Good vibrators to use with BD toys

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Re: Good vibrators to use with BD toys

Postby Casma » Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:27 pm

We vibe tango is my favorite toy of all, no contest.

That little thing lives under my pillow so i can use it just about every night.
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Re: Good vibrators to use with BD toys

Postby Magenta » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:57 pm

Rainbow Dasher wrote:
Magenta wrote:I have one of these!

and I love it to BITS!

It has a really decent low rumble - none of that annoyingly high vibration that makes you numb or hurts after a few minutes.

And its a really decent small size too - light weight, can be held where you want it by just 1 or 2 fingertips. Can be used internally or externally. Waterproof, body safe silicone, and rechargeable. Easy to take with you on trips or hide in your purse.

And best of all.. its COMPLETELY SILENT! :bugeyed: .... I might not be.. but it is! *lol*

I came back to this thread specifically to find what you originally recommended. My wand is getting to be a royal PITA to use while toy-ing, and can't be used at all in doggy style because the wand is way too clunky. Nevermind the fact it leaves my bits numb, sometimes even my hand.

You're welcome!
If you don't have a Honey Birdette where you are - I'm fairly sure they will post them. And if you don't wanna do that - I'm friends with the manager of my local HB - I'm happy to go buy one for you and post it to you (if you dont mind pp'ing me the cash ^.^) :misc2:

I really dislike wands for the same reason! Dee-Dee has never done that to me, but your bits may be different. I only use the 1st setting, but it has 5, so at least theres a good chance it will work for you!
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Re: Good vibrators to use with BD toys

Postby Pegatha » Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:17 am

I found personally that my Anne Summers Noir bullet is a fantastic contribution to BD playing. It has 7 speeds and is incredibly powerful! It a small maybe two inch black stick bullet with a slanted tip that provides great coverage over a girls clit. And as I say its insanely strong. The first time i tried it without a BD toy i nearly took off at the end of the bed! I used it with my small david and the knots on him really spread me out, the feeling is sensational!
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Re: Good vibrators to use with BD toys

Postby marcii » Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:46 pm

I've learned that I like to have two vibrators. One that plugs into the wall and is really really strong, and a small rechargeable one that isn't quite as strong but is portable. You may need more, but I find I only need two for all intents and purposes. Personally I am lazy af about charging my vibes so I don't use the we vibe tango (which only lasts about an hour). However, it's by far the best bullet money can buy. I personally recommend a high quality wand, not something like those ultra cheap $15 ones you can get on AdamEve...or anything by Fairy Wand for that matter. Plus the materials are dodgy.

My all time favorite vibrator is the Aria Wand, which is very hard to find as it sadly was discontinued. If you can find one, it's worth it. It's super duper rumbly, super quiet, 100% silky silicone, and holds a charge forever. If you can't find it, go for the Mona 2 or Siri 2. It will have similar longevity, portability, and pin-point action from the tip. It is quite a bit more expensive, but LeLo is an extremely good brand.

My second favorite is the Body Wand Original. I got mine on Amazon for like $50. It's kinda in-between being rumbly and buzzy, however it's insanely strong. The highest setting of the Aria Wand is equivalent to the Body Wand's lowest setting. Unfortunately, it's humongous and loud as a result. But it plugs into a wall which is nice. The head is silicone and the body is plastic. I prefer the controls because I like scrolly wheels. The only issue though is the ridges in the head are major gunk collectors. I don't reach for it as often because of the noise, size, and strength, but if I'm knotting anything or using my pure wand, this is the greatest thing ever!! If you want to squirt, go for this one.

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