Review: Goose Egg, Exotic Erotics (SFW)

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Review: Goose Egg, Exotic Erotics (SFW)

Postby Wolves47 » Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:52 pm

This review does not include any discussion of in-use (NSFW) details.

The Goose Egg from Exotic Erotics

I never do reviews, because I'm uncomfortable sharing my personal experiences. But this toy deserves a shout-out. I've ordered from Exotic Erotics before; their quality is wonderful and I've enjoyed the Legacy Buck, Monster Buck, and Orca from them. The only small complaint I've ever had is the 3D printer texture that the Orca has, which is helped if you get the soft firmness.


Anyway. I recently ordered the Goose Egg from them! Their egg toys are life-cast and come in three models: Goose, Jumbo Goose, and Emu. I got the Goose in gray, with medium firmness, and the optional cord. It is a lot larger than I expected, but that's certainly not a drawback with it's reasonable price ($45 new, $10 extra for the cord, with a huge selection of free colors and a free satin bag). I'm not sure how to describe the size, so I recommend checking out the dimensions they provide. The Jumbo Goose and Emu must be huge!

I just received it in the mail and I have nothing but good impressions. The silicone is high quality as always, and there is only a small seam in the middle that doesn't stick out at all. It has an eggshell texture (due to the life-cast), which I'm sure will help lube stick to the toy easier. The cord is incredible! It is "securely anchored in the center of the egg, and a medical-grade silicone epoxy is used to seal the loop's entry into the egg." It's a metal cord covered in silicone, so I have no worries of it breaking from stress.

My favorite fantasy toy company is Bad Dragon; however, companies like Exotic Erotics have their own strengths in certain designs and niches. I highly recommend checking them out for egg options.
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