New Cumlube Recipe

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Re: New Cumlube Recipe

Postby Vin Szu » Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:52 pm

Not sure if the old recipie did this but; if you get the lube on any fabrics WASH THEM, it will bleach.
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Re: New Cumlube Recipe

Postby Sirkowskii » Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:57 am

so i tried the new cumlube for science and it didn't really taste like anything to me. just the texture when swallowing was really odd. however it did give me a tummy ache that kept me up for half the night so i do not recommend eating it/simulation swallowing a dragons load or whatever down. cause it was one hell of a night tossing and turning and hurting.

also i was allergic to the old recipe but i haven't had any complications with the new recipe which makes me very happy <3. i've tried a lot of different lubes but BD's is the only one that makes me happy with it's stringyness and i don't have to add as much when im toying now.
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Re: New Cumlube Recipe

Postby Apolys » Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:01 am

so I finally used up all me old lube and bought the new one. I must say the stringiness of this is ridicules lol its like extra fine cheese pizza :laugh: I wonder if spider man had the same issue cuse that's how it makes me feel XD me and my mate just laughed as what was only a little spill over turned into a webbed mess all over me @[email protected] trying to get it off in a few seconds. :shock:

I am extremely picky on my lube and bad dragons is the first I have ever found to be one I cant live without! it makes astrilgide feel like sand paper those were the words of my mate after I introduced him to this ! I love the slimness to it ( which is funny cause I hate the feeling of real cum)

compared to the old formula

slipperiness old 10 new 10

slimy old 9 new 10 for some reason I feel like the new formula is more slimy

taste old 5 tastes like lube but with more of a tingly numbing feeling new 8 can stand the taste more and dose not numb my taste or mouth much funer to use with male penetrable especially with the dragon muzzle using my mouth for suction pretending its mine while stroking my mate

stringy effect old pretty stringy but not too bad new 11 @[email protected] why did spider man just juizz all over me :shock:

longevity of lube old9 lasts pretty long new 10 lasts longer I feel and the wetter you are the better it dose not seem to lose consistency as quickly as the old with adding spit or wetness

side effects still needs to be ran more but the first time we used It my mate and I it burned the next day just a bit but went a way though this could have many factors so inconclusive as of yet I did get my new toy and may have just got to much of a good thing :laugh:
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Re: New Cumlube Recipe

Postby AcroJet » Sat Dec 27, 2014 8:35 pm

Well, this evening I noticed that the new bottles of cumlube I recently bought are no longer the same formula of the bottle that came with my Chance toy, which led me to the BD forums and eventually this topic. Since the original formula (the one with propylparaben and methylparaben) was so perfect I was afraid it may have changed in a way I wouldn't like. Just a little while ago I got done with a very satisfying session, so now I'm able to contribute a review based on firsthand experience. BTW, this is the white Cumlube I'm talking about, not clear.

Two things to note about the old recipe. First, I saw some people say they found it to have a terrible taste. I found the old stuff to have virtually no taste whatsoever, and no smell either. Second, I read that many people experienced UTIs relating to using Cumlube. That seems very strange considering the parabens are bactericidal and fungicidal preservatives. It seems like the infections may have had some other source to introduce bacteria, but I'm not a medical professional so I don't know what effect the Cumlube formula would have when introduced into a urethra.

Anyway, on to the review. The biggest and simplest way to describe it is that the new Cumlube seems absolutely identical to the old Cumlube. Taste (or lack thereof) is the same and the very faint scent is the same. The texture, stringiness, slipperiness, sliminess (which Apolys finds to be important in a lubricant), and longevity of its lubrication and hydration is absolutely identical to the old Cumlube. It is perfectly neutral when used anally with not the slightest hint of any sensations (burning, stinging, etc.) whatsoever; it's as mild as pure water. And as far as swallowing it or any after-effects (which Bad Dragon does not specifically endorse doing), it clings to the throat exactly the same as the old stuff and I experienced zero stomach upset after swallowing about 1/2 of a fluid ounce in the course of a session. (Hey, ya' gotta fantasize about giving Chance a nice blow before the real fun begins.) :hawaaaafap:

So unless my original bottle of Cumlube which I received in July was the new formulation in an old bottle or the bottle I opened from the case of Cumlube I bought in October was the old formulation in a new bottle, the new Cumlube seems to be every bit as superb as the old Cumlube. I'm glad to report that it remains the best lube I've ever used.
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Re: New Cumlube Recipe

Postby SkittishPet » Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:14 am

First time posting, and first time using the cumlube (so I can't compare to the old recipe). I'm actually here because I was trying to find out what the irritating ingredient was.

My wonderful futa-mistress bought one of the nova cumming toys recently, and we tried it out this evening with the lube. We were just starting in play to gauge in consistency of the lube. (she squirted some on my face) but after a few minutes (as the stuff started to dry up) my skin started to, not quite rash, but it tingled irritatingly. So we stopped and washed my face.

Now, my facial skin has always been really sensitive to lotions and makeups, so we were worried I was allergic to the lube. A little later just to test if it was only my face that was sensitive, I dripped some on my other-places and waited 5 or 6 minutes. It tingled a bit, but not to the same annoying pain like it was for my face it felt more like one of those lubes with the "warming-sensation" feature), so we went through a full round of play and then cleaned up well after. It didn't bother my mouth or my genitals, so I'm assuming it's okay to use with the rest of my body.

I'm guessing, based on the other review posts, that it's either the Citric acid or Titanium dioxide ingredient that's the culprit for the itchy face. But I've eaten actual foods containing those ingredients before with no allergic reaction (though I don't think I smeared my face the with food, so I never tested it before on skin). Oh well, guess we'll just have to skip the "facials" :rolleyes:

Over all I'd say the stuff is pretty good. It looks really convincing. Felt nice, has a very mild taste.

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