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Re: The Oriental - Vote in BD labs!

Postby Foxfire » Fri Mar 28, 2014 7:26 am

Ok, so some of you may have noticed that there's a bit of heated discussion at the moment due to Furry weekend Atlanta, and it's new theme being "Shangra-la: The Furgotten Orient".

When referring to people, "oriental" is certainly a derogatory term, and I think when referring to places as well? Anyway, it's a different context, but I felt that since the title of my toy was referring to a dragon (not even an anthro one)/a made up creature, and ultimately a silicone object, that it would be okay. The various comments I've seen regarding the convention, and discussion surrounding why it was a poor choice of theme, are making me a little paranoid that even in this context it's not really okay.

I've never had a comment to say otherwise-that it's offensive or inappropriate-but still it has me wondering. Does anyone have any thoughts?

It's not a big deal to change it to "Eastern", the word "Oriental" just seemed a bit nicer-makes me think of long Eastern-type dragons circling around in the sky or something. But I don't want to risk upsetting anyone, or unknowingly use the term in the wrong manner and come across the wrong way. :(

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