Safe Soaps for Cleaning? Quick question!

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Safe Soaps for Cleaning? Quick question!

Postby Zyi » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:26 pm

So I bought and have been enjoying my Bumble hooves. I have recently noticed a small tear or abrasion, two of them. I am unsure as to when or how they happened. I believe I have been taking care of my toy, so I figured perhaps it was due to the soap ive been using. I dont know if soap can can cause a small Divet like this, but just in case. I figured I'd ask if these soaps are ok.

Ive been using Palm Olive, but have recently switched to Dial Gold Antibacterial hand Soap. Are these, particularly the dial save to use on my toy?
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Re: Safe Soaps for Cleaning? Quick question!

Postby CakeLurker » Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:29 pm

I've had bad experiences with Dial Soap since it causes surface damage, meaning that it leaves tiny microscopic openings in the toy, which can lead to things like pigment powders (glitter, GITD stuff, etc.) to rub off.

It's not the same as nicks and tears, which are usually caused by physical stress rather than chemical. Maybe your toy already had them and you didn't noticed it until now, or you accidentally cut your toy and it just tore and got bigger over time.

I've been recommended Dawn, Castille, and Palm Olive soaps by other users, but haven't used any of them yet.

And based off another soap thread, just avoid using soaps with silicone ingredients.
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Re: Safe Soaps for Cleaning? Quick question!

Postby roseypearl » Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:22 pm

I haven't had any issue with dial myself, but none of my toys have glitter or glow in the dark stuff. I was recommended dial anti-bacterial body wash when I was younger by my doctor for skin issues. I dont think they sell anti-bacterial anymore, but the blue kind that's supposed to smell like rain and another blue that smells like coconut water are the ones I bounce between, and I havent had any issues with my toys

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