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Help with 1st anal toy and 2nd masturbator

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:14 pm
by Lovecraftianhorror
I was wanting to get my first dildo and was wanting to know what should I get? Im not really looking for depth play so im wanting to stay within the small and medium ranges. What I'd like is a toy good for prostate stimulation and if we're talking about fantasy aspects then I have a interest in the horse and canine based toys. Id also like to know what the recommended firmness is to choose. As for my second masturbator I already own a Janine as my first and absolutely love her. For my second I think id like to get a slightly tighter more textures toy. I hae been eyeing Mary and the Janine muzzle (I know the muzzle is a looser toy but it seems interesting and i've seen a lot of good praise about it.) The butt toys also seem pretty interesting as well. Hopefully the feedback for thos post should help me in the long run.

Thanks for responding. :)