Mary the Anthro Mare (Male, no pics yet)

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Mary the Anthro Mare (Male, no pics yet)

Postby Wumpus » Sun Jun 03, 2012 11:30 am

Hi. I've been rather eagerly awaiting a chance to provide feedback on the toy I ordered from BD for about two months now. Seeing as how I've gotten a chance to use it now seems appropriate. I've been single for over five years now and have pretty much been self reliant when it comes to anything sexual. It was a struggle for me to decide to order this toy, partly because of the cost and partly because of the 'subject matter'.

Toy ordered: Mary
Color: Rare White (Easter special)
Firmness: 5 (as I suspect all toys of this kind are)

Ordering: 10/10
It couldn't have been easier to place my order for this toy. The hardest part was figuring out what color I wanted. I think I probably spent an hour trying to decide.

Manufacturing Wait: 8/10
I checked the wait time as soon as I placed my order and saw that ~6 weeks was expected. That's fine, custom things take time. The reason I knocked a couple of points off is because while people were posting reviews of the same toy in Cinco De Mayo colors mine was still in the manufacturing queue. I don't know if the toys in those special colors were in stock or if they had set up a production run in advance but it was a little irritating.

Shipping: 6/10
I expected to write a rather large rant here about super saver shipping. It seems a lot of folks have had issues with it and not just with BD products. As I watched the progress of my parcel travel from Phoenix it seemed absurd to me that it had to spend two full days 40 miles from where I live, with an expected delivery date on the 4th of June or later. Much to my surprise after getting back from the range with friends yesterday there was a cube box waiting for me.

Appearance: 10/10
The color on the toy is much different than what I expected when I ordered it. I knew white was a difficult color to use so I felt I was putting a lot of faith in BD to make it something good. And it is. It's a soft pearlescent white. The color no way detracts from the detail of the toy, I can make out every contour on her. Absolutely fantastic. The size of it really threw me off when I pulled it out of the box a couple of hours ago. The front of the toy is much larger than I expected from the photos on BD's product page, with the actual length being shorter than I thought it would be. The girth of it is more than I was expecting as well. None of these are bad things, but the photos really don't do this toy justice. The front is probably as big as my palm and almost out to the tips of my fingers splayed out.

Use (room temperature): 8.5/10
I should probably explain the scale I'm using before I get much further. A good masturbation session with my hand and some high quality lube falls somewhere around a 5 on my scale. A hot fleshlight (which will soon be finding a new home in the trash) is pushing a 6 1/2. Prostate stimulation usually adds at least a point to enjoyment. Anyway.

After fiddling with her for a little bit and just exploring the outer surface of my toy I decided it was time to put her through her first paces. I lubed up myself and the toy and started going at it. It was amazing. Smooth, tapering entry to the contours of the tunnel that grip in all the right places. I can't even remember which way I had her in terms of up/down, I've read other reviews stating it does make a difference. I held her level on my bed with a towel spread out (cumlube review to follow) and half thrusted, half stroked. Tight, gripping, slick, and that perfect mix of firm and soft. I'll be honest I only lasted about five minutes. Cuddling with an attractive woman the night before that I had not expected to be sharing a bed with made me rather pent up.

I did discover that by putting just the tip of a finger (index or middle) in the hole at the other end it causes some great suction. That half inch of blocked material is more than made up for by that.

Cleaning: 9/10
Toy cleans up MUCH easier than any other penetratable that I have ever owned. Hot water and a little bit of hygenic cleaner, and there's far less "stick" of stray hairs (I'm a bachelor, I admit it, sometimes a little bit of stray stubble winds up on the edge of the sink) or the occasional spot of dust. My only concern is getting the interior properly dry. This is the first pure silicon toy that wasn't designed for penetration I've owned and I don't want to run a cloth through if it could damage it.

Overall (not counting shipping): 9/10
Not only am I already trying to decide on my next BD purchase I would highly recommend this toy to anyone. The craftsmanship is highly apparent and I feel it will prove a very sound investment down the road.

Brief Cumlube review:
What the hell is this stuff? I got a bottle with a black cap and it gets EVERYWHERE. I'm extremely glad I put down a towel first. It slides freely over skin and silicon alike, is so silky and slick it's damned near impossible to grip anything with even tiniest amount on it, and is quite possibly the single most pleasurable lube I have ever tried. Seriously. I can't wait to try it out on one of my dildos.

As I get a chance to try heating and freezing my toy I'll be posting reviews for those situations as well. After showering from the initial play session I just sat there and admired/fingered her for a bit. I was ready for another go in very short order but despite my best efforts (and a bit of cumlube later) it turns out I was still reloading from the first go round. I have never cursed my refractory period until now.

Thank you BD!
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Re: Mary the Anthro Mare (Male, no pics yet)

Postby ThatOne » Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:37 pm

Mary is great, isn't she? :-)

I love mine as well, always a great day when I pull her out from hiding and give her a good time ;)

Great review, always nice to see others enjoying what they order :-)
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