WTS: EE and FB (USA)

Got a non-Bad Dragon toy you'd like to sell or trade? This is the place to do so!
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WTS: EE and FB (USA)

Postby Kiara » Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:58 pm

Hey there!

I've got a few toys I'm listing up for sale that I never really use anymore.

Everything will be sanitized (boiled), bagged and discreetly shipped to your location!

I don't smoke, but I do have pets. My toys are kept away from everything, though.

1) Frisky Beast The Mechanical Animal 1.5 (mini size?, medium firmness) - surprised based on Transformers Sinnertwin. It's awesome, I just don't use it much anymore! 25 shipped

2) EE Rudy (one size, medium firmness) I asked for a Scarecrow (Batman, Arkham games) inspired toy and I got this beauty! 35 shipped!

3) EE Medium Orc, medium firmness - Glows in the dark. Fallout inspired surprise! 50 shipped!

Let me know if you need any additional pictures!

*Paypal only*









BD Toys:
Sm. Crackers (Royal Alpha, 3 firmness)
Medium Clayon (Dark Natural (maybe), 5 firmness)
Ultimate Fantasy (Pale, 5 firmness)
Flint <3 (Black/red marble, 5 firmness)

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