I think I’m broken tbh.

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Re: I think I’m broken tbh.

Postby Raya » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:59 pm

I too can't feel anything inside too, only if i do hard thrusts to the point of pain. My clit is REALLY sensitive but inside I get almost nothing.
The first time I had sex my ex managed to find a spot that felt amazing but him being overweight he couldn't fit it long before he got tired, then couldn't find it again. Iv only been able to find it once since then.

I wish I could fix it.....
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Re: I think I’m broken tbh.

Postby Prnk » Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:35 am

I do not mean to be rude or make light of your conundrum, but I think you aren't tackling at the problem from the right angle.
However, everyone's body, mind etc vary vastly so I'm not entirely sure of how much of what I'm about to say actually applies to you specifically.

But one thing I'm certain is that the negative attitude is hampering you the most: there are various types of orgasms that can be achieved by countless methods, but having the right mindset/mood is always a requisite. It also takes practice, in a way that is not dissimilar to muscle memory (however, almost purely as an analogy of course).

I'll grant you that it is a long journey and a great amount of motivation is required until you get your first results, which might even leave you confused and thinking "huh? that's it? is that almost irrelevant feeling the fabled orgasm everyone crazes about?"
But it's damn well worth the effort.

Now, I realize I should have mentioned this earlier as a sort of disclaimer perhaps, but I am male. However I really doubt that it has any relevance when it comes down to achieving orgasms by light rubs on your skin, or just thinking yourself into one. It took me almost two years to have a prostate orgasm that felt satisfactory, but that was only the early stages. It didn't take as much work to experience nipple orgasms, anal orgasms (which is a pretty wide category by itself, there's at least 3 different types excluding prostate orgasms), orgasming just by lightly touching soft fabric, hypnosis, self-hypnosis et-cetera

I might even recommend you try what would be the "female equivalent of prostate stimulation", that would be cervix stimulation; not from the outside however, but by applying pressure and rubbing your lower abdomen (hypogastrium) the right way, in the right places, for the right amount of time. Of course figuring all that out takes times, lots of times, and effort; but I think we can all agree that it's worth it.
Also keep in mind that there's much more to it than just the friction of a dildo going in and out to stimulate your nerves. Pressure, heat, electrostimulation, the feeling of buoyancy, etc
And when combined with the right fetishes, that might be just what you need to tip you over the edges.

Then there's also medical supplement and herbal teas (I prefer the term tisane, as no tea tree leaves are actually used), that help improve blood flow, hormonal balances, helps relax muscles and/or the nervous system and also the fact that it's just nice drinking a warm beverage when you feel like it. Damiana, Passiflora, Nymphaea Caerulea comes to mind, to name only the most popular choices; keep in mind that they might be regulated in some states, the UK and some other south-east asian countries, so I would recommend looking that up before ordering anything.

However, if you care only for vaginal orgasms, my best guess would be for you to combine vaginal stimulation with any other stimulation that actually leads to orgasms, and basically condition your body to respond to vaginal stimulation. Or have someone help you do it, to make it less of a chore.

But as a closing note, what matters the most is your mood/mindset. Achieving an orgasm by sheer force of mind is not too dissimilar as becoming angry by force of will for the purpose of acting; getting into the mood, having the right breathing rhythm and volume, getting the hormones and neurotransmitters at the right levels, and really getting into it with your whole body and mind. If you can just manage to achieve it once, you'll have found out just how much it takes and how to get there, so it'll be so much easier to achieve subsequently. Not to mention the confidence boost you get from finally achieving your goal. Getting to that first orgasm is where most of the work is required, but the fun really starts from there on.

N.B. As I mentioned earlier, there's a plethora of ways to stimulate your body, and all lead to a different kind of orgasms, some might be stronger, some might feel more relaxing, some might be easier to achieve than others. I'd encourage you to read up on the subject and make your mind up on your own, just take everything with a grain of salt as no two person experience the same thing the same way. There's also a lot of rubbish, like the terms "tantra", "power orgasm" and so on being thrown around with no real thought behind. I haven't found much studies on those, let's say "non regular" ways to achieve orgasm; not that there's a lot on the regular stuff either.
Also, someone mentioned that it just feels like "a rub on the shoulder". I'd heavily suggest you try achieving orgasms by gently rubbing area of your skin that are somewhat ticklish as they tend to be more sensitive, some good spots are the inner thigh, the sole of the feet, the scalp, the face, ears, armpits and right above the gluteal cleft. I don't really like the term "erogenous zone" as virtually any part of the body with nerve ending is basically an erogenous zone when given the right stimulation.

Hope this helps.
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Re: I think I’m broken tbh.

Postby chainmale » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:27 am

There are a couple hundred factors that can dictate vaginal pleasure.

The biggest is simple design, the vaginal walls in many females have less and less innervated nerve cells the deeper you go. The walls are also primarily made of squamous epithelial, GREAT for stretching.... not so much for anything else. Meaning you aren't going to feel stuff as intensely. Totally normal. Hell, even the "G-spot" is really just the underside of the nerve ganglia of the clit. It's the same idea on guys if you stroke the base of the shaft, we don't feel shit.

There is also brain chemistry. With Males, we have the perk of having a secondary ejaculatory reflex that is completely detached from orgasm, but that reflex tends to amplify orgasm and in some people cause it.
Females, well your brains are as varied sexually as the drops of water. Since sex is 90% mental for most females your brain chemistry is almost all or nothing.
Medication, Drugs, Nutrition, Genetic Disposition, Hormones, ect can and often well effect things.
Anti-depressants fuck up sex drive like nothing else, because often they block or turn off a homeostatic response.
Weight also effects sexdrive and physically alters how organs work, including skin and nerves. If your overweight that skin and the space between nerve endings, contracts blood flow, throws off the endocrin system. It's rough.

Someone probably beat me to this, but I hope it helps.
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Re: I think I’m broken tbh.

Postby Tallon » Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:39 am

chainmale wrote:Medication, Drugs, Nutrition, Genetic Disposition, Hormones, ect can and often well effect things.
Anti-depressants fuck up sex drive like nothing else, because often they block or turn off a homeostatic response.
Weight also effects sexdrive and physically alters how organs work, including skin and nerves. If your overweight that skin and the space between nerve endings, contracts blood flow, throws off the endocrin system. It's rough.

Someone probably beat me to this, but I hope it helps.

Oh, I know my psychiatric meds have numbed me, and it's important to be aware of what they can do to someone's libido. Some drugs that stifle manic episodes, for instance, also stifle abrupt sexual feelings. I know this from experience, and alas am stuck with it.
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Re: I think I’m broken tbh.

Postby KynxLINY » Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:41 am

Featherystorm wrote:So I'm about to lay down some biological facts (This might be things you already know):

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What I'm saying is, you're not broken at all. It's just that your vagina probably doesn't have a lot of nerve endings. I myself can't get off unless my clitoris is being stimulated or I'm roughly thrusting a toy in and out until the point of over stimulation. Gentle toying just doesn't do anything for me. I'm texture insensitive as well so the deeper I toy, the less I feel. So yeah, this sounds like a pretty normal problem for people.

What if you can't feel your clitoris anymore? No signals going to the brain and no engorgement?
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Re: I think I’m broken tbh.

Postby toyfun » Mon Dec 24, 2018 11:28 am

Couple things come to mind. Age, health, diet. As you get older the law of diminishing returns becomes more apparent. It's multi-leveled too. Less hormones are produced, nerves need more stimulation from wear, physical health and diet also play a big role. Damage to nerves can greatly reduce stimulation, e.g. from use of toys. Your body ages, there is just nothing you can do about it but maintain yourself through exercise and a good healthy diet. Some foods can help. The old box of chocolates for Valentines Day is for a reason. A quality chocolate is indeed an aphrodisiac. You won't find them on the shelf at a local gas station or grocery mart in the States. In-fact good chocolate is usually found in Europe and isn't cheap either.
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