Body Hair

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Re: Body Hair

Postby ThreeFingers » Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:36 pm

If anything I'll be taking some wax to that shit and making you smoother than a newborn's ass. You'll sparkle like Twilight up in that shit. :lol:
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Re: Body Hair

Postby Vysune » Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:42 pm

Damn straight! I'll bring the body glitter and I'll glitter-tits that con up all day every day! D:<
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Re: Body Hair

Postby WolfensBlood » Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:09 pm

Well I am glad to see someone who shares my (utter) dislike of body hair. I've always been very anal about its removal, even when I first started to notice it on me. I've heard shaving certain areas only makes it grow more or whatever, so I'm not sure how you feel about that. Waxing is always a very good option, but some cannot deal with the pain of having hair ripped out of its place (though I always found this sensation enjoyable, but that's just the masochist motherfucker that I am). Laser hair removal sounds best for you at this point. However, the cost of it and side effects are a concern for some. Also regarding laser hair removal:
Ask for references, and follow up on the references you receive. Find out if past customers were satisfied with the services and results. Ask if the procedure was painless and effective. Find out if there were side effects, and how severe. Each individual will be unique, so it's good to ask several people before reaching a decision.
Price ranges include (but are not limited to) the following:

* Western U.S.: Estimated average of between $450 - $500
* Eastern U.S.: Estimated average of between $450 - $500
* Southern U.S.: Estimated average of between $300 - $350
* Midwestern U.S.: Estimated average of between $500 - $550
Also :
Among the lower priced procedures are the nose, ears and hands which can range from $30 to $50 per visit.Next are the chin, upper lip, mid-brows, sideburns and neck (front or back) which normally range from $50 to$100 per visit.

Procedures which normally cost well over $100 are the face, scalp, underarms, abs, arms, upper arms, chest,back, legs, and bikini. There are also entire body hair removal procedures which can average between $700and $1300 per visit.

Priced by the Visit:

Remember that you'll have to make multiple visits to complete the procedure. Normally, three to five visits are required with the first visit being the highest in price. The procedure prices mentioned above are each based on the first visit costs. The visits become less expensive each go.

Many providers offer touch-up visits as well, which can be priced up to three or four times less than the first visit.

The reason for the vast price differences in some procedures is ultimately the time and/or difficulty involved. For example, removing hair from a mid brow would take far less time than removing entire facial hair. Some areas of the body are more sensitive or difficult to reach and therefore, would take extra care when performing laser hair removal.

Keep in mind that many providers are now offering special combined rates to save the patient money. For example, if it's estimated that you'll need four visits, you might receive a discount off of your total price in a prepaid package. This,again, will vary by provider, region and procedure.
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Re: Body Hair

Postby SyncMaster » Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:17 am

Thanks for the info, Wolfensblood.

Actually, yesterday I tried hair removal on my ass, and the result is way better than I expected. I can put up a picture if you want... I enjoy having little hair down there, thats for sure :D
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Re: Body Hair

Postby Runa » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:33 am

I just removed my pubic hair, not sure if this is the wayI wanna go in the future. it removed the hair without issue, but ther'es this one spot in the crack of my leg (just to the side of my ballsack) that now has an open sore for some reason...not pelasant.
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Re: Body Hair

Postby Anubis » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:41 am

Runa wrote:I just removed my pubic hair, not sure if this is the wayI wanna go in the future. it removed the hair without issue, but ther'es this one spot in the crack of my leg (just to the side of my ballsack) that now has an open sore for some reason...not pelasant.

Yeah, removing it isn't the most pleasant thing to endure but quite often the result is worth it, but rashes/sores due to it is not nice at all. T..T
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Re: Body Hair

Postby jasonsmith9019 » Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:18 pm

I would suggest you to go for laser hair removal, as it is very safe and effective technique. Laser hair removal is the only method that can provide permanent hair removal which no other method can provide and it also takes minimum time for hair removal.
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Re: Body Hair

Postby BorisLover » Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:59 pm

Im not sure if you can get it where youre from, but I got a treatment done called SPL (square pulsed light) removal.
Its like IPL but its alot more gentle and theres very (i mean miniscule!) risk of scarring annd its basically painless.
And the results are great!
It has costed me alot (about $800) but it was spaced out between treatments so I could afford it, and at one point i was getting money from the government, and didnt have a job.
Also I did the math and it turns out to be alot cheaper than getting waxing done for life.

The pros -
Its very quick, about 5-10 minutes a session, theres no after pain.
Theres no ingrowns! So shaving (when needed) becomes a breeze.
The hair thins out dramatically.
Eventually with enough treatments, about 10 usually does it, all the hair folicles are destroyed.

It is a slow process, but once its done, it is done baby!
You may still need to shave between treatments, especially in the earlier stages.
Waxing becomes a no-no.
Treatments costabout 100 a session, but its only every two months.
It ONLY works on fair skin with dark hair. (because of the menalin pigments)

Ive had it done in the brazillian area and I love it. Best money Ive spent on a cosmetic purpose in mind.
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