Fenrir in soft?

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Fenrir in soft?

Postby toyfun » Wed Jul 14, 2021 7:23 am

I'm interested in a Fenrir, either Large or XL, in Soft. With the neck looking relatively small I'm wondering how the toy reacts as pressure its being applied downward. e.g. I have an Austin XL in Medium and it does not hold it's shape that well when downward force is applied. It bends and makes knotting the full usable length difficult. So my question is for anyone with user experience with a Fenrir in Large or XL with the Soft firmness to reply and share your experience on the toy's performance or how well it holds when pressure is applied.


EDIT: did a little search and it looks like I asked this before.. sorry. I forgot. However if you have one of either the Large or XL with a firm base and soft shaft, please comment. I might make a custom order if that combination holds up better with downward pressure. Sorry, and thanks again!
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