Sheathes on Flaccid Penis

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Sheathes on Flaccid Penis

Postby wannablessedbe » Mon Jan 03, 2022 11:22 pm

So a little background, I'm a pre-op (or possibly non-op, I'm still on the fence) transgender woman. I'm also grey asexual and suffer from pretty severe erectile dysfunction (which predates my HRT but HRT did make it worse). My nesting partner is also a trans woman, but she's post op and has a very high libido. What I'm wondering is this: Is it possible to get one of the wereable sheathes (probably one of the closed ended ones) over a flaccid penis? Because both of us would love it if I could get on top of her and pound her but... that... just isn't happening with my natural equipment. I'm not worried about my own sensations (I have other methods of getting myself off on the rare occasions I want to) just hers. Anyway, I know, super weird niche question but here we go. PMs are okay for answering too.

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