[WTS] (US/Int) P.E.S power box and "Deepthroat" electrode

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[WTS] (US/Int) P.E.S power box and "Deepthroat" electrode

Postby Feef » Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:36 pm

Greetings! I have up for sale today a P.E.S. original power box (the 2ch, not the 1ch XS model) and a "Deepthroat" electrode with the BigJim urethral insert. The electrode and box has only been used 3 times. Its a great little toy that can really give some intense sensations, but unfortunately it is just not my thing. I was able to get 1 hands-free orgasm with it, but really it just isn't a toy I find myself reaching for since I bought it about 10-12 weeks ago. So I figured it is time to sell it to someone looking to try it out or someone familiar looking for a spare box or upgrade. Both items come with their manuals.

The electrode was soaked in a bleach solution and then the urethral insert and removable metal cap was boiled. I did not boil the part that sits around the head of penis as I don't trust the flexible red section on it to take the heat, so that part is just sanitized with bleach.

-Toy comes from a smoke free home.
-We have a dog, but he is not let near toys. Will do my best not to ship fur!
-Payment via PayPal goods and services only.
-Prices include shipping in the US via Priority Flat Rate. International buyers or domestic buyers wishing for a different ship method can feel free to contact me to work out a fair price!

P.E.S Original Power Box - $195 shipped (Paid $270 before shipping)
"Deepthroat" Electrode - $100 shipped (Paid $170 before shipping)
Bought together - $275 shipped

Click for pics!
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Sold to : Havik65 - Aenonius - Ebilwolf - Mgcommarch - TriggerHappy6996 - DrakeTheSnakedragon - Enthayl - Shadow2010

Bought from : Treeminder - Aenonius

Traded with : Enthayl

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