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Everything Sex Machine related

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:16 am
by MachineDoll
I've been wanting to buy a machine for years, and have the finances to do it, but I can never end up pushing that "submit" button because there's one thing or another that I am concerned it won't be as amazing as the hype I've set for it.

Take these examples:

The Tango from FuckTech's website has most of the features I want. Variable length, stroke, patterns, all available on the fly without needing to change anything. From a programming perspective, its hands down the best on the market. Originally, they used drum stands to help orient it perfectly. However, for rougher usage, that was just moving around too much for most users. They added a "H" bar setup that looks much more stable, (would link pictures, but from FetLife, so can't). I've spoken with the manufacturers (wife does sales, husband does the building) and they are both well informed and pleasant.

As comparison, the Kong from Orgasm Alley is the most sturdy machine on the market. It uses a 3/8 HP motor with 124 in-lbs of torque. Its the most powerful motor (for a commercial sex machine) on the market. Furthermore, the design of the casing (or whatever you want to call it) is heavy. Once you place that, its not going anywhere. This website sells a variety of sex machines, and will even make custom ones on request. The owner here is quick with his responses. When I asked a few questions about the Kong, he replied in about 4 hours. I was amazed.

There's also the ShockSpot, but from several reviews, what it offers, I think this company spent more money on marketing and trying to get professionals to use and talk about it than on the engineering. I don't consider this a worthwhile machine.

Now this last machine is really in a league of its own. While the above machines are just a sex machine, and cost about $2,000 USD, this third one is very different. It is a full on sex machine with some very nice furniture to go with it.
This is the Ibis Eros. It is absolutely beautiful. The wood, leather, and color is wonderful. It looks very ergonomic, and perfect for a relaxing day/night to have incredible orgasms.
However, I've been unable to contact the manufacturer to have a few questions answered. They mention any toy is compatible with it, but until I hear back, it looks like this is not compatible with larger toys, only the ones they advertise.
A much bigger factor though for most people is the cost. They market this as a luxury sex machine, and I can see why. The cost for this is $9,000-$11,600 depending on model.

Years ago I spent $5k on my bed, because I was having all sorts of sleeping problems. It was life changing. If I had a house fire and needed a new bed, I would spend $10k in a heartbeat to replace it. I feel the same way about a sex machine. If I could piece together the patterns of the Tango, the power of the Kong, with the ergonomics of the ibis (or maybe something from Liberator's website), it would be perfect.

Re: Everything Sex Machine related

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:49 am
by Ghost_the_Crow
Gotta say, the topic of sex machines tackles my lazy side.
I enjoy many of my toys but you get really exhausted from monotone motions like thrusting in/out or riding cowgirl.
And I suppose everyone who tried prostate stim will agree that it takes forever (which isn’t a bad thing per se).
So having a machine that does the work is really appealing, yet storing it or even getting it delivered would be a (pun intended) pain in the ass.

Other point is the price. Not that I can’t afford one, that’s no problem now. But it isn’t like going out buying a chocolate bar or some kitchen hardware.

Re: Everything Sex Machine related

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:08 pm
by KnotyDes
i have said this before, i have a thunder balls pro/Monster cock from Kens Twisted Mind.

since i got the machine my sessions have change drastically. i have been doing more efficient clean outs. this mean i have pretty much stopped toying in the bathroom. which was my normal because of ez clean up and J lube hydration.

also because of the size and length of the toys i own, i am having a much easier time with deeper penetrations.

another thing,because the machine isn't strong enough to force most to the really thick toys in me. I tend to start small then work my way up to thicker toys. and because i can just lay back and let the machine do all the work, it "warms" me up really good. this makes playing with thicker stuff easier and safer.

The only time it really let me down was before I had my collection of rubber O ring to make the universal mount actually work. but thats solved.

so far the machine has worked wonders for me. recommend.

(haven't had a hands free climax yet :doh: , but damn does the machine cause some good assisted ones)

Re: Everything Sex Machine related

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:54 pm
by MachineDoll
Thanks for the bump. I finally got a reply for the last machine. The bottom (Luxury) machine is a hard no-go for me after knowing its limitations.

1) The 2 person model has 2 independent motors (good).
2) Both machines (1 and 2 person models) uses magnetic tubular linear drive which is used in aerospace, aircrafts and hitech production lines. Best advantages of our solution is very quiet moving and programmable stroke and speed – it can make couple hundreds movements per second but due to safety and technical construction is power and ability of device reduced. Motor is working with AC – international plugs are included. It can handle 110-230 VAC. motor work with push and limit stroke power defined in NEWTONS. Safety limits and other techical setup is our know how.
(Verbatim the language, spelling and all)

3) machine is designed for fun factory toys which can also make vibrations. For those toys was designed clamping systém. You can remove it and add there many other devices but stroke will stay the same, and there is some diameter limitation. No other toys are supported and machine is not designed for them. However must be solved clamping and redesigned entrances into machine. We can sell you only machine with complete drive and you can find someone who will work with that further with Vaculoc depend only about adapteur which can be add to machine device. (Verbatim the answer when asked about using non-Fun Factory toys, eg Bad Dragon)

4) Weight limit is about combined 100kg max eros (2 person) and for ebos (1 person) bed is 80kg – thats depend on linear actuators and clamping systém for sure. In case of overweight, machine will stop or clamping will broke because of avoid electical damage of linear actuators. (For US, that's 220lbs for the 2 person model, and 176 for the 1 person model.)

5 – We provide for machine standard 2 years guarantee but we hale already couple years machine working every day in private website platforms like chaturbate (not there ) and machines has thousands hours of permanent use. Most problems we have is overweight machine and damage clamping system – we have them in stock so we can send them for free for remove, but for private use I don’t see any problem. (Asked about motor warranty)

I get it, its designed in the Czech Republic, and English isn't the first language. However, I feel very cautious about giving in the neighborhood of $10,000 to an overseas company for a very limited machine with a sales rep that speaks very broken English. My biggest issue is for that kind of money, especially being billed as a "luxury" item, I expect a finished product I don't have to get DIY with. Vac-U Lock is pretty standard, and been around for over 20 years. That should 100% be included without needing to go DIY.

My other issue is with the weight limitations though. I am well under the 1 person model's weight limits. However, based on the last comment from the manufacturer, weight is the number one issue with the motor/returns. I imagine having a strong orgasm, and my body jolts up/down. Think of a bed, with someone thrusting on you. Its not just my weight+theirs. Its the combined weight + the rhythmic thrust. That thrust can add a lot of weight. Orgasms can be similar.

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Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 12:55 am
by KnotyDes
i think you use larges and XLs. form the images i have see of the machines there is no way they could thrust something with even a 3" diameter base.

thats like a hard no sell for me.

also the weight limit, im a bit confused about that. like the machine can only support so much weight or the motor can only apply/withstand so much force?

let me tell you, anything only 3" thick requires a good deal of power behind it to keep a smooth motion going. because of how electric motors work, they don't apply significant force until you up the speed of the machine. AKA increase the voltage feed.

seems like a boutique fucking machine for a relative "normal" demographic

Re: Everything Sex Machine related

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 7:38 am
by MachineDoll
The weight thing seemed to refer to the user allowed to use the machine itself. I don't know what kind of wood they are using. Maybe that and the design plays a part? I couldn't tell you the difference between a screwdriver and wrench.

Yeah, as far as power goes, the Kong > Tango > other 2. I'm not interested in a toy that is going to die out of me. I get enough of that with vibrator batteries already.
There are videos available with a few larger toys available, but finding videos with these two machines are hard (assuming due to the upfront cost). Both machines have BDSM in mind, including resistant subs, which is why the motor on the Tango works just as well on longer speeds as it does on top speed. The engineer building them sent a video of a "Bam" toy being used with it. I own a "Bam" and its on the lower end of size compared to what I (and certainly) you use, but as I said, hard to find videos with the machine. Maybe this will make sense to you:

"About larger dildo, let me first say that with stepper motor you will have full torque (force) at slow speed. This is in fact the reverse of what you have with a conventional machine running with a DC motor. Also, it will not slow down with more resistance, unlike a machine with a DC motor.
The hugher is then way powerful enough for just about any size dildo, especially at low speed."

The Kong makes up for it with just raw power.

Re: Everything Sex Machine related

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 5:17 pm
by KnotyDes
tango would prob be the best to invest in. it powerful, relatively compact and almost fully adjustable from the remote.

my only reservation about it is how do would u secure a tripod base. just cause it has enough torque to push a toy doesn't mean your body doesn't apply resistance, which translates to lateral movement of the machine. I have the base of my machine pressed up against a 100lbs+ trunk with at least 50lbs+ of free weights on the base of the machine and the machine will still "buck." not to mention the top speed, heck even 3/4 power is unusable due to the violent nature of a 5lbs+ object being thrust back and forth really fast.

i guess the best option would to get multiple 25lbs free weights. put the feet flat against the floor and hope the hole in the middle of the weights is big enough to go around the stands middle shaft and fittings.


still, once you DIY your way to a reliable position thing work great. :laugh:

Re: Everything Sex Machine related

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:40 pm
by MachineDoll
Yeah, the current Tango models don't use the drummer's tripod style. It uses a "H" bar on the ground, so the support should be there for normal toys. Even so, I agree with you that weights are still going to be a necessity.

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Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 2:05 pm
by Dracon Ra
I just ordered one, I wanted one for ever and now seemed like a good time for an expensive "Frustkauf" something you impulse buy out of frustration or annoyance.

Now the wait starts, but I guess stuff from the UK should still be faster then from the US. ... -944-p.asp

Re: Everything Sex Machine related

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:31 pm
by MachineDoll
Interesting. That is the only place besides direct from manufacturer I've seen the Tango for sale.

Re: Everything Sex Machine related

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 11:53 am
by Dracon Ra
Ok that was fast, ordered Wednesday in the middle of the night, shipped on Thursday with DPD, arrived today in Germany.

We will do an assembly test on Monday, might make a video of us madly giggling while turning it on the first time, because, at the end of the day, we are teenagers trapped in 40 year old bodies...

The official test run will have to wait until the end of the week.