Big White Dragon Dong review (AD, SFW)

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Big White Dragon Dong review (AD, SFW)

Postby Tuesday » Mon Dec 26, 2011 6:13 pm

To provide some perhaps necessary back story; the toy that I am reviewing here is the first toy that I ever used, let alone bought, let alone reviewed, so please forgive me if there is anything amiss about the review, or if it is just not that good. However, now that has been said, ON WITH THE REVIEW:


Toy: Anthro Dragon
Size: Small
Firmness: Cored (3/8)
Colour: Pearly White
Extras: None

Ordered: 11.10.11
Arrived: 09.12.11
(DD/MM/YY format)

Ordering: 5/5
I ordered this toy whilst the old website was still in use, so thankfully I didn't encounter any change-over problems or anything. I found the ordering process rather straightforward overall, and thus unable to be faulted. The hardest part - as is often with this sort of thing - was choosing what to get, and unless you class that as being because there's 'too much choice', you cannot really fault Bad-Dragon for it :P

Shipping: 4/5
Due to the tragic events that happened around the time of ordering, Bad-Dragon can hardly be faulted for the somewhat longer-than-estimated delivery of my toy, and I would never dream of blaming them for the 4/5 mark I have given for shipping (For all intensive purposes, BD have 5/5). However, it is due to silly customs and UK delivery troubles, completely out of the control of BD, that lead me to dock the score :evil: I know that is not necessarily fair, but dang it I wasn't wanting to pay more money for customs, AND wait longer. But oh well.

The Toy (All But Use): 5/5
The toy arrived in an adequately sized box with the item description as 'Silicone Sculpture', which made the confrontation with the postman all the more interesting. Once I had snatched my package out of the postman's hands, I ran away and proceeded to admire my delivery. Upon opening the box I found lots of purple tissue-y paper-y stuff, which contained a grey 5 firmness silicone disk, and a Big White Dragon Dong... okay, it may not necessarily be 'big' to some, but shush. No care sheet was included, however I found cleaning instructions on the forums and so forth, so I guess I didn't miss out much.
Apart from a few 'skin tags' that other people have also indicated on their toys, I have not found any faults with mine. Of course, given that I have not ordered previously, I cannot tell how 'cored' my cored toy is, however it seems pretty damn cored to me. Long story short; he's glorious.

The Toy (In Use): 6/5
Forgive me if this section is awkward or tmi, I am somewhat timid about describing this sort of thing, but I shall do my best to be informative and suitably review-y)
Upon opening the box and seeing the toy, I had an immediate desire to fellate him, and I confess I still have this desire whenever I get him out, and even if I just leave him out for myself to see). So I guess he rates highly in the 'oral' part of this section.
Yet to say he 'rates highly' in the oral part implies that he does not rate highly elsewhere, surely...? No. Not at all. While I may not have toyed before, this does not mean that I was previously inexperienced, and I did have an idea in mind as to how the toy would feel, given that I could possibly compare it to previous encounters. However, just as it did orally, he exceeded all my expectations. I was originally worried that he would be too 'girthy' for myself, however this was not the case, and the girth only added to the pleasure. Whilst others have (if I remember rightly) mentioned that he is too short, or that the balls/curve limit the length that can be experienced, I found no fault with the length, but I guess it may be a preference thing.. that and I am short anyway.

Overall: 20/20
In appearance and in use, he makes up for any possible shortfall, be it annoying customs charges, delivery times, awkward conversations with postmen, or whatever. He is a brilliant purchase, and I am extremely happy with him. Thanks, Bad-Dragon! (And BD forum users for helping me choose :D)

Pictures: (My apologies for the poor quality)
For now, all pictures are SFW and show nothing but the unboxing and the toy itself, however if my arm is twisted sufficiently or if I feel particularly rambunctious at some point, NSFW pictures may surface... of course this can be prevented if people request that none are uploaded, and I would not blame anyone for making such requests :lol:

Opening the box (scissors for size comparison?)

The toy and disc

In all his glory.
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Re: Big White Dragon Dong review (AD, SFW)

Postby Tuesday » Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:00 pm

Quail wrote:Glad you like him, it's the exact same thing I ordered, color and everything, a while ago. :lol:

You should get a Duke in black and have yin yang dicks. :P

In actual fact I went browsing Anthro Dragon reviews in the 'Toy Review Database' thread, and yours and others convinced me of the colour etc :lol:
And I am certainly tempted to get something else in black at some point :D just because.
Always happy to chat :D

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