Secondhand Code of Conduct

Your go-to place for buying, selling, and trading Bad Dragon toys! Got a toy from another manufacturer that you'd like to get rid of? We have a subsection for those, too!
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Secondhand Code of Conduct

Postby Audax » Tue Jun 30, 2015 9:43 am

Bad Dragon Forums Secondhand Sales and Trades Code of Conduct and Rules

This Secondhand Trades/Sales Code of Conduct expands on the Code of Conduct for the rest of the Forum and is in place to help keep the Bad Dragon Forums maintain a clean and organized community for our customers. By setting a uniform standard and ground rules, it is our hope that you will not only be able to find the toy you are looking for quickly, but be able to sell your toys without having to deal with the clutter from before.

General Information

  • Bad Dragon Enterprises issues no guarantee or warranty and are not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage (“damages”) related to the use of this site. Use of this site is at your own risk.
  • Bad Dragon Enterprises may choose not to intervene, moderate, consult, or otherwise take any action, implied or otherwise, as a result of usage of this site.
  • The usage of this site is a privilege, not a right. Bad Dragon Enterprises reserves the right to revoke this privilege at any time, without notice.
  • When a post is inactive for 30 days, it will be deleted from the Forums.
  • This site, and all sections therein, must abide by the Bad Dragon Forums Code of Conduct and Site Rules.

Rules of the Secondhand Subforum

  • All toys that are not made by Bad Dragon MUST be listed in the “Miscellaneous Toys” subforum.
  • We do not permit the sale, trade, or advertisement of miscellaneous items (books, games, clothing, etc.)
  • Any items that are posted on the Bad Dragon Forums that are not NOT primarily made of one or more of the following materials, may have their post removed at the discretion of the site administration.
    • Aluminum
    • Borosilicate glass
    • Ceramic
    • Chrome Alloy
    • Glass (general)
    • Metal (general)
    • Non-porous polished/finished wood
    • Non-porous stone (general)
    • Platinum-cured silicone
    • Polished steel
    • Semi-precious stone
    • Stainless steel
    • Sterling silver
    • Tempered glass
  • Titles of posts MUST start with one of the following tags:
    • WTS (want to sell)
    • WTT (want to trade)
    • WTB (want to buy)
  • The post MUST contain the following items:
    • A minimum of 1 photograph that contains:
      • The item you are selling
      • Your username
      • Timestamp (cannot be more than 30 days old)
  • You may have up to three posts active per subforum at any one time: one buying, one selling, one trading.
  • You may bump your post no more than one time per week per post
  • When an item has been sold, you must delete your post.
    • To do so click the tiny X in the upper right corner of the Original Post.

Friendly Tips

  • We suggest using a recorded, verified, and traceable method of payment, such as PayPal. We also recommend that you send payment as “Payment for goods or services.”
  • If you are selling an item, it is recommended for you to be responsible for paying the seller fees.
  • Beware of transactions through PayPal that are marked as “gift”. Since they do not have Paypal’s buyer protection, you may find that they will not assist with any transactions where a payment is marked as a “gift.”
  • Be discrete! Keep communications of sales and trades private – transactions can be handled via Private Message, Email, Instant Messengers, etc.
  • Email clients, like Gmail, are a good way to handle any correspondence because they will keep a virtually unlimited record of email history.
  • As with any adult toy, be sure to sterilize before and after each use.

Disciplinary Actions

When a member is found to have violated the Secondhand Code of Conduct in one or more ways, disciplinary actions will be given from a site administrator in the form of a Note or Warning. It will contain the specific rule that was broken, and the offending post (or hyperlink to offending post). This is a breakdown of how the disciplinary actions will work:

Notification: This will serve as an advisement that you have violated the Code of Conduct.
Warning: This will serve an official warning that you violated the Code of Conduct.
Suspension: This is a temporary ban from the site and forums.
Permanent Ban: This is a permanent ban from the Bad Dragon Forums and any applicable affiliates. This is reserved for repeated offenses and serious violations of the Code of Conduct.

If you wish to appeal your ban, you may contact the Community Manager or submit a help ticket.
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