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Is expired cumlube safe?

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 11:36 am
by reine
I have some bottles of cumlube kicking around that were best before 2017-2018. Most of them are completely untouched. I opened one of the bottles, and the consistency is great- nice and stringy; not watery at all- but I wanted to check if it’s still safe despite being a few years past due. I don’t know if it’s one of those things that goes bad or if it just gets less effective with age.


Re: Is expired cumlube safe?

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 7:09 am
by Kith
If I remember correctly, as long as the consistency is fine and you aren't ingesting it, it should be safe to use.

Re: Is expired cumlube safe?

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 3:35 pm
by Dee
I found some that were a couple years old once, it was just watery, didn't notice any problems other than that.