Somina -Demon Sheep Goddess- (Dildo Idea)

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Re: Somina -Demon Sheep Goddess- (Dildo Idea)

Postby Grimly Fiendish » Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:40 pm

nightvales wrote:This with a suction cup is just dreamy. I love all the textural details.

Agree with all of this.
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Re: Somina -Demon Sheep Goddess- (Dildo Idea)

Postby Bliz » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:35 am

masterchefguy wrote:I was told to post this here, if there's enough interest in Somina's demon dick, I'll render it in 3D and improve it's quality a bit.

There's also a non-tentacle tipped and other versions over here:

Here's a general 3D concept for a more user friendly version of her donger, it could probably still use a bit of tweaking, but there's a lot of "lady pleasure" that I've tried to work into it, many clit stimulation opportunities for the daring regardless of grinding or those daring enough to feel it on the inside.

For a bit of background, as the subject says, Somina is a demonic sheep goddess, the sketch above is in a more humanoid form, but in her monster form, is much more draconic is look with proper hooves, while retaining her hands more or less) and extensions of her chitinous armor...she can also get fairly fluffy in places.
Or she can go into total fluff mode:

Wow! I'm in love with the desing of that toy! It would be wonderfull If they can make it. Feel textures of the toy then you ride it. Really great job. You sent that design to BD?
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