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Shipping to universities?

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 2:19 pm
by Lovecraftianhorror
In the next coming months I shall be starting university and along with that I plan on getting a PO box at the college. I was wanting to know how exactly would I write the univeristy address in the address boxes before checkout? The way the university wants it to be put down is this.

Student Name
University Name
Address and box number
City,State, and Zip Code

Everything for me is pretty straight forward except for the university name. What box would I put the university name in exactly? To anyone who responds thanks for the feedback.

Re: Shipping to universities?

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:48 pm
by Jasmine
You can always send in a ticket to BD to see how they'd suggest doing it!

Otherwise you should be able to place the university's name in the box for Company name (if they have one, haven't bought a toy in ages lol)

Re: Shipping to universities?

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 9:25 pm
by wizerdwolf
Bit late of a reply, and hopefully you've already figured it out at this point, but I ordered my first two BD toys while I still lived in my college dorm. I just checked that 6 year old invoice, and I didn't need to include the university name, only the PO address and box #. Now, if you're still concerned, I would recommend hitting up BD support as the other person suggested, but you should be fine.

I assume since it's nearly half a month after you posted you probably already got it figured out, but since you never updated the thread and it's not too old, figured it'd be good to weigh in. If you HAVE already figured it out, I strongly recommend posting an update saying as much.