Dildo selection advice

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Dildo selection advice

Postby AlexandrLapz » Sun Apr 12, 2020 12:06 am

Hello, I am looking for some buying advice. The coronavirus epidemic has given me some time to rethink to buy a bad dragon. However, I am from Costa Rica, and the shipping is extremely expensive, so I can only bring one toy with other things. I must be careful with choosing a dildo, since I can only buy a single one in a very long time. I am not new to anal stuff :excited:, but, I am looking for something that's both pleasurable and SAFE to use with more frecuency . I had a 22cm dildo(aprox 8.4 inch) and I got scared it would cause me problems in the future because of the enormous size :laugh: . I was looking forward to get a small echo, looks great, and those textures look very good, but I am not sure about the girth of it for a guy that wants to use it more than once a month.
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Re: Dildo selection advice

Postby MachineDoll » Sun Apr 12, 2020 12:44 pm

Your body is much like a rubber band. The size of the toy, as long as it feels pleasurable to you doesn't matter. If you stretch your butt out after repeated use (day after day), it will grow to accommodate your toy. However, if you take long breaks (like the month you described), like a rubber band, it will revert to its original form/size. There are plenty of people on this forum that take dildos the size of arms (or bigger), but as long as you take it slow, don't overtax your body by taking toys too big for you and forcing it, you will never have to worry about any permanent problems.
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Re: Dildo selection advice

Postby Dee » Mon Aug 03, 2020 10:56 pm

Don't disappoint yourself! If you could fit a full 8 inch toy before, there's no reason to get something smaller! In my opinion get something that is a teeny bit too big if it will be a long time between buys. That way it will be pleasurable for longer!

I think you're a bit worried about causing health problems. Well I have a pretty active job, heavy lifting running etc. I play a lot more than once a month (lol) and so far have had zero problems. Just NEVER force a toy and you'll be fine.
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