Did Hazel ever get a redesign?

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Did Hazel ever get a redesign?

Postby TheEclipse » Wed Mar 06, 2019 9:59 pm

Looking at my order history, I ordered Hazel 5 years ago. I have also had a Lily (which was far too tight for me to ever use), and Janine. It's amazing to think that I ordered Janine 3 years ago (!) and she has lasted me all this time without any issues!

However, out of all these toys, Hazel was my favorite. I would do pretty much anything to have one again. It's quite unfortunate that she ripped after 3 weeks of extremely vigorous use. I did use Sil-Poxy to try and patch her, but due to where the tears occurred (I'm sure you know where), they would simply reopen and eventually she became unusable (plus, sil-poxy doesn't feel good when your rubbing flesh against it). I contracted BD, and they very (extremely) graciously sent me out a replacement. That one lasted 3 sessions.

So, the way I see it... Is that hazel tearing is just because of the design. But this toy is to die for. I know the old version of Janine tore frequently as well and she got a rework. I was hoping that by now, maybe bad dragon did something similar for my favorite girl...?
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Re: Did Hazel ever get a redesign?

Postby Scorpio » Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:48 pm

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have been redesigned yet. I think it should be next up for one, but I suspect Natascha will get redesigned first, since that one looks really outdated compared with the rest.
They're both in need of better designs, but most of all, it would probably be Hazel. Not sure what would help the design though. The spade is a bit tricky.
Personally I'd like to see a quick fix on Zoie too. Broke on first run for me and the annoying part is that I think it could have been avoided with such a small change in the design.

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