TTC Medium Jake, Female Review

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TTC Medium Jake, Female Review

Postby memphs » Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:39 pm

Twin Tail Creations
Jake the Werewolf, KnotPlug Series
Medium Size, Soft (4) Firm
Suction Cup

I've had a few weeks to try out Jake and see what about him works or doesn't work, so I thought I'd do a quick review for those looking at this model, or just TTC in general!

Ordering/Shipping - 10/10

Jake was a guided custom, with pictures of crystals as inspiration. I chose 3 pictures I liked and figured they could use bits from each image or just pick one to work from, since I couldn't choose on my own which I preferred. Since my toy was a guided surprise I was sent an invoice instead of choosing custom options in their online store and the guided surprise option was $10. I sent them a message via their ticket system and within 24 hours my invoice was paid and I was waiting on my new toy!
They were very friendly and helpful to speak to, I was really pleased with how nice they were. I've heard nothing but positive feedback about their customer service and I can add my own agreement to that!
I ordered Jake on 6/3 and he was at my door exactly one week later on 6/13. I was really surprised by how quickly he was finished, I expected to wait more than a week at least! I believe it took 2 days to get to my house.

Inspiration Pics
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Unboxing/Appearance - 8/10
I had my sister take the toy out while I closed my eyes so I wouldn't accidentally catch a glimpse before I was ready. Jake arrived in a plain brown box, just like the ones BD uses. No indication as to what was inside at all. The first thing you get from the box is a really pretty care sheet, printed on full sized card stock. The toy itself is wrapped up in a clear bag with a gold and black logo. I had a much easier time opening this bag than the black and clear ones BD uses, it was less crinkly and didn't crease and wrinkle when I folded it up to store. I was really impressed with how professional and good looking their materials were, they definitely stand up to the same "big business" quality that BD is known for.
The moment I saw him, I was instantly happy with how he had turned out! I was expecting more colors, but I knew I'd like whatever I ended up getting and I wanted an element of surprise to it. I absolutely love pastel colors, particularly pinks and purples, and this was exactly what I got. I was really excited to see how he felt, having heard others compare their silicone's feel to velvet. I've got to say, that's the perfect way to describe it. It's almost like printer texture, which I believe there is a little bit of, but very soft and creamy. I spent a good while just feeling him up, it was really crazy how nice and soft he felt.
I also recieved a matching gear squishy, in the same pink of Jake's shaft. I wasn't expecting a squishy, much less a matching one! It sticks wonderfully to my bathroom mirror. I'm not sure if that is something that comes with customs or all toys, but I really appreciate having something from them that I can display without getting strange looks.
As for the model, I love the looks of him! The bulgy shaft before the knot, the shape of the head, it's exactly what I would want in my dream toy. The first thing I really loved about Jake was his length. I'm a vaginal toyer exlusively, so length is usually something that keeps me from being able to use a toy, even though I can handle larger circumferences. Seeing that the medium size has an insertable length of 5'5" really made me happy and I am definitely going to be buying the larger sizes when they're released.

Inside the Box
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In Use - 10/10
My favorite types of toys are short and thick, so I knew Jake was going to be perfect for me. For reference, some of my favorites are Pearce, DA Chubbs, Mountain Drake, basically anything shorter and wider than 6".
When he's wet or lubed up you can feel that there is a bit of printer texture, but not much. Less than small Elden or Spritz has, and I can really only feel it if I'm thinking about it. In use I can't feel it at all.
He goes in perfectly, the slight taper to the top of the knot really helps with insertion. I loved the smoothness on his knot, I've had a little bit of discomfort using textured knots like Mountain Drake, and he is so filling it's crazy. The space under the knot is perfect, so you can tie with him completely but not have the knot sitting right inside you, which I've found slightly uncomfortable and prone to popping out. He really stays put, so I can move around as much as I want and not have to worry about dropping him and having to wash/relube and start all over.
Now, when they call it a KnotPlug, they really mean it. I've got a few similar toys in about the same size but nothing knots like Jake. I do tend to squeeze pretty hard and that can sometimes lead to toys getting "stuck" until I relax enough, but Jake does not come out without two hands and a fair amount of squeezing. That's not a bad thing at all, it's probably the best knotting experience I've had with a toy. I'm pretty sure nothing short of an act of God is going to get this thing out of you if you don't really want it to. And, TBH, the little bit of struggle it takes to get him out is lovely, I can never use Jake last because once he's out I'm all revved up again.
I also got mine with a suction cup and it works really well. The circular base is the perfect shape for a suction cup and in the soft firmness it spreads out over whatever it's stuck to, making the seal even better. The only con to the suction cup is that I'm not entirely sure it couldn't be sucked up during anal. The base is about as wide as the knot, but with the cup it's so thin that it bends in on itself so I'd keep an eye on it if using it for that when it's not stuck to something.

The Toy
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Jake is amazing! If you want a real knot that won't let go without a fight, he's perfect. I've never enjoyed a knotted toy so much before, there really aren't enough good words I can use about this toy. He's for sure in my top two, if not my all out favorite.
The toy as a whole is amazing quality, as well as the materials that come with it! I suppose TTC is considered an indie store, but it feels just like buying from BD with the quality and service that you get. I can't wait for them to release new models, epecially for the KnotPlug series and I'm really excited to get another custom!
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Re: TTC Medium Jake, Female Review

Postby whitedaykitten » Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:45 am

what a wonderful review! definitely added jake to my wishlist...
yours is so pretty! it definitely seems like customer service at ttc is real nice, and your toy came out beautifully.
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Re: TTC Medium Jake, Female Review

Postby ImagineToothless » Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:51 am

Thanks for the review! I love knotted toys myself; my medium Fenrir is one of my favs for putting in and walking around a bit. I'm definitely going to consider this guy as one of my next purchases.
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Re: TTC Medium Jake, Female Review

Postby iwikiwi » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:02 pm

Thanks for the review, I was considering this one and now I'm sure I want it :3
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Re: TTC Medium Jake, Female Review

Postby Gamma Velorum » Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:59 pm

Great review! Definitely gonna grab one up myself when I get paid next week. :3

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