Has there ever been a Bad Dragon Lint Roller product?

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Has there ever been a Bad Dragon Lint Roller product?

Postby WyvernLore » Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:05 pm

(Sadly, this is legitimately not a troll topic. This is just that crazy of a topic.) - I just did a search for "Lint Roller" and didn't find a discussion on it as a specific object.

I'm not going to lie. I am a flawed human, and I generate a lot of lint. I know there are fire elementals and water elementals, (My coworker is a coffee elemental! He smells DELICIOUS.) But I am a lint elemental. I wake up in the morning and explode into tiny shards of fabric for which I have no sense of origination. I am desperate for help.

I have sought refuge with my medium everything Bumblehooves. It rolls ploddily along the length of my bed, picking up a moderate amount of lint, but then it begins complaining about its aching balls and a medial ring that props it up just tall enough to miss the most important pieces of lint. I tried to summon my Small Sleipnir, but it was too busy playing video games. I tried my original Mary, but it just sat there, pouting.

I am genuinely curious if there has ever been any inclination for Bad Dragon to create a lint roller. For every one person that jokingly claims that it picks up lint, there will be some poor housekeeper with an abundance of experience with Bad Dragon that just wants the relief they so badly crave - To pick up lint without ruining their toys.

It could have a comfortable silicone handle around a thick plastic rod. (THAT, my friends, was not a pun. It is, however, water-proof.) It could come in exotic and oddly sexy colors, such as black or white, or that one odd color in between. It could even come in different sizes! I know that some people would be very excited to graduate from a small to a medium. I know that I tremble at the thought of gliding my large lavender extra-soft Bad Dragon Lint-Roller across my bed as I shiver in delight at the thought of a bed finally cleansed from the unholy mass specks of lint.

So what say you? Are you now on a quest for the ultimate lint roller? Have I inspired you to reach for the next level of Silicone-based commercialism? Will we begin seeing Bad Dragon products as a staple of the household?

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