Long lasting, slick, anal safe, silicone safe lube?

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Re: Long lasting, slick, anal safe, silicone safe lube?

Postby RE:er.ro » Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:25 am

I've also done J-Lube + water mixed with coconut oil, works like a charm!

This guy has a recipe for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPyoWCErIRM

It uses emulsifying wax to mix the water and oil together.
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Re: Long lasting, slick, anal safe, silicone safe lube?

Postby Tempest » Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:12 pm

Boy Butter H2O is amazing. It does contain parabens, but it's hands down the best water-based lube I've ever used. I haven't tried the clear formula, but I'm thinking about trying it.

Gun Oil H2O is pretty good as water-based lubes go.

Of course, if you want an old standby for cheap, long-lasting, effective anal lube, you can't beat Crisco. You just might need to take a bottle of dish soap into the shower with you.
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Re: Long lasting, slick, anal safe, silicone safe lube?

Postby Shardik » Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:56 pm

Bags wrote:Anyone got experience with oils ie coconut oil? How does that work for you? Seeing that pop up some in searches but can't imagine how you use a solid as lube.

Yes! I've used both coconut oil and Crisco (solidified vegetable grease) and both work amazing. The thing about coconut oil is that it melts at body temperature, so it goes on slick, like a grease, but it becomes a liquid once it's inside you. It's slipperiness is different from that of water-based lubricants; it's "slower," in a way; you're just as slippery but it has more inertia, if that makes any sense.

I've also done the microwave thing with j-lube where I let it cool down until it's warm to the touch, then add coconut oil and make an emulsion or suspension of both at about half-and-half. That's amazing.

J-lube by itself is quite nice, though. It does dry out... eventually. Long enough for me to toy in the shower, but if I use my fucking machine it only lasts about four minutes-- but that's four minutes on an extra-large Echo pounding at forty strokes a minute with 24 foot-pounds of torque. :stick:
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Re: Long lasting, slick, anal safe, silicone safe lube?

Postby KinkyVampire69 » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:15 pm

Does anyone in this thread know if Wet original is anal safe and how long it lasts? Like, has anyone experience burning or anything of the sort while attempting to use it? I tried Astroglide but it indeed burned. Not good for my insides :(
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Re: Long lasting, slick, anal safe, silicone safe lube?

Postby Gribley » Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:19 am

Grimly Fiendish wrote:I like "Boy Butter" a lot - it's oil based, and safe with silicone. It comes in a tub and has the consistency of margarine. I use a spoon or knife to take a dollop into a small bowl or plate (don't contaminate the whole bin with your fingers). If you're trying something really challenging, you may need an additional application later (but maybe not). It does go pretty far.

I cleanup toys in the shower, where I have a small (and unbreakable) bowl of dish soap, which I leave there during prep. Using bar soap and then dish soap, you can clean the oil lube off with no problem. Then, if you need to boil for deep cleaning, you're starting with a very clean toy to begin with.

There's also a water-based Boy Butter, I haven't tried it yet, just the oil-based version. Thumbs up! The only negative IMO is that you can't spontaneously pump it from a bottle, it needs to be scooped out beforehand. I just leave a utensil in the tub, in case I need to take more later.

Note - I like water based lube for plugs and knots - anything you're trying to retain. Water based lube gets "squeegeed" off (inside your butt) for a better grip. Oil-based is slicker, harder to squeegee off, and not as good for retaining toys (but maybe better for everything else - thrusting and riding).

boy butter gives me the most horrific burning sensation.
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