Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Numinator » Sun Jul 17, 2011 3:03 am

my bad if this is off topic but ive heard the 'chimera' on here more than once. i really liked to pic of it i saw. is it made by bad dragon? if it is would i be able to get my hands on it? :canada: (lol a beaver wtf)
Med David (3) glow in the dark arctic ice blue w/o cumtube (so excited!)

Med Waterhorse (5) glow in the dark flesh pink
Med Breeder (8) Crimson red to black fade
Small Karabos (5) Lime green glow in the dark to orange/wood normal base split
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Gory_Archie » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:49 am

Numinator wrote:my bad if this is off topic but ive heard the 'chimera' on here more than once. i really liked to pic of it i saw. is it made by bad dragon? if it is would i be able to get my hands on it? :canada: (lol a beaver wtf)

Most likely these Chimeras were purchased from other members or adoptions since this is a discontinued BD toy (something about it causing prolapses previously? :X) Maybe someone could sell it but it may be very unlikely that this could happen. Sorry 'bout that. Oh by the way :scotland: sheep :lol:
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Eerath » Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:05 pm

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Gory_Archie » Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:11 pm



Color: Surprise Me! (Citrus Orange)
Name:Bugsy (Since he looks like a carrot) :lol:


Unflared Chance (Adopted)
Color: Surprise Me! (Awaiting result)
Name: TBA


Size: Medium
Color: Coral Pink to Dark Carrot Fade
Name:Trevor or Philonias?

Color:Crimson Red or Maroon
Name: Tentaspy (I blame yoai fans lul)

2nd Unflared Chance
Firmness: 8 or 5
Color: Candy Apple Red
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I'm the petit oiseau magnifique (little beautiful bird) of lieutenant and she is Mein Geschöpf der Nacht (My Creature of the Night) who also made my current avie ;D
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Ceo Nadar » Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:59 pm


Size - small
Firmness - 5
Color - turquoise to cerulean shaft, green base [Elden's colors!]
suction cup
Elden Pos 3.jpg

Size - small
Firmness - 3/8 split
Color - pearled grey to pearled dark green base, mother of pearl base [snakey Slytherin colors]
suction cup
Naga Pos.jpg

Color options:
1. Marbling - 3 color maximum.
2. Pearled/metallic.
3. Translucent colors.
4. Glow in the dark.
5. Highlights

Notes to self:
1. Send in ticket asking if there is a difference between sparkles/glitter and pearled colors. A: 'Sparkle' can be generic, but there is a difference between metallic and pearled.
New answer from HerrAardy: "Pearly and Metallic Colors

People seem to be confused because they're being told metallic and pearly colors are different, but staff uses the terms interchangeably. Staff uses it interchangeably because production does. The additives are different, but can be used differently to *make* them interchangeable. The pearly additives can be used to make metallic toys and the other way around. When you tell us you want a "metallic" or a "pearly" toy we make it differently, but sometimes with the same additive depending on the color/toy texture/etc."

2. Send in a ticket asking how well they can control the marbling - large splotches, small splotches, fine marbling? A: You need to send in reference pic so they can determine possibility.

Probably too damn big:
Moko Yay, he fits!
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Nemekh » Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:11 am

Figured I might as well post a new list as it's interesting to compare before things changed drastically :P

Medium (8) Tailstretcher (Black Friday)
Medium (Split 5/8) Naga
Large (3) Werewolf
Large (3) Karabos (in Hydralisk colour!)
Medium (5) Werewolf (in Varka-messed-up-the-gold-by-adding-bronze Gold :p)
Medium (3) Seadragon (in pearlescent blue/flourescent glow in the dark green with metallic silver)
Natasscha the Anthro Husky (in Glow in the dark marbled grey/black)
Medium (3) Bruiser (Prototype!)

Large (3) Breeder
Large (3) Xenogon
Janine the Anthro Dragoness
Mary the Anthro Mare

The Flashlight
The Dog Turd
The Gold Teeny Weenie
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Willow » Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:34 pm

Gold Teeny Weenie? Gold like... you (with a disclaimer "Not actual size")?
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Nemekh » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:43 am

It's more a yellower gold than my shade of gold :p but it's a twin of the golden teeny weeny which was the grand prize at AC this year for the lucky dip ($300 of store credit!) :D
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Shandrel » Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:18 pm

So I guess I should post this...

Also, My home is a Forever Home, if i buy a toy, i am keeping him, even if i don''t use him that often.. If i don't use him often he becomes a " Kitty Cuddle Toy" If i do seel, it is only to people i know and respect.

Haves For Kitty:
Veraden ( Vergil Sm, 5) Suction cup Review

Vesper ( Vergil Sm, 8) Review

Klaus ( Karabos, sm, 8, flop) Suction cup Review

Titus ( Razor, Med. 5) Cumtube Review

Squishy(Fairy Dragon, Sm, 3) Review

Wolfie (Ware Sm, 8) Suction cup review

Foxy? (kit fox zeta) Suction cup Review

Chico Review

Bruiser(sm winston tail,5) review

Ridggie(sm ridgeback,5) review SOLD

Nemoy (med. 8 tentacle) review SOLD

Leg Fusion, (3) review

Midas (Sm. Breeder, 5) [url=[/url]

Tentie (sm. tentacle, 3 ) [url=[/ul]


Flop tentie ( sm.5)

Phy and Sai ( Sm. Naga, 3/5 and 8) [url=[/url]

Kai ( Med. Naga 5) [url=[/url]

Anthro dragon, (sm. 5) SOLD, but will review.

Waterhorse, (med. 3) Traded but will review.

Borrowed Toys:
Med. Unflared chance, 3. will review
Med. Flared Chance, 3, will review
Large. were, 10, will review

Have for Demon:
VicMiniana( Mare) Review
Dragoness Review
Husky ( yet to be reviewed)

Legacy Gryphon ( Med. 3) Suction cup ( paid for last year, longer than i can remember, still have not recieved. Do not expect to.)

Wants: ( Please note I will adopt any of these)

tail stretcher (sm 5)
Seadragon (sm, 5) Suction cup
Winston (med. Large XL variouse firmnesses.)
New gryphon (sm. 5)
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Phyrre » Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:31 am

•♥♦♥ Phyrre's Checklist! ♥♦♥•


Small Karabos, 5/8 split, custom color split.
Ordered (6/8/2011)
MQ (7/5/2011)
Shipped (7/21/2011)
Received (7/25/2011)

Medium Stallion (Unflared), 5, Halloween Black.
Ordered (11/1/11)
MQ (12/7/11)
Shipped (1/4/12)
Received (1/11/12)

Small Stallion (Flared), 5, Halloween Black.
Ordered (11/1/11)
MQ (12/5/11)
Shipped (1/4/12)
Received (1/11/12)

Medium Moko, 5, Custom Split Marble
Ordered (5/27/12)
MQ (6/13/12)
Shipped (6/15/12)
Received (6/20/12)

Small Tentacle, 2, Clover Green.
Ordered (6/15/12)
Shipped (6/20/12)
Received (7/27/12)

Small Earth Dragon, 5, Surprise Me (Charcoal)
Ordered (7/20/12)
Shipped (7/23/12)
Received (7/28/12)

Small Beta Shark, 5, Electric Blue
Ordered (8/31/12)
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Rheiga » Sat Jul 23, 2011 3:40 am

hmmmm, I own

Small Gryphon, 5, purple
Small Seadragon, 5, blue
Small werewolf, 5, orage shaft with red base




Small Chance, unflared, 8
medium Chance, unflared, 5 (for the wife)
Medium Dolphin, 8
(probably others but these are going to be purchased in the not too distant future, probably next tax return.)
Small (5) Royal Purple Gryphon
Small (5) Midnight Blue Sea Dragon
Small (5) Natural Red Werewolf
Black Mare
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby lieutenant » Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:29 am

I own
Medium Flared Chance (Trevor)

xl Karabos, split firmness 3/5
xl David the werewolf, split firmness 3/5
large Razor firmness 5
Large Xenogon
Large Naga
Large Faerie Dragon
Happily mated/engaged
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Toys I own.
XL Clayton Surprise me color
XL Xar a tinge lighter than forest green
XL Bruiser Surprise me color
Medium Flared Chance Black

Toys I want.
An XL Fenrir
XL Scorn
XL Nox
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Xiamara » Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:51 pm

Ok so I guess my collection of BD toys is pitiful....considering it's not a collection,I only have one so far :cry:
So I have: Large xenogon
black/ hardness 5

Medium karabos
green and purple marbled with purplish black base/hardness 5

I want: small tailstretcher
forest brush, metallic (if possible)
firmness 5

Dragons tongue
"toxic" green tip to purple faded
firmness 3

medium David
black purple marbled
firmness 8/5 split

Cockatrice size medium, large
crimson drake, regal alpha
firmness 5/8 split

medium xenogon
dark natural
firmness 5

Large Liger!!!!
pride streak :D
firmness 5/3 split

The feisty wyvern
custom magma colors
firmness 8

I want something metallic too, I'd love for it to be the tail-stretcher! :mystery:
and many.... many toys that are still in the works or undecided if I want them.
I will be buying a couple different ones for some friends though, so that list is:
husky:marbled black and purple, dragoness: marbled green and gold.
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby SKINS » Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:56 pm

♀ = Partner's toy

Tantus medium silk
Leaf Life+
Fleshlight Freaks Frankenstein
Elypse Art Uni
Elypse Art Magic
Vixen Creations Lone Star
Fairy Wand Mini

Zeta Paws Kit Fox Firmness: Medium
Zeta Paws Natural Akita Firmness: Medium
Zeta Paws The Helmutt Firmness: Medium

Exotic Erotics Murray Medium (6) / Suction Cup
Exotic Erotics Werewolf Soft (4)

Bruiser the Fusion Medium / Extra Soft (2)
Razor the Doberman Medium / Medium (5) / Cumtube
Bruiser the Fusion Medium / Medium (5) / Cumtube; Suction Cup
Unfl. Chance the Stallion Medium / Medium (5)
David the Werewolf Medium / Medium (5) / Suction Cup
Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon Small / Soft (3)
Bruce the Shark Medium (5)
Clayton the Earth Dragon Large / Extra Soft (2)
Xar the Kaarabos Large / Wide Split (3/8)
Apollo the Chimera Medium / Soft (3)
Xar the Karabos Medium / Soft (3) / Suction Cup
Legacy Breeder Medium / Medium (5) / Suction Cup
Ridgeback Small / Soft (3) / Cumtube
Tucker the Equinine Small (5)

On the Way
Winston's Tail Medium (5)

= Top of list

Clayton Medium / Soft (3)
Tentacle Large / Soft (3)
Flared Chance Medium / Soft (3)
[ZP] Oskar Medium (4)
[EE] Phoenix Medium / Soft (3)
[EE] Raptor Medium / Soft (3)
[Freaks] Zombie

[EE] Silver Flared Soft (3)
[EE] Remus Soft (3)
[Freaks] Drac

Previously Owned
David the Werewolf / Small / Medium (5) / GITD
Karabos / Small / Firm (8)
Cockatrice / Small / Medium (5)
Moko the Liger / Medium / Medium (5)/ Black & White highlights
David the Werewolf / Medium / Medium (5) /Cumtube; Suction Cup
The Varka One size / Medium (5) / Suction cup / Cumtube
Cole the Dane Small / Medium (5)

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Saultion » Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:25 am

Xavier - Medium Gryphon (5)
Fukushima - Large Glowing Karabos (3)
Telthos - Medium Ridgeback (5)
Midas - Small Werewolf Metallic Swirled Bronze (8)
Medium Bruiser Fusion (5)
Large Naga (3)
Medium Unflared Chance (5)
Marbled Flared Chance (5)
Medium Cockatrice (5/8)
Medium Razor (5)
Small Cockatrice (3)
Large Cockatrice (3)
Small Tailstretcher (8)
Medium Tailstretcher (8)
Medium Breeder (8)
Extra Large Werewolf (3)
Medium Desi (8/5/3)
Large Ripple Gold Karabos (8)
Medium Elden (5)
Small Vergil (8)
Small Winston (8)
Small Moko (3)
Medium Werewolf (5)
Medium Werewolf (2)
Extra Large Karabos (5/8)
Small Tentacle (5)
Small Tentacle (5)
Large Gryphon (3)
Medium Winston (2)
Large Winston (5)
Natascha (2)
Dragoness (2)
Medium Karabos (5)
Medium Werewolf (2)
Medium Karabos (5/3/8)
Medium Naga (5)
Medium Breeder (5)
Small Razor (5)
Small Werewolf (5)
Small Werewolf (5)
Medium Seadragon (5)
Small Winston (8)
Medium Werewolf (5)
Medium Metallic Mint Swirled Karabos (8)
Medium Moko (3)
Medium Werewolf (5)
Large Werewolf (3)
Medium Drippy (3/5)
Medium Seadragon (5)
Medium Tongue (2)
Large Tentacle (2)
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Canine_angel » Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:12 am

Just a note- Very rarely will I sell my boys, please do not PM me asking if I'll sell. I am very attached to my investments.

Med Tentacle and Sm Were Review-
Sm Flared Chance and Sm Ridgeback Review
Big Ass Review

Sprinkles-David the Werewolf 5/Small/SURPRISE ME! (Purple/black marble)-
Cerberus- Fusion 3/Suction cup, cumtube *adopted from Siberian Softie*
Octostache-Tentacle 5/Medium/SURPRISE ME! (Burgundy with gold shimmer) Flop sale 7/5-
Ol' Smokey-Ridgeback 5/Small/Custom split (Metallic gunmetal/Metallic sapphire)-
Acid-Karabos 3/Small/Custom color(Blinding purple)-
Chicken of the Sea- Cockatrice 3/Small/Custom Fade(pearlescent periwinkle to pearlescent white)-
Link- Werewolf 3/Medium/Custom Split (Glow-in-the-dark teal shaft, grey with green shimmer base)-
Rayne- Tongue 3/Custom color(Red with purple shimmer)-
Maximus-Chance 3/Medium/SURPRISE ME!(Neon Purple)-
Charles-Dolphin 3/Medium/SURPRISE ME!(Pearlescent Orange)-
Leonidas-Duke 5/Medium/Pastel Purple Flop Sale 10/26
Desmond Anthro 3/Medium/Custom fade(Midnight blue to translucent icy blue)
Rikki- New Fusion 3/Small/ Custom Split/Fade(pearly white base, midnight blue to icy blue shaft)X2
Gargoyle-Gryphon 3/Medium/collectors edition
Nessy-Waterhorse 3/Medium, cumtube *adopted from Shandrel*
Solaris-Naga 5/Large *adopted from Forever_Grinning*
Tweedle Dee Chance(flared) 3/Small/ SURPRISE ME(Red/Orange marble)
Tweedle Dum Vergil 3/Small/ SURPRISE ME(Red/Orange marble)
The Beast-Xeno 3/Large/Green with gold shimmer FLOP
UNDECIDED Cole 3/Small/ Unpigmented FLOP
UNDECIDED Cole 5/Small/ Lavender FLOP
UNDECIDED Clayton 3/Small/Whore Red
UNDECIDED Moko 3/Small/ Blossom Pink
OhMiBod Naughtibod in Blueberry
Fox Tail Plug

Tentacle 5/Small/Onyx Black
Elden 3/Medium/Crimson Drake
Breeder 5/Small/Onyx Black
Seadragon 5/Medium, cumtube/Emerald Green
Flared Chance 5/Small/SURPRISE ME!(Light Natural)
Were L/10/Green Flop Sale 12/22
Chance(flared) M/3/SURPRISE ME!(Brown/flesh marble) Flop Sale 12/16
Seadragon 5/Small/SURPRISE ME!(Onyx Black)
Chance(unflared) 3/Medium/Candy Corn Flop Sale 12/16
Karabos 3/Medium/SURPRISE ME!(Minty Green) Flop Sale 12/22
Tailstretcher 5/Medium, Suction cup
Tentacle 8/Medium/Coal Black

Seadragon- 3/Medium/Custom color(white with blue shimmer) $120
Tailstretcher- 3/Large/Custom highlight (Metallic forest green, silver highlight) +suction cup $185
Tentacle- 5/Large/Custom color (Dark blue with purple shimmer) $130
Breeder- 3/Medium/Custom Split (Pearlescent neon green shaft, Metallic black base) $115
Waterhorse- 3/Large/Custom Split(Sparkly white shaft, pearlescent turquoise base) $145
Razor- 3/medium/ Custom split/marble(black sheath, red and silver marbled cock) $110
Ridgeback- 3/Medium/custom split (pearlescent white base, metallic ruby shaft) $135
Vergil- 3/medium/ custom color(pearlescent teal)
Karabos- 3/Medium/Custom Split(Green with gold shimmer shaft, bronze base) $115
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Lady~ » Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:57 pm

Here's mah junk!


Legacy Gryphon
Small/8/Custom Colors

Legacy Fusion
One size/3/Dark Blue

Medium/8/Candy Corn!

Chance - Unflared
Medium/8/Toxic Green and Black Marbled Shaft black balls!

Chance - Flared
Small/8/Faded white to seafoam green


Small/5/Halloween Orange

Small/8/Arctic Ice

Small/8/ Emerald Green

Small/5/Dark Natural

Medium/8/Translucent sorta teal blue with purple/pinkish sparkly swirls!


Small/8/Pearlescent Bubble Gum Pink Cock/ Snow Leopard marbled base!

Small/5 or 5/8 split/White tip fading into dark grey with silvery pearlescenceand a gunmetal base
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Starlight_Equine24 » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:42 am

Owns -
Large David - Fleshy Pink (bought from Jagdwolf :D)

Chico the Rottie - (Red and Purple with light blue wisps here and there)

Gryphon Medium (Legacy) - Sort of a forest green (bought from kyrengraves)

Wishlist - (Haven't really decided on colors yet but I'll update this in the future.)

Breeder Large -

Bruiser Medium -

Chance (Flared) Large -

Chance (Unflared) Large -

Clayton Medium -

Cole Medium -

Crackers Medium -

David Ex. Large -

Duke Large -

Gryphon Ex. Large (Legacy & New model) -

Moko Large - Pride Streak

Razor Large -

Ridgeback Large -

Tailstretcher Large-

Varka - {:/ Hope to get one but might be difficult now that its gone......}

Xar Small -

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Sarge » Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:12 pm

I might as well toss mine here...

Adopted AC2010 Large Razor (5) Reviewed
#51836 Small Werewolf (5) w/suction cup Reviewed
#54743 Small Seadragon (5) w/suction cup Reviewed
#84086 Medium Werewolf (5) w/suction cup Reviewed
#84086 Medium Chance (5) Reviewed
#H3821 Medium Karabos (5) w/suction cup Reviewed
#H3821 Small Cockatrice (5) w/suction cup Reviewed
Medium Cockatrice (5) w/suction cup

None at the moment.

Medium Cole (5)
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Snærhjarta » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:48 am

1. Legacy Gryphon.
Size: Medium
Firmness: probably 5.
Extras: Sutcion cup, but it doesn't work as well as it should
Color: Black
Name: Aedan
Notes: It's great, but I think I would prefer it in a higher firmness.
Review: ]NSFW!

2. Anthro Dragon
Size: Small
Firmness: cored
Extras: none
Color: Green
Name: Brian
Notes: /
Review: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=13729

2. Anthro Dragoness
Size: one size fits all!
Firmness: ...
Extras: none
Color: Dragoness blue
Name: /
Notes: /
Review: /


Ordering soon:

Xar the Karabos. Medium. 5 (medium). Probably with suction cup. Colors: Something wild
David the Werewolf. Medium. 5 (medium). Probably with suction cup. Colors: Something wild
Vergil the Drippy Dragon. Medium. 5 (medium). Probably with suction cup and cumtube. Colors: Black and neon orange.
Tentacle. Medium/large. 3 or 5 (soft/medium). Colors: Probably like in the art blue/greenish.

Winston's Tail
Crackers the Cockatrice
Xar the Karabos
David the Werewolf
Chance the Stallion (flared or unflared)
Duke the Bad Dragon
Vergil the Drippy Dragon
The Tentacle
The Tailstretcher
The Seadragon
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