Third Earth

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Re: Third Earth

Postby Logan Storm » Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:21 pm

Some time latter...

“Careful Now!”

James noted firmly as watched Snag and Grim the two old Lions, they had been charged with keeping an eye on him; as usual they muttered their grumbling complaints about being warriors not laborer’s but for all their griping they were precise with grace accuracy born from a life time of fighting. Most of the furniture being loaded up so far had been restoration work of ancient family heirlooms passed down through the different noble households throughout the Mammal Empire. James had spent most of the last three weeks busying himself with in his workshop eager to keep from dwelling upon the absence of his mate not to mention the dangers she might be putting both herself as well as their unborn child in. He didn’t wish to give himself time to think about it or to let himself become worried and even angry that she would put their son or daughter into such peril, James knew well he could not have done anything to have stopped her anyway besides he had faith in her. Of course, the up side to his beloved no longer being around to catch his eye with her beauty or to sneak in a few rounds of heavy petting from time to time; the master carpenter was able to storm through his commissions turning out the level of work he was renowned for at least by name anyway.
His face let alone his race was not that well known, he had herd would be craftsman use try to pass themselves off as James O’Dale only to latter be found out as a fraud or to con the wealthy of their gold. He tended to be sent commissions from ‘Layman & Chester’, one the craftsman’s guilds a in ‘Port Maw’. Any one wished to acquire an imperial crafting license needed to be in one of the guilds, true there were plenty of individuals who sold their services cheaply yet as a trade off had no access to guild barristers to protect them from disgruntled or unsavoury clients. There were also unofficial guilds that worked in the more shadier underbelly of the criminal underworld, though that was something James knew little about save for rumours.

“Okay, ready for that last piece Grim!”

Snag rumbled snapping the Human from his train of thought, looking up into the cart he took a deep breath. the item the two long in the tooth warriors spoke of was a finely crafted desk; there was not a straight edge upon it. Every corner was an elegant curve, each piece had been painstakingly carved from cherry wood before being carefully stained to give off a most beautiful dark crimson finish. The legs and panels had been carefully engraved with a rose vine pattern that flowed from one part of the furniture to next. The only flat surface was a sizable oblong on the top of the desk since this would be where its user would be busy with whatever parchment they might be reading or working upon. It had taken James months to create, the wood itself had to be brought in by ship alone, with this said he had found cherry wood to be wonderful to work with unfortunately unlike the material he would normally use he could not just pop into the forest should he make a mistake that could not be fixed.

“Don’t worry human, it’s in good paws!”

Chuckled grim noticing the nervousness in his scent, true to his word the large muscular feline made short work of the job before with surprising gentleness strapped it into place to keep it moving about and as suck become damaged during transport. As if on cue now all the heavy work had been done Thyme came bounding up dressed in brown breeches designed for those with tails in mind, a brown leather jerkin covered her top half along with a green cape over her shoulders. Charcoal coloured knees high digitigrade boots covered her lagomorph feet while black leather wrist guards finished off her outfit just perfectly.

“Careful Human she may get the wrong idea and pounce on you”

Snag teased him for the way the Human stared his mouth open almost comically, the comment made James blush even more brightly triggering the old Lion to laugh even harder. It was not until she drew closer that he noticed the short sword sheathed in its plain scabbard, it hung from her belt tied via cord around her right thigh. James had seen how efficiently the March Hares had utilized their short swords during their combat drills. The way they would draw their short bladed weapons with the same hand they wielded their gladius style weapon, twirling the hilt in their paw like hands allowing the Hare to get the first strike in while their opponent was still reaching across their body to draw their own weapon; by which time the Hare would have inflicted a swift decisive blow upon their opponent.

“Like what you see?”

Thyme asked drawing in close to James, her body stretching up to its fullest though even doing this she found he still dwarfed her not that this would have made much difference to her in a fight, before he could speak her small dainty paw reached up to his shoulders while with a wicked smile playing across her muzzle she tugged him down, her lips smashing hard up against his only letting him go several seconds later.

“I guess so!”

She chuckled as he staggered back looking a little woozy from the sudden encounter, Snag shot a large strong paw grasping the Humans shoulder to help steady him his own thunderous laughter filing the air as he threw his head back in amusement.

“You were fairly warned cub”

Grim smirked admiring the Hares slender frame with a slight lick of his thick black lips as if contemplating something in his mind, Thyme turned her attention towards him as if feeling his eyes upon him. Giving her tail a slight twitch and her hips a little teasing wiggle she spoke to the warrior in a flirtatious tone.

“Do you really think you could handle a hare?”

Grim’s smirk grew into a wide toothy grin as his lips drew back to reveal his large feline fangs, his reply came with a firm cuff with the leather pads of his palm as he spoke to the March Hare with a matter of fact voice.

“Little one not only could I handle you, I would ruin you for any other male”

Thyme blushed brightly under her cheek fur as squeaked from the firm impact of his paw like hand against her well rounded rear, she tried to glare at him with her tiny paws on her hips but he simply ignored it as if treating her like petulant child. James wasn’t sure if he should admire Grim’s bravery or wince at the stupidity of doing that, he was sure if he did that he would either have her fist in his gut or be knocked of his feet with her slipping under him before he landed face first into the ground.

“Uh, Well then you can have my turn then Grim”

James noted with a nervous laugh, this didn’t seem to go down to well though with the lagomorph as she huffed and stormed off to the front of the wagon. Scrag sighed shaking his head slowly as he said with a condescending tone to his voice.

“You really know how to make female feel wanted don’t you cub?”

Loading the last of the commissioned items as well as few things he made to trade with James with the other two lions help dragged a wax coated sheet over top, fastening it into place with the wagon via cord threaded through the various rows of iron eyelets the Human gave a sigh of relief feeling glad they were done. Giving a drawn out stretch he made his way around to the front where a large feral cart horse stood patiently its muzzle dipped into its feeding bag, gently patting the mare on the side it let out a soft quiet nicker.

“Hello girl, I’ll be counting on you okay”

James whispers into the bowed head of the giant equine, in turn she gives him a gentle nudge before glaring at Thyme who was still all of a huff as she leant against one of the front wheels. The Hare gave a snort turning her cute twitching nose up as if trying give him the cold shoulder but she looked just too cute doing so not that he intended to say as much since he valued his teeth right where they were. Instead he choose to ignore her behaviour and carry on regardless, she would get over it eventually.

”Why don’t you just breed her if you like her so much!”

The March Hare interjected not happy with being ignored.
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Re: Third Earth

Postby eloeelwe » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:05 pm

I find it annoying that there is still not a 'thumbs up' button on this site.
So this will have to do in the mean time: :misc13: :misc2:

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Re: Third Earth

Postby Logan Storm » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:16 pm

Ooooooo Tentacles mnnnnn!...Well one go Tentacle up deserves another ^_~ :misc13:
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Re: Third Earth

Postby Logan Storm » Mon May 15, 2017 11:41 am


James had found the stress along with the strain of the last few years evaporate from his shoulders, gone was the traumatic strain of when he had been a slave as well as a sex toy for a well endowed pirate captain. Flanking either side of his wagon the two long in the tooth Lion’s kept up with an easy leisurely walking pace despite their heavy armour and formidable looking weapons sheathed upon their backs.
To be quite honest he was about ready for a nice quiet uneventful journey to the city of ‘Port Maw’, it would take several days to traverse the distance but he was in no rush to break any land speed wagon racing records even if Thyme looked board out her mind but then again she was a ‘March Hare’ for those lagomorph’s their lives revolved around eating, drinking, fighting ‘n’ screwing and not all ways in that order but at least he was glad she had stopped sulking even if she did from time to time look at him with some carnal intent playing out in her twisted little perverse mind of hers. A few hours more into the journey, James had lost all track of time as he took in the surrounding scenery, it was all so peaceful that he could not help but feel a sense of ease settle over himself.
As the dusty well worn dirt road trailed on for as far as his eyes could see, James would occasionally see the odd fork in the road with a wood sign post pointing to one location or another.
A smile formed across his lips as he remembered his old friend Asland and the adventures they had shared, Thyme cocked her head slightly with an unspoken curiosity so he began the tale if only to give something other to do other than sneaking into the back to pleasure herself with her paw or taking a short nap. This suit James fine since as much as he liked the March Hares their mood shifts took some getting used to at the best of times, it took the Human a few seconds to realize Snag was trying to get his attention as he moved at a swifter pace to keep his position along the wagons driver box.

“Blast it all ready for if thou art ignoring me then truly a beating thou shalt receive!”

Snag growled showing just how fit even as old as he was that a Lion was, James blinked a couple of times before opening his lips finding them to be dry and his eyes sore.

“What’s wrong?”

He asked looking down to the old feline who gave a wide toothy grin, his eyes though showed a portion of concern as he sprang from a semi jog alongside to being right next to him.

“You’ve been zoned out for hours and the sun is starting to set.”

It was Thymes turn to speak as she made her presence on the other side of him known, to say he jumped a few feet into air would have been an understatement while the Mare pulling the wagon looked back as if to say ‘hey what you doing back there I’m trying to work here’. He looked at Snag then Thyme as both watched him as if expecting some reply, he sighed softly as he used the reigns to lead both Mare away from the beaten track before coming to a stop and pulling back on the break leaver.

“Sorry, just old memories creeping back from the past”

The old Lion nodded acknowledging his experience with such things though Thyme didn’t seem comprehend James meaning as he climbed down to unhitch the large equine from the wagon. The Mare lowered her head making a chewing motion with her muzzle her head giving a gentle nickers as she nudges the side of his face before giving a louder nicker as she shakes her head, she started nudging against him instantly as if trying to expresses her interest in the Human or at least until Grim came padding up carrying the equines nose bag filled with good portion of oats as reward for a hard day’s work of lugging a heavy load behind her for so long. Lifting her tail in delight as she caught sight of the nose bag, she turned right around and trotted over to the large muscular feline who had just for that moment in time become her best friend. Grim chuckles as she nuzzles and blows through her nose at him in a sign of friendship.

“You know she’s giving you the come on, right?”

Thyme teased jumping down from the wagon to give Snag a hand setting up camp for the night, he blinked a little confused as to what the hare meant so put it to the back of his mind. Leaving Grim to look after the Feral horse James untied the shovel strapped to the side of the wagon to dig the fire pit, it didn’t take long before there was nice crackling away providing heat and light as the two old Lions grabbed handfuls of dried salt jerky from a large open bag. While Thyme turned her nose up at the horror fest on display from the two long in the fang warriors, James had decided to keep back mostly for fear of losing his arm then having to watch it being devoured in the feeding frenzy.
This said there was one thing the Human liked more than even a succulent gourmet steak with the finest of rich sources, it was a simple vegetable but oh so versatile in so many ways. It was the plane old potato, he loved it greatly as he found it went with just about anything, as such he had a several jacket potatoes just on the edge of the fire all covered in burning hot ashes.

“Ever had jacket potato Thyme?”

He asked the Hare who had edged nearer to him to avoid the odd scrap of meat shooting from the jaws of the two big cats, she shook her head as she slipped her hip up so close to his he was sure she would soon be sitting his lap.

“No I can’t say I have, normally they are boiled or mashed as its quick and easy to do on mass.”

She mused slipping an arm through his, leaning her cheek against the side of his shoulder she wrinkled her nose in the typically cute fashion common to most lagomorphs, not that he intended to comment on this since calling Hare cute was extremely dangerous. One thing to send a Hare from all soppy lovey dovey to psycho rip your intestines out with their bare paws and garrote you with them, would be to call them cute.

“You’re in for a treat then”

He winked using a stick to uncover one before rolling it closer, he tossed the hot vegitable from hand to hand until it had cooled down sufficiently enough to peel of the black charred skin to reveal half of the soft white goodness beneath and handing it to Thyme with a slight warning.

“Carefully it’ll be extremely hot, best blow on it a few times between bites”

James noted, the Hare smiled sweetly at him letting go of his arm as she took the offered meal and sniffing it a little then blowing on it, her eyes lit up as took a bite, it had a slightly sweet taste to it. The white vegetable flesh was both moist yet dry at the same time something that was a complete contradiction in its own right but she loved it.
James smiled as he watched her for a few seconds before rolling out one of the potatoes for himself, with a sigh he looked up at the cloudless night as the stars sparkled like miniature jewels in the dark abyss. The sudden sensation of Thymes thick black lips against his rouged cheek filled him with a sense of warmth deep within, turning his attention back down towards Hare he found himself staring into her deep brown eyes as they looked right back into his. With a sudden blush, he looked away his hands feeling a little tender from peeling his still extremely hot meal.

“Stars look beautiful tonight!”

He announced to break the silence, this caught the attention of Grim and Snag who looked up as they paused their gruesome assault on the jerky to admire, loosing intrest after a few moments the two warriors continued with the horror fest that was their meal.

“I’ll take first watch!”

The Human mused biting in to his Potato only to open his mouth wide and fan the hot vegetable contents with his hand in an attempt to cool it down.

[writers note real life rabbits & hares should never be fed potatoes or there skins period!]
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Re: Third Earth

Postby Logan Storm » Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:29 pm

((Sorry for delay still recovering from surgery))


The night dragged on at least for James during his watch though when eventually it came
to Thymes turn and he gave her a gentle shake the Hares first reaction was to stretch
look up at him with bleary eyes before draping her arms around the back of his neck to
draw his mouth down to hers lock her muzzle to his mouth. Her thighs parting as she
clamps her small powerful lagomorph legs around him, the hard pressure of her pubic
mound nudging just above the thick hardened leather of his cod piece forced him to give
a sudden intake of breath.

“Mnnnnnn you want something sweet stuff?”

She whispers quietly as seconds later she smashes her lips hard into his, by the time she
pulled free her chest heaving heavily for air his mind was more than a little blurred such
was the sheer passion she had put into the kiss. It took him several minutes to gather his
senses, during which Thyme would lean up to brush his lips with her own until at last he
opened his mouth to speak only to feel her tongue ease down along his as she engulfs his
mouth yet again.

“ ..erm…uh….erm!”

Was about all he could say as she broke away for a third time leaving him somewhat even
more befuddled than he had been only moments ago, looking deep into his eyes the Hare
unhooked herself from around him to begin wriggling out of her brown breeches. Thyme
had them down around her knees as she gently bites her lower lip eager to breed with the
Human when at last he remembered what he was supposed to be saying to her.

“It’s your turn for the watch!”

The Hare paused mid wiggle her eyes blinking in dumbfoundment at what she had just
herd, Thyme’s brow furrowed while her eyes narrowed after which she gave him a hefty
shove knocking him on to his backside before drawing her breeches back up over her
hips. James watched her grumpily gather up her green cape and stomping off towards
the fire in a foul mood, but he was too tired to care let alone understand why she was
being so moody of late though once he had managed to locate where he’d set up his
blanket he hunkered down allowing the night to just fly by.
Come the morning Thyme was still giving him the cold shoulder even when camp had be
struck the Mare hitched up to the wagon, come midday though she was back to snuggling
up against him making some rather inappropriate comments about the things they could
do that involved the furniture in the back of the wagon while Snag or Grim took the
reins. Every now and then the March Hare would playfully nuzzle his arm, her small firm
body quivering at times as she let out tiny grunts as she occasionally rub against his
shoulder with her chin.
Unfortunately for the Hare her intentions where lost upon the Human who just simply
did not understand her intentions let alone all the signals she was putting out for him to
pick up on, after a fashion in the distance plumes of smoke from chimneys to numerous
to count could be seen as the walled city port was silhouetted against the distant sky.

“I’d say we should reach the city by tomorrow midday or at least come early evening at
the very most”

James mused giving cause for the female lagomorph to look up from her attempts to lure
him into breeding with her, squinting her eyes as she tried to make out more detail but
they were still too far away for anything more than a teaser of one a city that not the
capital was arguably the most prosperous in the whole of the mammal empire. He smiled
softly slipping a hand around the Hare’s shoulder sending her all a flutter as she all but
melted against him her eyes growing all most glazed over, slipping her head up against
the pit of his arm she felt herself becoming all giddy like she was some young kit with her
first crush all over again.

“We’ll stop off at the ram’s gate Inn, they have stall’s you can hire to lock up wagons over
night as well as stables. I’m sure we could all do with a decent night sleep not to mention
a decent hot meal inside of us.”

He chuckled softly remembering his time there with Asland, he began to wonder if the
land lords Daughter was still there. a smirk played across his lips as he recalled how the
young sheep had a thing for predators of the feline persuasion , James wondered how
she would react to two hulking great Lion Warriors, though this time he would be sure to
get several rooms rather than one the large ones that was one mistake he would not
make a second time.

“While truly this is a most excellent plan one doth wonder if it is wise?”

Snag grumped, the old Lion’s stride had increased to keep level with the front of the
wagon while Grim soon came up along the other side to give his opinion upon the idea as
well, both of them were like the old men you might see sipping at glasses of beer outside
an old bar complaining about the flaws of the young and how things where so much
better when they where young themselves. It was a grand feat in itself how these two
grizzled veterans could find just about anything to moan about but even in spite of all
this James pitied any one foolish enough to incur their wrath.

“One would heartedly quite agree, if any where bold enough in courage or wisdom to
attempt any mischief, twould be there!”

Grim rumbled firmly looking up as the Human his fierce predatory eyes not once
blinking or flinching; the Human though still had an ace to play to in the his two over the
hill nurse maids.

“Four words is all it will take to win you both over, Meals….With…Fresh….Meat!”

James spoke seeing all desire to argue rise up then fizzle away in their faces as he hit
them where they where most vulnerable, their stomachs and while he would have to
admit it was a sneaky under handed tactic yet Thyme nodded her head in approval as she
licked the side of his face in a show of admiration towards him. Unfortunately this rather
sticky and messy action brought back the kiss she had given him the previous night
which much to his distress caused his cod piece to grow ever the more confining towards
his manly organs that hid beneath the cod piece that he wore, worse yet he was sure from
the way the Female Hare‘s attention fully focused upon him that she could smell his
arousal just like a predator would the blood of it s prey. James did not need the
heightened sense of smell a good majority of mammal kind took for granted to know her
intentions towards him, even a block head like himself could understand the none verbal
messages her body was putting out.
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Re: Third Earth

Postby Logan Storm » Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:20 am

No it's not dead, I'm back up and working on a reply as well as other stories and such!
About a week if that the next segment for this ongoing story will be posted on that I can be sure off. :wink:
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Re: Third Earth

Postby Logan Storm » Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:48 am

Nightfall had fallen, the clouds where round as they where fat as they begun to gather, as James entered the ‘Ram’s Gate Inn’ with Thyme and Snag in tow, the inside was just as he remembered it. The sense of joviality from the patrons drinking, eating and dancing filled the senses while others played card games or dice rolls for money. The crackling of the fire as the grand fireplace filled the cavernous bar room brought a smile to the Human’s face that and the touch of wood work of the paneled walls, each panel making part of a larger picture that told a story of some great war from before his time.

“It was here I first found my desire to work with wood, these very panels caught my imagination and set me on the course to where I am today.”

He sighed softly his eyes closed as he ran his fingers along the forms that formed the scenery and figures locked in mortal combat, opening his eyes he found Thyme poking her head around from behind to look at his face. A tender smile graced her thick black lips before brushing his lips softly without saying a single word unlike the large armour clad Lion next to him.

“Verily, Cub! ‘Twas something not that unsimilar that led oneself unto becoming the mighty warrior that stands before thou!”

The old veteran Snag chuckled paffing James the back of his shoulder, sending the poor Human stumbling forwards along the ale stained wooden floor boards, along the walls above the wooden panels shields and other artifacts brought back by patrons of the establishment whose professions take them to distant places of the world. He could see a small statuette of Tyranus probably from the reptilian and Amphibian territories, it brought back uncomfortable memories that forced his eyes to swiftly turn away.

“Such is how thy greatness came to be!”

Snag concluded his long-winded elaboration of how he became a warrior, Thyme looked as if she was either about to fall asleep on her feet or run herself through with whatever pointy long object was closest to hand. Mercifully though Grim returned from locking that cart away and settling their Mare down for the night.

“Truly the way thou doth bray would put even oldest of donkeys to shame!”’

Grim gruffly chuckled deliberately having a dig at his old rival and friend, not caring for one of their regularly occurring bouts of insult throwing, James absently slipped a hand around that back of Thymes waist causing her to make number of cute though silent squeals of pleasant surprise. Leading her away towards a counter just beneath the mezzanine stair case he could see the familiar old face of the grey furred Ram, the top of his head bald save for a few wisps of hair brushed across his scalp to hide the considerable lack of hair.

“Jame O’dale is that really you or are these old eyes playing tricks on me again?”

The old Sheep bleated with a wide smile across his face, hobbling out from behind the counter the decrepitude male met James half way with the use of a well-used walking stick. His breath was vile as his smile widened to reveal the few teeth he had remaining as he adjusts his wire framed spectacles to get a better look.

“Why as I live and breathe, it is you! Tis been a while since I last saw you my lad, in fact last I heard you’d been sold into slavery!”

James smirked only to all most choke as he felt Thyme cheekily squeeze his rear as she asked politely.

“So James, who’s the old male?”

This caused the old male let out a rattling laugh that soon turned in to a stint of coughing, after calming down a bit the Ram peered at the Hare through his glasses his grin growing once more as he spoke with a jesting tone his voice.

“Young whipper snapper I’ll have you across my knee and deliver a good spanking you’ll never soon forget!”

Thyme just threw her head back an laughed so hard she felt as if her sides were going to rupture, a few tears from her mirth rolled down her fluffy cheeks before gaining enough control to lean over and whisper into the old mammal’s ear.

“Mnnnnn sound like fun old man, think you can handle a gal like me?”

With this she ran paw along the top of his head, this made James groan and shake his head slightly much to the old Ram amusement who rebuked with a near toothless smile.

“Where I but thirty years younger I’d rock your world!”

Taking the time to count quietly to ten only to concluding that this didn’t really help James slumped his shoulders and was about to introduce the venerable inn keeper when he was interrupted by a soft warm voice followed by the something soft pressing up against his back.

“If you were thirty years younger father you’d still be old enough to be her great grandfather!”

James blushed brightly as he felt a pair of black arms wrap around his from behind and the touch of a female’s pelvis on his buttocks, the same voice spoke quietly to him as its own sniffed at his scent all most as if needing to be sure he was real.

“The old man was quite beside himself when he heard what had happened, you have to tell me your tale over dinner latter, mothers making her vegetable stew again.”

Gulping deeply James turned around to face the young female sheep that was holding him a little to intimately for his comfort, the softness he had felt had been her wool under her green dress. Her coat was sheered in the style most female Sheep of her generation preferred leaving some across her chest and never regions, leaving her midriff along with her neck bare. Of course, to look at her you could be forgiven for not noticing this especially with her coverings, but where she to press up close to someone, which she was prone to doing especially to a male that catches her eye, it would be quite obvious. Not that he was going to say anything especially with the aging father so close to hand.

“So I see you brought me two gorgeous Lions to play with this time hmnnnn? Maybe you can join in this time instead of hiding away on the other side of the room like last time you can even have the little cotton tail participate?”

It was at being referred to as cotton tail that stirred Thyme into motion as she nudged her way between them her hands on her hips and a look that would have sent most men packing.

“Back Off, if he’s gonna be going down any one’s hole tonight, it’ll be mine!”

The Hare huffed making eye contact with the Sheep, at one-point Jame’s felt he was going to have a fight on his hands, even Snag as well as Grim had stopped their normal game of who could out argue the other and was making a bee line towards them but the Sheep just laughed softly as she took a step back her palms held up in submission.

“Can’t blame a girl for trying!”

She announced before heading rather swiftly towards the two large Lions a wicked glint in her eyes, James watched her flirt with the old veterans for a moment before giving relived smile as Thyme eased up alongside him slipping her arms through his and easing herself close to him rubbing her chest up against his arm in a show of her affection, she looked up at his confused face, Thyme just smiled and nuzzled her furry cheek against his shoulder as if what had just happened had been little more than a figment of his imagination.

“I gave up trying to figure out these female long ago, all it does is hurt the brain!”

The old Ram chuckled gesturing for James to follow, taking a deep breath as he resigned himself to having a new arm warmer he followed the venerable old male to the counter where a large ledger sat closed with a thick long ribbon showing the page currently in use. James had to admit it was the thickest and largest book he had ever seen.

“You be wondering to just how far back this old place be going don’t cha? Well let’s just say it’s older than even my own grand pappy who first opened the Ram’s Gate Inn.”

The Ram wheezed out a chuckle before opening the book to page with the ribbon marking its position, James blinked trying to figure out just how long ago the conclusion made his own business seem insignificant in comparison. He just hoped he would have at least one heir from his mates that he might be able to pass his carpentry skills on to. Who in turn would do the same with their off spring.
James was broken from his train of thought by a discrete cough from the old Ram who had finished filling out the new line and had turned the book around for him to make his mark. Taking the offered quill from the old male James signed the register, he traded the quill back for a two large iron keys each with a wooden tab with the rooms number on them joined via a strip of leather.
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Re: Third Earth

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Sorry folks works been hectic as has life out side the net, the next segment is all but done though and should be up by Friday. @_@
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Re: Third Earth

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I know I'm all most two months late with the next part of the story, life's been some what complicated both
at work and at home, things are getting back to normal and the next part to the story is two days away from
being done. @_@
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Re: Third Earth

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Yeah 20 days past the date I said I'd post this, and I really do feel bad about it, been having troubles with the
bloody computer, first the hard drive dies on me and had to take it in to have it replaced and all the software
put on it (I suck at putting rigs together) then the damned Graphics card goes belly up so took it in again and
got that sorted which cost more money and time.
Now just ten days ago that so called new Nvida Graphics card is so old it's not even supported and new drivers
can't be updated via G-Force GAH! So took it is explained what had happened and it turned out they had let
the new guy who they where training install the hardware and he had unintentionally stuck the graphics card
from someone elese's computer.

They kindly replaced it with a new one for free and did not charge me for their time.
(since it was their blooming fault)
Any way with nought else more to do here's the (very long over due) next instalment of '3rd Earth'
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Re: Third Earth

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Later that evening, having been shown to their rooms, James struck a match against the striker pad upon the candle stick holder held firmly in his hand and filling the air around him with scent of sulphur. As the candle flame flickered it illuminated the darkness of his room for the night, the door creaked as it closed behind him before the sound the lock turning place made his body quiver nervously. The march hare licked her lips as she slipped the key onto small half circle table next to the door, it was just enough to fit the ornamental vase upon it along as the large wooden toggle attached to the room key.

“Well uh heh wow it’s getting late we should get some sleep heh!”

James gulped deeply as he felt the females small body pressing up next to him from behind, her soft breathing was clearly audible in the dimness of the room, the soft gasps of air sounding from the lagomorph’s parted lips let out a soft moan made him hose become that much more restrictive.

“We…uh..should let more light in so we don’t trip over each other when we strip off, no uh I mean when we get ready for bed..heh!”

The human whimpered swiftly moving forwards to the window pulling the shutters open, the room was immediately bathed in a surreal blue hue of moon light that shone through the lead lined glass. With a deep gulp, he turns around watching Thyme slowly walk towards him with a deliberately exaggerated sway to her hips that made his hand tremble, he watched how the moon’s rays shed a pale hue glow around her body making the shadows across her features seem to dance just for him. James squeaked as she drew closer and closer until she was a breaths distance, pursing her lips she lent down ever so slightly blowing a kiss upon the flickering candle snuffing out its flame and slipping the simple candle holder from his fingers order to place it upon the window ledge.

“Your acting like a kit that’s never been with a female before, we both know you have plenty of experience”

Thyme moaned in a quiet lustful voice her cape tossed on to one of the nearby beds, even in the low light he could see the need in her eyes that filled him with the urge to run squealing in fear like prey from a predator, he felt a slight sense of relief as she took a few steps backwards as she slowly started to undress in a seductively provocative manner.


She started dropping her jerkin on to the discarded cape, with a wide grin she eased his hands up to her exposed chest, running his fingers through the soft white fur of her under belly so that he could feel how swollen each of her eight nipples had become while she continued to speak.

“I do so love to play games, I’ll be the dominant female teaching the inexperienced kit how to be a man!”

James felt his body shudder in arousal at her words as she with a foot drags a stool just feet away before hopping up on to it to be at eye level with the Human she intended to bed. In seconds her lips slammed hard up against his sending his mind into dizzy whirlwind of emotions and sensations, her small hands easily controlling his large palm as she guides them into sliding down along her sides, around her hips, coming to a stop up over her taunt little rear where she manipulated them into squeezing her firm cheeks.

“And you….you can be the poor kit I shall utterly demolish!”

She added enjoying the way his body trembled as she broke their kiss, Thyme draws his body in closer to her own while her paws release his hands as they continue there hold upon her firm rear cheeks. With confident groan Thyme begins to lift his top slowly up to reveal the smooth skin of his toned torso, she felt her breath growing heavier as she pressed her snout against him breathing in his scent loving how he felt and smelt.
Lifting herself up as far as her digitigrade feet would allow as she eases his top up over his head then with a flick of a hand threw the garment onto the rest of the discarded clothing. With little warning Thyme crushed her lips yet again to his slipping her warm agile tongue along his own as she draped her arms around the back of his neck to help ease the pressure on her ankles.


Came James’s muffled cry, his eyes bulging wide open before slowly closing, leaning down into the kiss the Human scoops her up allowing her thighs to ease over his hips, the deep passionate lock of muzzle to mouth was broken only through the mutual need to breathe. Their chests heaving against the others as both Human and Hare panted heavily for air, with her eyes closed, her cheek pressed against the nape of his neck, Thyme trembles against him savoring the moment while taking the opportunity to catch her breath the moment felt so perfect for her to lure him into her plans to make him her mate. She was fine with not being the alpha female, as long she got her fair share of off spring Shadow Claw could strut around all she liked.

“Come my naughty little kit don’t you want to learn what teacher has to show you?”

Thyme grins, with her breathing having evened out she fixes her prey with a look of pure carnal hunger that makes James shutter much to her delight. Easing the pads of her paw like hands along his cheeks she draws him towards her parting lips ready to ease her tongue along his, her eyes closing as she prepares for a deep passionate kiss until a sudden squeal of surprise left her thick inhuman lips as she felt James suddenly carry her towards the second bed, Thyme could feel herself sliding up and down against his body with every step they took. The way her sensitive nipples brushed against his skin made her emit all manner of cute sounds that even she had no idea she could make, coming to a stop quivering Hare felt a mixture of both relief as well as disappointment though only for a moment as he sat slowly down, much to her delight she felt his large powerful hands ease up from her haunches as the moved up along her sides forcing the burning need deep in her loins to grow even more intense.

“Please breed me James, please….I’m begging you!...Please choose any hole, but please rut it hard please!”

She begged rubbing the side of her muzzle against him, her body shaking as she pleaded to be used like some cheap common harlot, her entire body tingled with excitement at the touch of his hand as it eased up further to her throat making her whimper submissively to him. Thyme began to shake in his arms, her breath coming in shorter sharper pants until at last his palms eased along the fur of the lagomorph’s cheeks directing her face up towards his face where she found him waiting to part her lips. Thyme stiffens, her back arching towards him as a tiny wave of sheer bliss ripple through her body in the form of a minor orgasm making her desire to beg him once more to take her like the animal she was. To plead for him to pump his highly virile seed into her sinfully wanton womb so she might bare his young, all she could do though was moan into the deep passionate kiss as her body gave itself over to him freely, she was completely consumed by the desire to be claimed by this magnificent male holding her so close to him.
Gasping softly for breath the Hare pushed James’s shoulders down to the blankets her tiny paws trembling with anticipation, pausing to take a few deeper long breaths with the hopes of gaining even the slightest amount of self-control she starts to ease off his hose to reveal the part of him that her body craved the most. It stood proudly in all its girth, longer than any male of her own species that she all most winces at the thought of it sawing through her tight little body though despite this she felt her hunger to push as much of it up into hot moist entrance become overwhelming.
With his legging down by his knees she stops realizing his boots prevented her from going any further, straddling a leg she grips and twists the boot one way then the other in her attempts to force it free. James watched her taunt little rear sway this way and that as her groin ground against his thigh driving her already lust laden mind deeper yet into the depths of carnal desperation.
Her small frame began to jerk with shorter sharper thrusts along against James until she let out a squeal as her body reaching another minor orgasm; his boot sent clattering to the floor. It would take her a few minutes to gather both the strength as well as the composer to straddle his other thigh to repeat the process, only this time he was ready for her little performance.
Reaching down to pop Thyme’s fluffy little tear drop tail free from the tailhole in the rear of her leggings he slips the Hares breeches down over her hips to reveal the moist pink grove of her lower lips, she gave a sudden squeak from the sudden chill of the air against the heat of her neither parts. The horny little lagomorph was too far down for him to orally tease so James made do with a finger, running his finger tip along outside of her sensitive labia, watching how her haunches squirm and shift as he does so.


Thyme gasps looking back over her shoulder to meet his eyes with her own only to close them and squeal as she feels the tip of his finger slip slight along the undersides of her puffed up vaginal lips, James watched her tremble while pressing her chest against his leg, she had forgotten all about trying to pull his second boot off, instead the Hare just pushed herself towards his hand eager to feel something ease inside of her, Thyme howled in frustration as he kept her waiting by simply teasing his finger around her tight little entrance watching as she twisted and swayed her taunt little rear in attempts to swallow his digit whole with her hungry vaginal maw.

“Aren’t you supposed to be doing something?”

James asked her, his finger tip tapping against her opening just enough to press cuticle deep then exiting just as swiftly, Thyme gave yet another squeal followed by a whining sound of disappointment. Narrowing her eyes, she tried to push back against his hand when next he tapped at her tight little orifice this time she managed to ease the intruding finger half way in before clamping down and grinding against it with deep lustful grunts.
Wincing at the considerable grip the Hare’s inner walls applied to his finger as it clenched around his digit, he tried to pull free an act that caused her to moan in delight while squeezing tighter as if to show him just what she had instore for him. After a few seconds he finally drew free forcing a deep groan to escape Thyme’s lips, pulling at his boot once more with side to side twisting motions she managed to finally draw it free tossing it aside shortly followed the last article of clothing his hose, James’s naked body was exposed before her.
She was all most drooling as she looked at his body with greedy lust filled eyes, with less grace and care than she had shown her lover the Hare kicked her own boots across the room, by the time they hit ground she was already wriggling free of her leggings only to fling them away. With her chest heaving heavily Thyme reached out with feverish paws, grasping base of James’s thick swollen organ she eases her small pink tongue along the shaft as her other small paw like hand eased the skin down over his bulbous gland to groom the object of her desires.


Thyme moaned, her words strained as she tried to form her words, already the tip of her tongue traced around the pouting lips at the very tip of his bulb forcing a dribble of pre’ to leak out, something she lapped up in an instant like it was godly ambrosia. Closing her eyes, the Hare began to nuzzle the head of the Human reproductive organ as her thick black lips kissed lustfully at James’s sensitive man-hood. The sound of snuffling reached James as she breathed in his scent, easing her muzzle up over and down along the bulbous end, force it past her puckered lips.


Was the only noise she made as he felt the underside of his length ease along her tongue to the back of her throat it was then the sound of a wooded head rail and shrill of an excited sheep’s bleating accompanied by the bellowing roars of two lustful Lions echoed from the other room utterly killing the moment as his erect member grew flaccid inside of her small hot muzzle as it slipped free from her lips.


Thyme cried out a look of desperation in her eyes as she rapidly worked her fingers around his sexual organ in the hopes of rekindling some life into it but the sounds of bleating and bellowing cries put pay to this. Angrily the Hare dragged James into a kiss hoping distract him but the mood she had so carefully cultivated was gone.


Thyme yelled under her breath, her brow furrowed as her eyes narrowed, hopping down from the bed in a state of undress the Hare marched over to the door pausing only to grab a vase before heading out of the room. For a while there was only silence until suddenly the sound rang out of the vase shattering and the muffled screams of the Sheep from next door where swiftly followed by Snag shouting out a warning to Grim.


This Was soon followed by more screams from the sheep followed by what could only be a momentous struggle, James could only lay there listening to the commotion going on in the other room.
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Re: Third Earth

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Something tells me I need to save all this and toot sweet, as the end to this section of the forum is neigh!
Been caught up on a lot of stuff off line and now in a position to continue writing again, I will continue to post here to the very end but with this being one of the last few threads left I do fear 'Artwork off topic' is on borrowed time O_o
Anyway if this section does go down or rather when it gets taken down I'll repost every thing on SoFurry which will be a hassle but at least all this hard work and effort wont be lost for ever heh!
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Re: Third Earth

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The first ray of the new day came shining in through the window to awaken James from
his slumber feeling refreshed, he could feel something warm and soft curled up next to
him figuring it to be Thyme he eased the cover up a fraction to find he had been wrong.
The Inn Keepers daughter was draped against him her chest wool pressed firm up
against his skin, for a brief moment he wondered if anything had happened during the
night between them but dismissed this as nothing felt different as one might expect after
a night of carnal pleasure so he eased the blanket backdown and enjoyed the warmth of
her body for a little while longer. The minuets passed until eventually he could feel the
young Sheep starting to stir her small hand running along his exposed chest for a few
seconds before sitting bolt upright blushing brightly drawing the cover around her body
and looking at him with bright wide eyes, her jaw a gap unsure if she should be shocked
or happy at her predicament.

“Good Morning!”

He chuckled softly to break the tension as the first signs of recollection of the nights
events filtered down through to her conscious mind followed shortly by the covering her
face with blanket covered hands as she squeaked.

“So, what exactly happened last night?”

James asked receiving another squeak of embarkment for his troubles. Waiting patiently
for a few moments for her to gather herself he eased his hands to hers gently drawing
them away from her face and looking softly into her eyes.

“It’s okay, please I just want to know, please?”

He asked her with a clam gentle tone, she cleared her throat as she tried to waste as
much time as she could before speaking.

“w.when the hare came in al screaming and biting the lions tried to wrestle her to the
ground with little luck, she was to limber and swift for them so while they were busy, I
fled seeking refuge”

She blurted out, James nodded softly easing her into his arm and holding her to him
while looking up at the door in and out of the room, a chair had been propped under the
handle to keep any one especially some berserk Hare form gaining entrance. Turning
towards the windows he could see the dawn rays filtering through the gaps in the
shutters that had been bolted into place, he could put the rest of the story together
himself but he let her continue on.

“I barricaded the door and locked the shutters scared of what might happen if she
managed to get in here, I noticed you sleeping and it was far to a cold night to be
spent alone so I eased into bed with you…BUT I swear I didn’t do anything untoward
while you slumbered!”

The female bleated softly as she nuzzled her face against his chest letting the covers fall
away from her naked body, she loved how his fingers felt against her wool free hips
sending a thrill rippling through her body justifying the latest trend amongst her kind to
have the wool sheered save for the chest area, it was supposed to resemble the lumps on
a female Human’s chest, especially underneath a Sheep’s clothing. Biting her bottom
lips, she drifts one of her small hands down his well-formed body until her hand touched
upon his man-hood, another bleat escapes her mouth as it springs to life at her touch,
swiftly swelling as she wrapped her tiny fingers around the warm swelling organ.

“I deserve a reward for being good, yes?”

In answer to her question he pulled the blanket back over them both concealing them
both fully while bringing his lips to her inhuman mouth while guiding himself between
her thighs causing her to give a loud intake of breath followed by long joyful moan as he
took his pleasure of her, enjoying the tight heat of her insides as his girth relentlessness
sought to enter as far as the females body would permit.

Later that morning down stairs sat around a table James, Grim, Snag and Thyme sat
enjoying a hearty breakfast that would fuel them on the last leg of their journey to the
city of ‘Port Maw’, the Hare sat muttering and muttering under her breath throwing dark
menacing glare sat the Human every time she caught the scent of the Sheep he had lain

“Verily ones’ friend benefited well from the favours of that woollen wench!”

Snag chuckled as the sound of grinding teeth and quiet growls escaped the lagomorph
just feet away from him, if the old Lion cared about the danger he was currently courting
he showed no sign of it as he tore into his raw meat with gusto. Thyme meantime was
gingerly munching upon her salad with extra helping of chopped carrot as she
contemplated upon her next plan to get James into her bed.
Though first she would have remove that damned sheep’s scent off of him, the Hare did
not want to try and explain to either Twilight, the Lions and especially not Shadow why
he smelt of such of a weak female who would rather scream and run rather than stand
and fight.
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Re: Third Earth

Postby Logan Storm » Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:49 pm

Don't worry folks this story isn't dead just been snowed under and up to my neck in stuff at
at work, I have gotten a reply half done and as soon as I can scrape some free time together
I'll finish the next segment off.
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