Looking for something specific

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Looking for something specific

Postby plasticlover » Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:30 am

Hi everyone!
I'm a female customer from Toronto Canada and it's my first time buying from BD.
I DO have previous experience with other brands but I'm looking to get something better quality.

Looking for something a little specific and wondering if you guys had advice:
- No sharp tip
- 9"+ length
- < 1.5" diameter head
- 1.7"-1.8" diameter shaft
- Textured, no knot in the middle (bottom is okay)
- Slight curve for vaginal use

Currently I'm deciding between Glyph large and Chance unflared medium, is the Chance unflared hard to insert since the head is not tapered?

Thanks in advance for any replies :misc2:

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