Harness Usage - Small Clayton | Medium

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Harness Usage - Small Clayton | Medium

Postby DJFox » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:53 am

Hey guys,

It's not often I'm on here but I thought I'd need to guidance of some wise ones.

So, my gf and I would love to try out my Clayton in a harness, I was just wondering if BD toys are, should I say; "harness compatible"?
For clarification, I mean, use as a strap on?

Any thoughts/knowledge?
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Re: Harness Usage - Small Clayton | Medium

Postby Eatmicheeks » Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:34 am

I have used my large gryphon in my harness. I think its safe to use silicone toys without worry of damage as long as you have type right ring size on the harness. Have used ee hippocampus, squarepeg 1x mel and medium slink and had no problems with those. I have a Corey j dildo harness
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Re: Harness Usage - Small Clayton | Medium

Postby L_eather » Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:40 pm

Some of BD's dildos are definitely harness compatible with others not or with varying degrees of success. Scorn, Mountain Drake, and Terra both have really flat flared bases, so they would work well. I've tested putting my small Terra in my strapon before, and it definitely fits.

However, I wouldn't say that small Clayton has a harness compatible base (like Razor, Cole, or any other dongs with bases like that). The base isn't wide enough to secure itself properly, and it's very tall; standard harnesses with the o-ring very close to the back won't work for it. I personally won't even try putting my small Clayton in my Rodeoh harness for fear that it'll tear the already delicate brief harness. However, if you're good at adjusting/improvising fabric and harnesses, you could probably modify one to fit? I personally wouldn't bother with it, but YMMV.

Of the BDs I have, I'd say the ones that work well as a strapon would be: Terra, Meng, Apollo, and Nova. However, Nova's base is almost too tall to secure itself properly.
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Re: Harness Usage - Small Clayton | Medium

Postby RabidWulf » Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:48 am

My Tyson is good enough for the strap on harness I got from PH. If you're feeling crafty, you could always try your hand at making a custom harness based off the one you have and give it smaller or larger rings to fit your standards. Just make sure you get materials that are OK with silicone!
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Re: Harness Usage - Small Clayton | Medium

Postby Luxx » Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:16 pm

In general, BD toys are the same as other silicone toys for harness use, and should be fine, but some of the specifics can cause problems. Like L_eather said, Clayton in particular has an annoying base for strapping on. It's high and narrow, and is going to be hard to wrangle because of that. That's not something you can cover entirely with ring size.

I still think it's doable, preferably in a harness with straps that's adjustable on multiple levels and can be fitted with different sized O-rings. Be aware of how big the adjustable section is, because the straps holding the ring are shorter than Clayton's massive base, that's a no-go.

Like L_eather, I'm not putting a small Clayton in a briefs/trunks harness, the base is bigger by far than most dildos with balls and sits quite differently. I definitely wouldn't want to try this with something fancy like a SpareParts harness; they can go up to 2.25" but the big base isn't idea for that kind of cloth and would make me nervous.

So yeah, the major factor is what kind of harness you have. It's got to be supportive too, Clayton even in small is heavy, and though the base helps it balance it's still an unwieldy thing to carry. The PH number with the heavy straps is a cheap example of what you'd be looking for to make this work, though you can likely find something that'd suit you better elsewhere along similar lines.

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