested you can see what all my themed toys are based on over here: viewtopic.php?f=126&t=15449&start=943

~Fluorescent/black light reactive

Note: "Glitter" refers to the larger sparkles often used by companies such as FB or PH, and are different than "sparkles" (aka sparkly).

► Show Spoiler

Lil' Squirts:
► Show Spoiler

Teenie Weenies:
► Show Spoiler

► Show Spoiler

► Show Spoiler

► Show Spoiler

► Show Spoiler

► Show Spoiler

► Show Spoiler

► Show Spoiler

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Other sites:
► Show Spoiler

Too many to list...

► Show Spoiler


WISH LIST(in no order. only includes dildos, butt plugs, penetrables, and packers):
► Show Spoiler

MAYBE (toys that I kinda want but I don't want enough to put them on my wish list):
► Show Spoiler
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Irla » Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:19 am


The swamp wyrm, one size, 5, suction cup, feathered serpent
Fenrir the wolfdragon, medium, 5, cum tube, citrus orange
Nova the breeder, small, 5, dark natural
The gryphon, medium, 5, onyx black
Flint the uncut studded dragon, medium, 3, infinity star, review
The buck (Exotic erotics), one size, hard, glow in the dark blue
Chance the stallion flared, medium, 5, custom split marble
Winstons tail, large, 5, dark natural
Chance the stallion unflaired, medium, 5, Custom fade, cumtube
Chance the stallion unflaired, large, 5, Custom split, cumtube
Nova the breeder, medium, 3, surprize me color (dark, sparkly green), suction cup (may be selling soon)
Orca (EE), small, medium firmnes, super surprize (Blue base, pink and green shaft)
The tentacle, medium, 5, rouge colors (green, black, purple, white)

On the way:

Stan the T-rex, small, 5, suction cup
Echo the snowstrider, Large or XL, 5, suction cup
(and many others, but these are highest on the list right now)
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Jaaska » Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:15 pm

Updated ~

Owned :

Large Spritz (5) / - / - / Natural
Large Bruiser (3) / CT / - / Onyx Black
Large Chance (3) / CT / - / New Natural
Large Flint (5) / CT / - / Onyx Black
Large Clayton (8) / - / - / Metallic Rust
"Large" Gryphon (5) / - / - / Metallic Orange
Large Sleipnir (5) / CT / - / Onyx Black
Large Crackers (5) / - / - / Onyx Black
Large Flared Chance (5) / CT /- / Custom marble Pink/Orange
XL Ridley (3) / - / - / Dark Natural
XL Gryphon (5) / - / - / Onyx Black
XL Clayton (3) / - / SC / Magma Drake
XL Tucker (5) / - / - / Hot to knot
XL Bruiser (3) / - / SC / Valiant Meld
XL Nox (5) / - / SC / Night Drake
XL Unflared Chance (5) / CT / - / Dark Natural
XL Nova (5) / - / SC / Custom split marble Turquoise/Blue/Cream
XL Vasu (3) / - / - / Rogue
Xl David (3) / - / - / Dark Natural
XL Kelvin (5) / - / SC / Custom split fade Black/Turquoise/Green with glittering
XL Fenrir (3) / - / - / Custom marble Purple/Silver


Sold :

Large Legacy Unflared Chance (3) / CT / - / Light Natural

Wishlist :

XL Spritz (3)
EE's Large Orca
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Alakime » Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:08 pm

Xar: S / 8 / Green - Metallic Gold Marble custom / SC

Wolf-Dragon: one-size / 3 / black

Ridley: M / 5 / UV Blue & Orange, neon green

Tongue: L / 2 / Rogue Color Flop

Nox: S / 5 / Neon Green Fleshy Pink base

Lil Cockatrice: GITD Blue

Meng: One-size / 5 / Natural Colors

Game Changer Dice x3: Black & UV pink / White & Metallic Orange
/ Oil & Gold

Teenies: Tail stretcher, Bruce, Ridley, Spritz, Luka, Flint, Faerie Dragon, UF Chance, David, Crackers, Ridgeback, Royal Dragon

On the Way
Scorn: M / 8 / Rogue Color
Nox: S / 8 / Giger Black
Tongue and Tentacle keychains

Rainbow Nox / Chance /
Anthro Dragon / S / 5
Ridgeback /S / 5
Anthro Shark / Natural

Click the eggs
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby DashFire » Sat Jan 03, 2015 6:14 pm

Small/5 Vasu in Onyx Black

Small/5 UF Chance (Leg.) Purple shaft, aqua/violet balls

Small/5 Tailstretcher in White

Onesize Natascha in Siberian Blue

On it's way:
Large/split 3/8 Elden with/SC in Infinity Star

Med/5 Chance With/CT (I'll just link instead of describing)

Med/5 Kelvin (Link again)

Want: Any bright/flashy colours!
Med. Fenrir

Large Nox

Small Sleipnir

Or anything with a tapered knot, really... (Absolutely love that full feeling!)
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby ShleaTheKinky » Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:53 pm

Alright so here it goes, my whole collection to date! :D
I own 40 different bad dragon toys, and also several more from other companies but I just listed my Bad Dragon one's for this :3 :stick:

Bad Dragon Toys

1. Ice Dragon/ Small/ medium firmness/ red/ with cumtube-adoption

2. Ice Dragon/ medium/ extra soft firmness/ red/-adoption

3. Luka/ Medium/ soft firmness/ frankenpour light blue and pink-adoption

4. Crackers/ small/ medium firmness/ regal alpha toy exclusive color-adoption

5. Chance/ Small/ split firmness/ natural coloration/with cumtube-custom made

6. Tucker/ small/ medium firmness/ rogue color-adoption

7. Chico the little squirt/ red coloration-adoption

8. Cocksheath/ bioluminescent blue-custom made

9. Janine the Dragoness/ fire fade coloration-custom made

10. Nox the Night Drake/ medium/ medium firmness/ suction cup/ blue to purple fade-custom made

11. Ridley the Xenogon/ Medium/ Medium firmness/ frankenpour

12. Nova the Breeder/ small/ medium firmness/ rogue rainbow marbling

13. Terra the Amazon Wyvern/ medium/ medium firmness/ frankenpour

14. Anthro Dragon/ small/ medium firmness/ frankenpour

15. Flint/ small/ medium firmness/ atomic Kaiju blue

16. Cole The Dane/medium/medium firmness/suction cup/ dark natural

17. The Royal Dragon/one size/ medium firmness/limited edition galaxy coloration

18. The Waterhorse/medium/medium firmness/ natural coloration

19. Bruce The Shark/ onesize/ medium firmness/ purple and white marble base and black shafts

20. Xar The Karabos/ small/ medium firmness/ red and black base, purple and black shaft

21. Clayton the Earth Dragon/ small/ soft firmness/ black base, rogue coloration blue and black shaft

22. The Dragon’s Tongue/ small/ soft firmness/ red and blue marble

23. Bruiser the Fusion/ small/ soft firmness/ orange and red rogue coloration

24. Chance The Stallion/medium/medium firmness/ cumtube/ Black base, black and white striped marble (Based off my oc Axton)

25. The Tentacle/ large/ medium firmness/ Violet with lavender suction cups (Based off my OC Dodd)

26. Hazel the Werewolfess/ hunters moon coloration

27. The Dolphin/ medium/ soft firmness/ natural coloration, pink shaft grey base

28. The Equine Rump/ frakenpour

29. Elden the Fairy Dragon/ medium/ firm/ red and black marble with black base

30. The Swamp Wyrm/ one size medium/ dark purple and light purple marble

31. Hanns the Mandrake/ one size medium/ suction cup/ natural coloration

32. The Ridgeback/ Medium/ soft firmness/ rouge coloration white and blue marble! He looks like a sky!

33. Moko The Liger/small/medium firmness/ green and brown rogue color

34. Moko The Liger/ medium/ medium firmness/ pride streak coloration

35. Vergil The Drippy Dragon/ medium/ medium firmness/ suction cup/ cumtube/ sloppy seconds coloration

36. Fenrir the wolf dragon/ large/ soft firmness/ coal black

37. Chance the stallion unflared/ large/ medium firmness/ rainbow glow in the dark shaft, metallic black and green base

38. Sleipnir/ small/ medium firmness/ sparkly rainbow

39. Flint the uncut studded dragon/ large/ soft firmness/ sinister pumpkin

40. Meng/ onesize/ medium firmness/ purple, green, yellow marble
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby kingsley » Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:17 pm

scorn - small / medium(5) / purple/scarlet metallic marble
scorn - small / medium(5) / natural shaft tan base
bruiser - medium / medium(5) / SC / onyx black
nova - medium / medium(5) / spooky seconds
chance - medium / medium(5) / onyx black
nox - medium / medium(5) / swirly colors
desi - medium / firm(8) / orca colors
david - medium / medium / SC / lunar guardian
rex - medium/medium(5) / good boy
kage - one-size/medium(6?) / "rogue" infared
tentacle - large / medium / rainbow marble
chance - large / medium(5) / "rogue" infinity star
gryphon - large / medium(5) / SC / onyx black
spritz - large / firm split(5/8) / CS / copper/black ripple effect, black metallic base
spritz - large / firm split(5/8) / CS / purple/scarlet metallic marble, dark blue metallic base
nox - large / firm split / SC / toothless colors

janine - blackish with heavy blue metallics and bluish white GITD(green) lips
lily - rogue (pretty much dark natural)

lil' seadragon - garnet

EE toys
Amir - SC / stallion markings
Orca - small / SC / Blue GITD

waiting on

none atm. :psyduck:

medium tucker
medium/large razor
small/medium sleipnir
large trent (tops this with SC)
large fenrir
large vasu (SC?)
EE large orca (SC? natural colors)
EE Henry (SC? stallion markings)

also maybe a couple others... :psyduck:
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby lilypad » Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:53 pm

Nox - small / 5 / light green shaft turquoise base
Legacy Breeder - small / 5 / lunar guardian
Crackers - small / 3 shaft, 8 base / light brown to grey shaft, blue base
Nox - small / 3 / white and light blue marble
Clayton - mini / 3 / metallic green with blue highlight
Flint - mini / 3 / kaiju aftermath
Nox - small / 5 / cream and purple marble, metallic blue base

Waiting On
Sleipnir - mini / 3 / fiery sparkle marble
Hans - small / 3 / pink to yellow shaft, green base

None currently!
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby gray » Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:11 pm

Crackers ~ secondhand / medium / 3 / suction cup / custom fade split
Xar ~ medium / 5 / cumtube / GITD custom fade
Apollo ~ large / 5 / suction cup / gene splice
Bruce ~ onesize / 5 / ribboned rainbow
Swamp Wyrm ~ onesize / 5 / steampunk stud(?)
Elden ~ secondhand / medium / 3/8 split / suction cup / highlighted custom split
Wereable - secondhand / medium / silver bullet
Basilisk ~ secondhand / small / kaiju aftermath

Breeder ~ legacy / small / 8 / blossom pink
Meng ~ 5 / suction cup / custom marble
Tongue ~ large / 3 / blue skink
Winston ~ secondhand / medium / 5 / natural
Flint ~ small / 3 / infinity star
Luka ~ medium / 3 / blitz blue
Elden ~ secondhand / medium / 5 / bad dragon
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Phantomx55 » Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:33 am

Toys I Own:
Winston's Tail - Small / Soft / Green glow in the dark
Tucker the Equinine - Small / Split soft / Marbled, dark and light blue base, orange and purple shaft
Kippy the Caline - Medium / Medium / Glittery solid dark blue / Cumtube
Chance the Stallion - Medium / Medium / Sinister Pumpkin
Hazel the Werewolfess - Lunar Eclipse

On the Way:
Snowball the Deer - Dark Natural
Dragoness Muzzle - Onyx Black

Large Winston's Tail
Large Gryphon
Large Naga
Large David the werewolf
Medium Spritz
Medium Bruiser
Janine the Dragoness
Seadragon little squirt
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby AriessLadyTigeress » Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:53 am

Have -

David - medium / medium(5) / natural
Razor - medium / medium(5) / Surprise Me

waiting on -

None at the moment sadly :/


Cole The Dane - Med
Moko The Tiger - Med
Rex the German Shepherd - Med or large >///>
Kippy the Caline - Med
Duke the bad Dragon - MEd
The Ridgeback - Med
Fenrir the Wolfdragon - Med...maybe large >///>
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Shintoga » Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:46 pm

This will be a short post :laugh:

Waiting for:

Flared Chance - small

Wish list is just stuff I want to try but not totally set on getting at the moment:

Maybe Rex
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Swift » Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:28 pm

It's a very short list, but one I hope to make bigger.

Nova - Small/5/ Pink/Blue/White Swirl
Nox -Small/5 pale blue/Amethyst metallic fade
Crackers - Small/5 Pink Blossom/Amethyst/Dark Chocolate swirl

Waiting for: None!

Wish List:
Fenrir Small/2 or 5 w/ Cumtube
Flint Small/2 w/Cumtube
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Milo33ts » Sat Feb 21, 2015 4:58 pm

Okay here we go!

Clayton- Mini/5/pink light pink light purple marble
Clayton- Small/3/black white marble
Nova- Small/5/pink blue marble
Crackers- Small/8/green blue marble
Flint- Small/3/bright cherry blossom to white fade
Spritz- Small/5/infinity star! with suction cup!
Scorn- Small/5/light greenlight blue marble GITD with suction cup!
Apollo- Small/3/purple indigo marble
Moko- Small/5/raspberry swirl
Anthro Dragon- Small/3/purple to blue fade
Ridley- Medium/5/light pink pink marble GITD
Kelvin- Medium/5/teal dark teal red marble
Nox- Medium/3/pearly light purple purple marble shaft dark purple black marble base
Fenrir- Medium/5/arctic split
Tentacle- Medium/3/ custom blue ring split!! with suction cup!

Meng- Onesize/5/bluefade

Waiting on:
Nox- Medium/5/orangeblue marble

Xar- Small/3
Bruce- onesize/3 or 5
Portside- onesize/ 3,5, or 8
Hanns- Small or medium/3

Phew- I think that's all :psyduck: Not too shabby for only starting in December 2014..
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Vallus » Sat Feb 21, 2015 7:43 pm

Nova- medium/medium(5) onyx black
Unflared Chance- medium/firm split(5/8) spooky seconds
JT- onesize/extra soft(2) onyx black

Scorn-medium/medium( :5)
Ridley-large/medium,maybe firm(5)(8)
Nox-medium or large/ medium,maybe firm(5)(8)(m), soft(3)(l)
Clayton-medium/medium/maybe firm(5)(8)
Crackers- small or medium/firm or medium(8)(5)(s),medium(5)(m)
Gryphon-large/firm split(5/8)
Anthrodragon-medium/medium or firm(5)(8)
UF packer-large/extra soft(2)
Moko-medium/reverse wide or reverse firm split,(8/3)(8/5) white base, fade from dark to light red shaft (one day it shall be mine!) :smile:

Suction cup on all applicable.

My rump is really greedy,geez :rolleyes:
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby AlphaBlue » Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:09 pm

Expecting to need to edit this at least a dozen times in the near future...XD


Lily, Clever Girl
JT, Fiery Kitsune
Janine, Natural
Dragon Muzzle, Black/Pink Marble
Snowball, Brown/White Custom Marble
Small Cocksheath, Pale Gold Metallic
Small Basilisk Sheath, Atomic Blue GITD
Small 5 Apollo, Rainbow Marble
Medium 5 Crackers w/ SC, Blues/Gunmetal Rogue GITD
Medium 5 Tongue, Pink/Teal Rogue
Medium 5 David w/ SC, Lunar Guardian GITD
Medium 3 Fenrir, Blue/Black Marble
Medium 8 Nox w/ SC, Natural w/ Spooky Seconds GITD
Medium 5 Legacy Chance Unflared w/ CT, Rogue
Medium 3 Flint, Kaiju Aftermath GITD
Medium 5 Stan w/ SC, Split Red Stone
Large 5 Moko, Snow Leopard Custom Aurora
Large 5 Cole w/ CT & SC, Sloppy Seconds Custom
Large 8 Gryphon w/ CT & SC, Dark Natural
Lil Cockatrice Squirt, Krampus' Touch
Onezie 5 Meng, Infinity Star
EE Motown, Natural Metallic w/ Drip
FB Medium 5 Hyaenodon, Natural Fade w/ Brown/Tan Spotted Base
FB Egg-straterrestrial, Metallic Grey
EA Vixen, Bold
DA soft Average Alien, Black/Pink GITD
PH Clyde, Galaxy


BD Medium 5 Kage, Natural
BR Sagittarius, Selene Inspired Custom GITD
BR Orion, Surprise
EE Medium Raptor, Violet GITD, Green/Purple Duo Tone or Black Base
EE Medium Orc, Natural (large release would be neat)
EE Charlie, Natural Custom
DA Devil's Mustang, Surprise
Ttamage Curved Massager
Jade Eggs KiRub
Snarl/Fang Cockring
Gamechanger, Black & Blue Metallic
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Rainbow Dasher » Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:24 pm

What I own

From Bad Dragon:

Li'l Squirt Cockatrice in Amethyst
Mini (5) Bumble Hooves in Green
Small (5) Gryphon in Dark Grey and Light Grey marble
Small (5) Xenogon in Pink and White marble
Small (8) Tyson in Loose Cannon
Small (5) Chance in Thoroughly Bred
Small (3) Flint in Pinks
Small (8) Bumblehooves with CT in Dashingly Blue
Small (5) Tongue in Red and Green swirl
Small (5) Trent in Blue swirl
Small (5) Duke in Natural
Small (5) Ridgeback in Peridot
Small (3) Sleipnir in Blues and Pinks
Small Crackers (soft shaft, firm base) in Absolute Zero (Suction Cup!)
Small (5) Stan in Red and Black
Medium (2) Flint in Blue and Purplish-Pink marble
Medium (5) Hanns in Pink and White marbled shaft w/ Dark Green base
Medium (5) Unflared Chance in Midnight Blue
Medium (5) Ridgeback in Olive Green
Medium (5) Nova in Sparkly Gold
Medium (5) Clayton in Magma Drake
Medium (3) Xar in purples and pinks; he looks like a galaxy!
Medium (5) Razor in golds and browns
Medium (5) Bumble Hooves in Aurora Rainbow Ribbon
Medium (wide split) Gryphon with SC and CT
Medium (5) Crash in greens, yellows, gold and black
Medium (3) Luka in Natural
Medium (3) Sleipnir in Blues and Whites
Medium (3) Trent in pretty greens!
Medium (5) Desi in Natural
Medium (3) Apollo in Peach and Caramel
Medium (3) Scorn in Cherry Cordial With SC
Medium (5) Terra in Blue and White marble (Suction Cup!)
Medium (5) Moko in Gold, Cinnamon, and White marble
Medium (3) Anthro Dragon
Medium (5) Peacre
Medium (3) Axel in Strawberry Shortcake
Medium (5) Nox in an Orange-y and Grapefruit swirl
Medium (3) Elden in Blue/Pink Alexandrite
Medium (3) David in Greens
Medium (3) Tongue with a dark base and dark red tongue
Medium (5) Bruiser In a Blue fade
Medium Crackers (soft shaft, firm base) in Sloppy Seconds (Cumtube and Suction Cup!)
Large (5) Elden with SC in Saturn
Large Crash (Soft shaft, firm base) in Chaos Effect
Large (3) Ridgeback in custom fade
Large (3) Winston's Tail in Dark blue and purple
Large (3) UF Chance in rainbow ribbon shaft with a black base
Large (5) Desi in Green
Large (3) David in Silverish-Gold
Large (5) Tucker in Hot to Knot
Large (3) Pretzal
Large (3) Duke in Mars
Large (5) Moko in what looks like Dashingly Blue
Large (3) Nox in blue and pink (Suction Cup! He also GITD!)
Large (Split Wide) Sleipnir in Mischief Mounted
Large (3) Kelvin in Opal with SC
Large (split wide) Xar with SC. Jupiter base and Mars Ascending Shaft
XL Crash (soft shaft, firm base) in Rogue sloppy seconds. (Cumtube and Suction Cup! GITD!)
XL (5) Kelvin with CT in icy blue
XL (3) Vasu in Copperhead
XL (5) Luka in Rainbow splotches.
Mary (Legacy) in Nightfall purple
Mary in Nughtfall
Lily the Raptor in Natural
Sugar Star in Dashingly Blue
One Size (3) Guardian in Citrus-y colours
One Size (3) Kage
One Size (3) Meng in Blues and Greens
One Size (5) Portside in Bruces Signature
One size (3) Royal Dragon in Rainbow Spectrum!

From Exotic Erotics:

One Size (5) Bishop in Natural w/Suction Cup
One Size (Split firm) Motown in Purple Shimmer w/ Suction Cup
One Size (3 head/5 shaft) Charlie in Natural w/Suction Cup
One Size (3) Remus in Natural w/Suction Cup
One Size (3) Amir in Natural w/ Suction Cup
One size (5) Silver in Natural w/ Suction Cup
One Size (3) Murray in Fleshy Pink w/ Suction Cup
Mini (5) Orca in Ocean Blue and White
Small (5) Giraffe Tongue in Natural
Small (5) Raptor in Blue and Violet GITD
Small (5) Werewolf in Blue
Medium (5) Monster Buck in Grey and Pink
Medium (5) Orca in custom colours - Cherry chocolate sundae
Medium (Multi-firm) Raptor in space-y colours
Medium (5) Phoenix in Fluorescent Orange and Blood Red w/ Suction Cup
Medium (5) Reptilian in Pink Gold and Salmon Pink
Medium (5) Giraffe
Medium (3) Yacuruna
Medium (5) Wraith in Spectral Green and Black with Silver base
Large (3) Hippocampus in Deluxe Surprise Me! (like a tropical sunset) w/ Suction Cup
Large Orca (multi-firm) in Chocolate Mint swirl w/Suction Cup
Large (3) Android
Large (3) Cyborg in Show Stopper
XL (3) Reptilian

From Primal Hardware:

Neighsayer Wearable – Colours based on Princess Luna
Neigh Sayer - Natural horse colours
Growler Wearable - Lipstick Pink

From Frisky Beast:

Small (5) Cybersaur in Steampunky colours
Medium (5) Hyenadon in Last Laugh
Medium (5) Diabloceritops in Citrus Sunrise
4 Brood eggs (5) One in Amber, 3 in Cosmic Tiger

Blue Ritual:

6 eggs in varying colours!
Orion (medium) in space-y colours!
Pyxis (soft) in a frosty swirl!

Damn Average:

One size (8) Cuttlefish in purples
Above Average Alien (5) in purples
Satyr (2) in Sunset/Sunrise
Troll (2) in Hurricane

Tails and Portholes:

Male Nereid

A Krows Nest:

Large Torval

From Glass by Woozy:

Custom glass dildo
Custom glass anal plug - small

From KuduVoodoo

Laughing Dragon

From Slicks Dicks - Xenova Alien Egg


Wants from Bad Dragon

Medium (3) Dexter Rainbow strawberry parfait
Medium Demogorgon
Large (firmness split) Moko - Champagne cake/diamond
Large (firmness split) Luka - shaft in diamond/jupiter's axis, base in diamond/saturn/black
Large (3) Nova - Champagne Cake shaft (may do another colour on base)
Large Clayton - Golden Garden
Rowan - Nightfall

Wants from Exotic Erotics:

One Size (3) Henry - Colours to match Princess Luna - see if they can hand paint the cutie mark on the shaft.
One Size (3) Jackson - Colours to match Big Mac
One Size (3) Silver Full Flared
Large (3) Reptilian - Based on a gorgeous snake picture I found
Medium (3) Reptilian - See above!
Small (5) Scorch
Medium (3) Singe
Medium (3) Mech - GLaDOS inspiration
Medium (3) Orc
Medium Android
Medium (3) Elephant
Large (3) Cody (light blue base, pink shaft, white splotch
Large (3) Elephant
Large Trojan Horse

Wants from Primal Hardware

Krubera - Colours based on Queen Chrysalis.
Fluffer wearable
Spleunker wearable
Pride Wearable

Wants from Other places
Kuduvoodoo - Large Aston (Aztec gold/saffron), Mixed Egg Clutch, Large Bently (Metallic green, metallic apple, flat black with green glitter)
PhoenixflameForge - Skoll the Werewolf, Hati
Pleasure Forge - Ogre, Kobold
New Folklore - Bully, XL Cybil
Crystal Delights - Lavender unicorn tail, Snow Leopard plug
Qimera Forge - Eastern Dragon, Salamander, eggs, The Hydra
Twintail Creations - Large Cortez, Medium Mocha, large Atlas, medium Dante, large Alto
Fck Buddies - Caterpillar
AKN - Leonis, Craiwulf, large Bazel

Other Toys

Too many to list. I own a small blue vibe, a collar and lead, and about fifty (or more) spanking implements. I also have a wand, a We-Vibe Tango and a few other little bits and bobs. I am currently looking at buying a pony play harness, complete with bit gag, reins, etc…

**I am not interested in buying used toys, or trading for them. Thanks!**
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Charmy » Sun Mar 15, 2015 11:26 pm

Waiting on:
Pretzal- Small/3/Green with gold sparkles
Sleipnir- Mini/5/blue and purple marble (maybe also black? I couldn't see too well in the picture)
Gryphon- Small/5/aquamarine

Nox- Small/5/something GITD
Crackers- Mini/5/...thinking hot pink solid with shimmer?
Hans- Small/5
Meng- 8/something green-y or teal!
Luka- Small/5
Bruce - medium/firm split (I don't think either me or my boyfriend can take him yet :stick: )
My boyfriend also really wants a doggy one with a cumtube. I'm not to keen on doggy ones, but I won't be the one it's used on, so...
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby DashFire » Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:08 am

Have owned:
Small/5 Vasu as Onyx Black (was first toy)
Legacy Small/3 Chance(UF) in FrankenPour
Medium/5 Chance (UF) in FrankenPour (CT)
Hazel the Werewolfess
Large/(Wide Split) Spritz in Oceanic Rift (SC)
Medium/5 Apollo in Rouge Colour (Red/Metal.Green swirls)

Natascha in Siberian Blue
JT in FrankenPour (Selling)
Large/5 Fenrir in Dark Natural
Large/(Wide Split) Elden in Infinity Star (SC)
Medium/5 Kelvin in Translucent white (With glitter)
Cockatrice Lil' Squirt in Midnight Blue

Large/8 Ridley in Infinity Star

Large Xar With SC.
Mary in Nightfall Purple
Janine in Grim Spindle/Natural

Not bad for someone who only started ~7 months ago
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I wonder if anyone actually reads these...
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby PuerileCriminal » Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:41 pm

Bad Dragon Toys:
  • Meng, 5 firmness, One-size, Crimson red
  • Seadragon Lil' Squirt, Midnight blue
  • Spritz, 5 firmness, Medium, Rogue color

Bad Dragon Wishlist:
  • Nox, 5 firmness, Medium
  • Nova, 5 firmness, Medium
  • Fenrir, 5 firmness, Medium (large?)

Other Sex Toys
  • 10 beaded anal beads
  • Bullet vibrator
  • 2 casual vibrators
Total toys owned: 8!

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