Pack&Play: Best BD-Dildo for "mainstream" Strap-On sex?

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Pack&Play: Best BD-Dildo for "mainstream" Strap-On sex?

Postby AlphaMoods » Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:27 pm

Dear BD-maniacs!

I'm kinda new here and I feel like I'm about to explore new waters (maybe I'm wrong?) ... I guess I'll just introduce myself and my idea/issue at it's fullest and hope for some feedback.

I'm a nonbinary female, looking for a penis that mother nature deprived me of. My dysphoria isn't strong enough to make me desperately wish to go through all the therapies and surgeries, but it's enough to make me feel uncomfortable about not having that one instrument between my legs, especially when I need it the most - during sexy times with women. I just find myself often wanting to go "alpha" on my girl but not really being able to. Fingers are fun, but it's not the same as pegging her down.

I've been looking around the world of sextoys and never found anything that would make me feel comfortable. There are tons of strap-ons and dildos in all sizes/colors and functions, but they either look like brightly coloured sticks attached to a harness that scream "absolutely artificial external piece of plastic", or like permanently hard idealised human dicks. The last category seemed alright at first until I realized that I don't feel like faking a guy; as a nonbinary I miss a penis, but I don't want to have an idealised huge man-dick. Also the way I would want to use it would be as a Pack-and-Play dildo. A dildo that you can stuff into your (generously loose) pants and pull out when it's time for business.

Now I do understand that what I intend to do isn't exactly what BD-toys are made for. I am also aware that there are official Pack-and-Play products that are made for my needs. However they're expensive and don't even look good - so I figured that a good-looking BD-dildo will perform better for multiple reasons, but I need an advice from experienced Bad Dragon Customers *rays of bright warm light shine upon you as you read it*.

I've been watching and reading a couple reviews, I read the size-charts and compared various toys with each other through this size-comparing device (the one where you can compare the scale with a credit card) ... and came to several conclusions:

1. It needs to be small so that I have chances at hiding it in my pants.
2. It needs to be small because most of the models in "small" equal average measurements of human penises (makes it look a bit better proportion-wise with my regular human body).
3. It needs to be soft so that I can tuck it properly when not in action.

If my assumptions are so far correct, in comes the question of "which is the one?". And when I say "the one" I really mean it, because I live in Europe (shipping and customs devour just as much money as the dildo itself), and I already have an expensive hobby. The idea is that I should be able pull out my beautiful little beast and go "slower-faster", "deeper-harder" on women, who are either used to real penises or common sex-toys. So it's not only about what penis do I picture myself with, but also which would perform best for regular mortals, who don't know (or don't want) unusual pleasures. There are 3 that seemed to fit both, placed according to my preference:

1. Nova. The look is definitely there, but I'm concerned about texture, girth and the knot. Read that the texture is a bit too rough for fast&hard movements, some people complained about the general girth not being enough on the small ones. Soft firmness should make the knot an easier task, but if not it leaves me with about 4 inches of useable length.

2. David. Kind of "light" version of Nova. Smooth, a bit more general girth and soft transition from shaft to knot. Concerns about the knot are still the same.

3. Nox. Basic, yet not too boring, pretty but not (visually) exciting for me. Read that it's great for beginners, users with vagina are happy and satisfied. No knots, no heavy textures, no worries.

This is all I gathered so far - I would be thankful and happy to learn anything that might help navigate me towards the right dildo - if there is any right dildo for my complicated wishes. I'm sorry in advance if I made a naive fool or an ignorant idiot of myself: I'm rather young, inexperienced, desperate and English is a foreign language to me :D

Thank you for your attention :)
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Re: Pack&Play: Best BD-Dildo for "mainstream" Strap-On sex?

Postby Jasmine » Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:13 pm

Hi there! Welcome to BD!

Have you looked at BD's packers? The Extra Soft firmness will be the closest you're going to get for a semi-erect hardness (which is going to be what you need if you actually want them to bend in your pants!)

Extra Soft is very much like a gummy candy in softness, so it's not super viable for pegging with. Not impossible, but probably frustrating. It likes to compress on the forward stroke rather than *push*, so it ends up being more of mashing it in hopes that it'll move while it just kinda.... squirms around :psyduck:

Your three choices, though!

Nova: The ridges and knot can be very intimidating to someone who isn't used to fantasy toys. Assume you're not going to be able to knot your partner(s) with it right away, because it's quite big for someone who isn't used to this type of play. The ridges can be amazing if you love texture, but can also be just as bad for someone who can't take texture. If you don't count the knot as being part of the usable length since not everyone will be able to use it, you're paying a lot of money for not a lot of toy. Nova also has the largest base of these models, which will make it harder to fit in a harness or hide in your pants, and it might make pegging a little more difficult.

David: David is fairly smooth and not outrageously Fantasy, so it's probably a good choice if you like the model. But again, if you want to knot someone, it's not really going to work out; the knot doesn't have room behind it to 'tie' (fully lock in place with), especially if you have the toy in a harness. But if you want it for the shape and the swell of thickness, it could be fine! Just know what your expectations for it are going into it :) David doesn't work the best in harness because of the knot and base being so close to each other, but it's not impossible.

Nox: Nox is highly recommended for a reason! It's adventurous enough for most mainstream people without getting into the 'too weird' territory, in my opinion. It has a little bit of Nova's texture, but also with David's smoothness. The size of the small is also very approachable- not too intimidating, but also not unfulfilling. Nox's base also works quite well with an O ring type harness!

And then your needs:

1. They're all small enough to hide in your pants, but only as raging erections. Bad Dragon toys are made to look erect, it's going to be hard to make them look like anything other than that. The Packers, even in Extra Soft, still look pretty damn erect.

2. These sizes, barring the knots, should be approachable enough in the typical penis (if not a little bit bigger) category.

3. You're not going to be able to tuck them. Someone else might have more experience than me in that, but I don't think you're going to get the effect you want. The bases will give you problems with them laying smoothly as well.

I think if you want to only buy one BD toy, your best bet would be to get one for pegging and find a different company for the packer. I don't want you to buy into this expensive hobby just to be disappointed that it isn't what you needed! :(

I would recommend considering medium or firm firmness if you want to use a small toy in harness, because it makes things easier in terms of thrusting. Disclaimer: My experience mostly comes from using a harness for toys with my husband and I, with both of us having experience on the giving and receiving end. He can only take the smallest mini's in my collection and a good portion of the toys I use have bases that don't work well with o rings, though lol

I hope this helped a little bit!
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