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Re: Anomaly Detected!

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:05 am
by AlphaBlue
Exactly! Chibity's been the real star of making it come to life, but it's also something we made for ourselves as a community with all of the feedback and support. One thing I noticed in the past few months is how many threads are made looking for advice on knottable toys and never being able to find what's "just right", either because other models don't take certain things into consideration and/or the design limits the function. Kage though, to me, is a very fluid design and Chibity did a great job of taking all of those things into consideration from all the feedback and personal insight of her own. That's something that takes a lot of patience and also setting ego aside to allow other points of view without bias, and she was very responsive in that respect. That and of course the awesome Kage-related art threads that were really cute and brought attention to the design :stick:

It's not perfect for everyone right off the bat (no design could ever be in one size, or even half a dozen), but I think because it has the backing of those who have been following since it's creation and the attention of a broad audience looking for the right fit and friendly dimensions, that it won't be long before it has a full release and can be a fit for those who feel left out as well with only the current, one size to choose from.

Re: Anomaly Detected!

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:23 am
by Vexon
Pretty much a lot of people have said what needs to be said. Most designs fall short of taking in the criticism and feedback they need to make a toy more appealing to it's demographic. Chibity took nearly a years worth of the community's advice and molded Kage into what he is today. It is the fact that she was listening to the community and making changes (both large and small) so that Kage would appeal to as many people as possible without altering his original purpose that gave it the current popularity it has today.

Many designers can learn from this process. It's not about just making a toy, it's about getting involved with your potential customer base and giving them what they really want. In my personal opinion, by making a toy and praying for it to be positively received is VERY difficult and quite close-minded.
Chibity has made a name for herself by talking with not only her customer base, but turning those people into friends and listening to everything they had to say.

So to answer your question, why is Kage so popular?
Chibity spent a very long time taking in every bit of criticism to make the necessary changes to the toy to make it successful, befriended a good portion of the community and involved herself so deeply that she has become part of the BD forum family.

Re: Anomaly Detected!

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:23 pm
by reine
Willow wrote:Ok, don't kill me for saying this but... why is this toys a big thing that it seems to be?
...don't get me wrong, the toy is fine and looks nice (not really for me), but it doesn't really seem as earth-shattering as I am sensing from some people. I know people have been waiting for it for a long time now.

I know, I sound like a horrible person. I don't hate the toy, but what really makes it stand from other ones?

I think it's a combination of the amount of community feedback on the design (people looking for a good knot, etc.) and the amount of art/doodles/icons/etc. surrounding Kage (which would draw more interest). Art and stuff can be a huge selling point-- I worked as an artist for a petsite once and everyone wanted to be my friend and help me out. :psyduck:

That's just my guess, though. :mystery: I don't get the hype because I'm not really into the shape, but congrats to Chibity for the win! A lot of effort went into this design, so it's nice to see it pay off.

Re: Anomaly Detected!

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 10:29 am
by MyFavoriteObsession
Congratulations, Chibity! I've loved Kage's design ever since I came across it in the labs, and it's been so awesome seeing Kage make it to production! The finished product looks amazing, and I can't wait to try one out!

Re: Anomaly Detected!

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:06 pm
by TheIntropervert
I originally didn't have much interest in this design, but now that I'm seeing the final product, I may put this on my "Possibly Want" list lol. I really like the final design. I don't know that it'll make it to my "Definitely Want" list...but things could change ;)