Announcement: Cessation of Artist Commissions

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Announcement: Cessation of Artist Commissions

Postby Audax » Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:01 pm

A variety of incidents that have occurred since the reorganization of the Off-Topic Forums in 2011 have recently caused us to re-evaluate our stance on allowing commissions to be posted on the Bad Dragon Forums. While we have never specifically endorsed or supported commission information being posted, we have also never stopped it. Circumstances beyond our control have now forced our hand in this matter, and we unfortunately can no longer allow Forum users to offer commissions or art sales here on our Forums.

There are a variety of websites and hosting services both free and paid (such as Fur Affinity, deviantART, or Etsy), that offer a multitude of ways to get your artwork into the hands of your audience. Several websites that are available to artists offer protection for both the buyer and the seller of artwork, as well as dedicated feedback systems to help educate users about previous transactions.

Bad Dragon does not have the time or resources to monitor and regulate the Artwork subforum for claims of copyright infringement, undelivered commissions, or other disputes that arise between two users, nor are we liable for any agreements made in a private business transaction between two or more individuals. Staff members are unable to intervene in the instance of a private commission transaction gone wrong, and due to the high amount of reports in the past few months, we are no longer able to condone sales of artwork being permitted here.

Users will have until July 1st of 2013 to finalize any commission information that may be pending, or arrange alternate methods of communication between buyer and seller. After this date, all posts containing commission information will be deleted from the Forums. From this date of June 24th 2013 going forward, no further posts of commission information will be allowed.

In line with this announcement and our Code of Conduct, we will not permit the advertisement of commissions in signatures or profiles. We will permit users to link to their artist page on various websites (Fur Affinity, deviantART, Etsy, etc.) where commission information can be found, but we will not permit the direct advertisement of commissions in signatures or profiles.

Users will still be allowed to post and share artwork in the Artwork Off-Topic Forum. After the deadline of 7/1/2013, the Artwork section will be reorganized to reflect these changes. Bad Dragon related fan art can be shared in the appropriate subforum in the News section.

From here on, we require that users not create threads accepting commissions for artwork or crafts, whether physical or digital. Failure to abide by this policy will result in disciplinary consequences up to and including a permanent ban from the Forums. Threads found to be in violation will be deleted with no warning issued. Consequences will be based on Moderator discretion depending on the severity of the violation.

This will be addressed in an upcoming revision of our Code of Conduct. For now, we ask your cooperation as we work to make the Forums a safer, more relevant, and useful resource for everyone.

We understand the frustration that this may cause our artistic users, as well as those who seek the creativity of others to fulfill their fantasies. This was a hard call for us to make, but we hope that by restructuring our focus and what we can support on our Forums, we will make them a more valuable resource for all of our users.

As always, concerns may be addressed via the Ticket System or to [email protected].

Thank you,
-Audax, Forum Administrator
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