WTS Multi-lot (US)

Got a non-Bad Dragon toy you'd like to sell or trade? This is the place to do so!
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WTS Multi-lot (US)

Postby Squishysquishy » Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:46 am

Hi all,

I'm in the process of moving and need to cut down on toys a bit. Potentialy more to come as I try to convince myself to part with them. XD

All toys have been well cared for and have minimal or no known flaws. They come from a disease and smoke free, pet friendly home, so stray hairs are a possibility.
All toys have been boiled and sanitized (regardless of use) and will be given another good wash before being shipped.
Payment via PayPal only, shipping through USPS Priority to the US only (sorry international friends). 2-3 day shipping is included in my asking price. : )



BD Toys --> viewtopic.php?f=134&t=52610

Model: Aston the Alligator
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Maker: Kudu Voodoo
Size: Medium
Firmness: Medium (comparable to BD's)
Extras: none
Color: Custom 4-color split (shaft is a marble of shimmery pearl and patina gold with a metallic bright red and blood base)
Condition: Custom ordered, used once vaginally. Like new.
Reason for selling: I love the way this critter true d out, but I should have learned my lesson with Pretzal; my body is not meant for bendy toys. ;-; As a side note, his scaly balls are lovely for those who enjoy tactile sensations.
Asking price: Paid $105 + shipping, asking $80

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Model: Chubbs
Maker: Damn Average
Size: Full size
Firmness: Medium (comparable to BD's firm)
Extras: GITD
Color: Awesome marble of sparkly lilac and a stellar pearl color which glows a ghostly turquoise; pictures do not do him justice at all
Condition: Bought new from seller, never used. Brand new.
Reason for selling: So, Chubbs is the only toy I've ever loved enough to buy a duplicate of (and also the only non-knot toy I've ever found that works well as a vaginal plug). I have another lovely in soft, but this color was just to pretty to pass up. However, upon his arrival it was immediately clear that he was going to be too firm for me.
Asking price: $80, asking $70

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Model: Cyril the Dreamweaver
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Maker: New Folklore Silicone
Size: D (medium)
Firmness: Medium (comparable to BD's)
Extras: none
Color: Metallic rust and turquoise marble on a gold base; extremely vibrant
Condition: Bought used on forums, used a few times vaginally. No know. Faults
Reason for selling: This toy is lovely to look at, and I love the defined head, but I rarely reach for him.
Asking price: $45

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